God loves you

Posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Let us take a look at our lives. Let us say we live for 50-70 years. Of these, we spend about seven years eating and drinking, seven in the bathroom, and if we live in metros, about 15 years in traffic.

Another 25 to 30 years are spent sleeping.
What does that leave us with? If you try calculating, you will find that we spend only about three to four years being happy and truly living life. The rest of the time is spent just preparing to live life. We spend our entire lives preparing to be happy and comfortable, but we are never happy.

Our whole lives were spent in earning money for the coming four generations, and in our lives, there was neither happiness nor any connection with God. Is this what life should be like? We save money and then we die, only to have our children start fighting over it. This is not life. How much fulfillment we have achieved in life is what we need to think about.

When we were children, whenever we experienced any suffering, we would go crying to our mothers or fathers. We knew they could take away our sorrows. Beyond this is the faith in divinity — there is a God, and we are very dear to it. If we trust in this fact, the work is done! Have confidence in God — that God is your very own, that He loves you, that He has created this whole world for you.
When will you express this feeling? After ten years of sadhana? At the end of life? Do it from today, from this very moment! What do you need to do to attain this? Go to the Ganges or perform tapasya (penance) in the Himalayas? No! Think of how much time it takes to form a connection with someone. It just happens. A connection is not time-dependent. To establish a link takes no time. If there are no feelings, then you do not feel the connectivity even if you are sitting next to the person. The same is true with God.

If you establish a connection with God and remember that He loves you, perfection, prosperity, power, devotion, liberation, peace, all will become available to you.

Source: DNA