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Posted on: Monday, August 5, 2013 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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What is divinity? That which is omnipresent. And so it is present inside you too. The next quality is, He is eternal. He was there, is there, and will always be there. If God is present in the present moment, is He present now too? Yes! 

He is present in you, and He is present now. If He belongs to everyone, does He belong to you too? Yes, He belongs to you! And He is capable. Just taking these points, and relaxing, that is what it is. Many times, when we speak of God, we say He. 

But God is neither He nor She. So the ancient Rishis coined a word called Brahman. Brahman is neither He nor She, nor It, but everything. You can call it He, She or It. That Brahman is present everywhere; ever so present in you, and present all the time.

The Brahman belongs to everybody, belongs to you, and it is capable. This is good enough for you to think, and relax. God is in me, God is present now, God belongs to me, and is capable. You cannot make God an object of knowing. You can’t make yourself an object of knowing. You are the knower. A baby does not make the mother an object of knowledge. 

As soon as a baby wakes up, it does not say, ‘Mummy, where did you come from? Which school did you go to? Who is your mother? Who is your father? What is your name?’ Does a baby ask anyone of these questions? No, a baby just falls in love with the mother. It does not make the mother an object of knowing. It is the same way with the Higher Self - you can just be with That. 

Nature has kept such wealth deep in the heart of every human being, we only need a password, and here is the word which you can pass around to everybody that I am telling you, ‘Don’t worry. There is a power, there is a force in the universe which loves you more than your parents did, your friends did, or your partner did. There is a field, there is energy that cares for you. You simply have to relax.' There is a couplet in Hindi: “Jo ichcha kariho manu maahi, prabhu prataap kachhu durlabh naahin”, which means that “With God’s grace, whatever you wish for will not be difficult to obtain”. This is a proven truth. We just need to have this faith and relax. There is no need to put any effort. 

Vivek (Discrimination), Vishwas (Faith) and Vishraam (Relaxation) - these three are important. Make your home God's home and there will be light, love and abundance. 

Make your body God's abode and there will be peace and bliss. Feel your mind as a toy of God and you'll watch and enjoy all its games. See this world as play and as a display of God Himself and you will repose in the non-dual self.

Source: Deccan Herald

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