Excerpt of Recent visit of Sri Sri to Nepal

Posted on: Saturday, March 2, 2013 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Pokhara is blessed by the visit of H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on 28 February, 2013. Sri Sri reached Pokhara at 11 AM at the venue, Basundhara Park. Before landing at the Pokhara airport his helicopter took a holy round over the famous Barahi Temple in lake Phewa, and over the venue as well. He started by motivating the public by affirming them to become volunteers for a prosperous Nepal, and inducing smiles in every home. Soft spoken Sri Sri, with his lovely tone pronounced some Nepal words,Kasto cha? (How is it?) Musu Musu Haansi Deu na lai lai, Musu Musu haansi deu. This localization in his speech made the crowd go loud with cheers and accolades to Sri Sri.

He was impressed by the scenic and serenity of Pokhara, and requested all to be beautiful from within as the place is.  He also asked for a Guru Dakshina.  He asked, “Give me all your problems, your personal concern’s and be happy. Move ahead with a clear mind and get concerned for the cause of the Nation”. Sri Sri further added, Nepal is in the verge of change and each individual should give at least 1 hour per day for the society and be volunteer for the prosperity of the Nation. No outsider will help us for the prosperity, it should be us who should work for the uplift and change, he added.

Sri Sri looked amazing in Nepal dress and Nepali topi gifted by The Art of Living Pokhara team . There are many ways we can do Sewa is what Sri Sri motivated the public. We can light remote homes by donating solar lights, doctors can launch free medical checkup at least 3 times a year, a lawyer can take 3 cases for free for the cause of society and poor, teachers can give free tuitions to 3 students every year is what he advised. Sri Sri also insisted on organic farming to keep the purity of the soil, as he was impressed by what nature has given to Pokhara and the region around. He encouraged all to get the young guns of the nation to get involved in Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP).

When asked, when will you again come to Pokhara for staying a day? Sri Sri answered: "Yes I will, it is such a nice place to stay, definitely I will come again"

After the public event Sri Sri graced the VIP’s in the hall of Mount Kailash Resort for a short time. He also graced the teachers and volunteers in the new hall named Mansarovar, at Mount Kailash Resort, which he inaugurated. 

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