Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited Calgary and Regina

Posted on: Sunday, April 28, 2013 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Whenever Guruji comes in April to Canadian Art of Living center, by the time he leaves the snow is either melting or the lime green buds on the trees are opening.  He reminds us that we are more than the definitions we give to our selves and of our capacity to create a better world.  Through meditation and knowledge he brings us back to center by giving us the tools that keep us rested and that allow us to go forward to create a world where human values can end violence and corruption and bring about a peaceful co-existence.  For those of us who have heard him speak many times, still, we are struck by the simplicity and practicality of the wisdom he shares.

After leaving the Centre he visited Regina for the first time where he met with the Mayor and the Minister of Culture. An evening of Wisdom and Meditation brought 500 people to a talk by Sri Sri.  In Calgary, where he spoke in 2006 for the Silver Jubilee of the Art of Living, there were two events.  One Thousand people attended the first and the Seed Conference, the second, had 2,500 attendees. He was also the keynote speaker for medical symposium, the Science of Yoga & Meditation in Health Promotion, which brought together over 200 Health Professionals.  There were also meeting with the Minister of Wellness, the Minister of Justice, the Mayor and other members of the Alberta Parliament.  Audiences were charmed by his naturalness and comfortableness and the knowledge that we can have a better life by working together and caring for our selves and each other.

Source: Aolcenter Canada

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