Inner Truth: Source of All Answers

Posted on: Thursday, February 12, 2015 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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When the mind is restless, no matter what the answer is, it does not get in. When your mind is quiet, just a sign is good enough and you will pick up the answer, for you are the source of all answers. When you are quiet, then, the answers come up from within you. That is why, a few moments of relaxation are essential.

Whatever answer you give a restless person, they will say, ‘Okay! But…’, and then they go on changing topics. This is the sign of a mind which is so filled with ideas and concepts, that there is no place for new wisdom or knowledge to enter in. The same thing happened with a Master and a disciple. A disciple came to a Master, and he was asking question after question, but was not satisfied with any answer that the master gave. Finally, the master said, ‘Come! Let us have tea.’ So the master started pouring tea in the cup of the disciple. The cup got full but he kept pouring. The tea overflowed from the cup and spilled on the table, and the floor. The student asked, ‘Master, why are you doing this? The cup is full. You can see the tea spilling all over the carpet!’ The Master smiled and said, ‘That is what the situation is. Your cup is so full that it has no more space to take anymore, but you want more. First, empty your cup, drink what you have.’

The ancient Rishis in the Vedas have said, ‘Shravana’, first listen, and then ‘Manana’, ie, contemplate about it. Then make it your own. Don’t believe anything because someone says it. Simultaneously, don’t discard what anyone says. After speaking all the 700 verses of Gita, Lord Krishna says, ‘Look Arjuna, I have said it all. You think about it. If you find it suitable, take it.’ That is what needs to be given, freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of belief and faith. So, first listen, and then contemplate on it. Then, make it your own experience. Then, that becomes wisdom.

Source: DNA

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