For a kite to go high, it needs a little thread

Posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Tatrapi na mahatmya gyan vismrityapavadah – they did not forget the greatness, the respect, the glory which belongs to you. That which is part of you seems to lose its glory. But in divine love the glory increases. You do not forget the glory, the closer you get. That is a sign of enlightenment, of knowledge, of wisdom, of blossoming in love. Love cannot tolerate distance and respect cannot do away with distance. Divine love is a combination of love and respect and both are totally nurtured.

Tadviheenam jarannamiva – without that love, without that respect, the love is worth nothing. It is like the love of prostitutes. A prostitute is not interested in giving pleasure to the person, is not happy when the other person is happy, but is only worried about her income; what she will get out of it. If love comes with a bargain, “What will I get out of it, what do I get being devoted to god, what I get by doing this...” then, it is like the love of a prostitute. Yes, he has used a very strong word.

Nastyeva tasmin tatsukh sukhitvam – the Gopis said that we are here for your pleasure, we have come here because you would like to see us – not because we want to see you. There was no demand of any sort there, there was no complaint. “All that we want is your comfort; what is it that you want? We are here for you.” That is the love of the Gopis. “Our only intention is to make you comfortable and whatever it takes, we are ready. We are here for that.”

Nastyeva tasmin tatsukh sukhitvam - rejoicing in this, in the comfort of the beloved is the sign of love. If you examine, if you keenly look into the experience of love that you all have had, you will find all these characteristics hiding here and there. It is all there, it only needs a little watering, a little enrichment. Love cannot be devoid of these characteristics. You do have them, you only need to nurture them a little. And that is why these sutras – the threads. For a kite to go high, it needs a little thread. This knowledge, this wisdom is such thread.

Source: The New Indian Exress

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