Videos on Non-Vio launch in USA with Sri Sri

Posted on: Thursday, March 28, 2013 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Dear Ones,
Click on the links below to watch videos on recent launch of Non-Vio moment in several cities USA in presence of Sri Sri

Extract from Sri Sri's speech in San Diego during launch of Non-Vio:

"We need to live in that space of friendliness. Just walk into a classroom and ask children how many friends do you have? We have to educate our children to be friendly. This is the way to end aggression. Give them a commitment to make one new friend every day and their whole attitude changes.

Non violence need not be cultivated. It is natural. But today we need to cultivate it because we have moved far away from the tendencies of natural living.

Children think they have to be aggressive to be a hero, this concept needs to be changed. We need to bring back dignity and pride to non violence. I would say, when we connect with different communities, that will create a sense to belongingness. Fear, anxiety and insecurity will drop away from society. Love and compassion will take the front seat. And it's time for that love and compassion, which is the real nature of all of us, of human beings, to shine forth from the beast nature that has taken over our society. There is not a single human being devoid of compassion. It is simply hidden. It needs to be brought out."


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