Is Meditation Important?: Sri Sri

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Meditation is important for every human being. Meditation fulfills the natural tendency of human life to look for a joy that does not diminish, a love that does not get distorted or turn into negative emotions. 

Some people ask me if meditation is foreign to us?

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Narada Bhakti Sutras in presence of Sri Sri

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Please find above the flyer with essential information for this great event- Narada Bhakti Sutras in physical presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.

Wisdom, And Facial Hair: Francois Gautier

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was an exceptionally precocious adolescent, who showed a keen interest for the spiritual world early in life. He completed his degree in science and Vedic literature by 17. He was young, but already felt that a special destiny awaited him: “At 17, I felt the whole world was my family. I had that strong aspiration that people celebrate life and live in harmony, specially where there was conflict,” he recalls today.

But there were obstacles. His mother’s relatives would berate her: “What has happened to your son? He talks philosophy, he does not behave like a normal person.... You better find him a job and get him married quickly.” Sri Sri would also spend hours performing elaborate pujas, an art he had mastered very young. So again, people would tell his mother: “Don’t allow your son to do so much puja, he may go mad and crazy. He will not study properly.” Sri Sri recalls that every time he would sit for meditation, his mother would hurry him up saying: “Not yet over? You are taking too long. Come on. Study.” The young Ravi Shankar would somehow escape sports classes, come home and do something else. Then his mother would scold him again: “Why did you come so early? Go and play football.” But the young Ravi aspired to bigger things; he would look at his feet and think: “These feet cannot kick anybody, let alone a ball,” and refuse to go.

To please his mother, he even went for an interview with a bank. But as it turned out, he interviewed the interviewers instead of the other way around! They asked him what he was doing. When they found out that he taught meditation, they got so interested that they wanted to know more. Sri Sri sat down and showed them a simple meditation technique! He was selected and sent a round-trip ticket to New Delhi. He never went.

But shortly thereafter, he met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, whose Transcendental Meditation (TM) was already known the world over. Maharishi was at that time conducting Veda and science conferences all over India and bringing scientists and Vedic scholars together on a single platform.

Sri Sri was very young, but Maharishi recognised his abilities and put him to work. He was thus sent to various places to give talks on the Vedas and science. But he had a problem: “I looked so young,” he smiles, “that people did not take me seriously.” Thus, he started growing a beard, “to look a little mature”.

He thought at that time that he had the most wonderful job in the world: Maharishi would send Ravi Shankar to represent him at various maths (monasteries) and ashrams—including the Ordaining Ceremony of Guru Mai Chidvilasanand by her Guru Baba Muktanand. “I went to Ganeshpuri (located near Mumbai) with two truckloads of sweets!” he recollects. Baba Muktanand received him and the group of pandits accompanying him very warmly.

Later, Maharishi dispatched Sri Sri to different European countries to  expound on the Vedas and science. At that time, he thought that to work tirelessly to set up Veda, science and ayurveda, the ancient and unique Indian medical system, was a pioneering job. Indeed, all his life, Sri Sri would keep his commitment to ayurveda, later establishing an ayurvedic college in his headquarters in Bangalore, from where hundreds of doctors graduate every year. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also became one of the best-known spiritual leaders of India, and founded the Art of Living movement, whose volunteers make it the second largest NGO of the world after the Red Cross. Like Outlook, Sri Sri thought big and made it big!

Francois Gautier is the author of The Guru of Joy (Hay House).

Source: Outlook

Sri Sri to celebrate Diwali in Gujarat

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VADODARA: Spiritual guru and the founder of The Art of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, will visit Gujarat to address his followers in three cities during Diwali celebrations through a series of congregations. 
During this third consecutive visit to the state, starting from November 10 to November 17, during Diwali festival, he will visit Anand, Ahmedabad and Vadodara and hold Mahasatsangs, which would also be webcast live. 
Nilesh Desai, president of Vyakti Vikas Kendra, which is hosting the spiritual sessions in Vadodara, said Sri Sri will spend four days in this city, starting from November 14, to hold Mahasatsang and an advance meditation course at M S Hostel on Sama Savli road near Vaimali village. 
"It is a unique honour for Gujaratis to host the spiritual guru for the third consecutive year in a state, which is known for its religious fervor and cultural heritage," said Mehul Parikh, international director of the Art of Living and president of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Schools. 
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will address followers in Anand from November 10 to November 12 at Uma Bhawan on Anand-Sojitra road, while in Ahmedabad, he will arrange Lakhsmi Pujan and Mahasatsang at Sardar Patel Bhawan. 

Source: TOI

Navaratri Satsang Bhajans and Pics

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Jai guru dev Deaones,
Click on the link below and Listen to the Navratri Satsang songs sung in Ashram Satsangs these days!!

You can get a glimpse of the most beautiful pics captured during Navaratri celebrations till today over

Snaps of Navaratri Celebrations in Bangalore ashram

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Like the facebook page of Art of Living ashram, Bangalore (by visiting the link below) to stay updated with various events and updates.

Click on the link below to get a glimpse of Navaratri Celebrations happening in Bangalore ashram in presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Share this beautiful pictures with everyone.

Happy Navaratri :)

Navratri: The Sri Sri connection

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As a kid, Navratri  was a welcome relief to the reluctant student in me, it being the only day in the calendar, when even parents encouraged us to not study! Beyond that heavenly relief, I never understood or even cared to figure out, what the celebrations were about! To confess, for a long time, I even believed that people celebrated Navratri  because it was a welcome escape from their regular routine!

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After over two decades, temple reopens in Kashmir Valley

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KULGAM (J&K): After 22 years, the ancient temple of Mata Katyayani reopened here today following its reconstruction amid religious rituals. The temple, once the centre of attraction in the erstwhile Tehsil of Kulgam, was reopened by the All Parties Migrants Coordination Committee (APMCC). Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand and MLA Kulgam M Y Tarigami were among those who attended the ceremony. "The bells rang in the temple after 22 years. A hawan is being organised for a full week," APMCC chairman Vinod Pandit said.

The place of worship, which was in damaged condition, had been given a new shape with construction of four temples within its complex, he said.

The idols, installed in the temple, have been gifted by The Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

Source: The Times of India

Navaratri: Celebration of the universe

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The festival of Navaratri is celebrated with prayers and gaiety in the beginning of autumn and spring This period is a time for self-referral and getting back to the source. During this time of transformation, Nature sheds the old and gets rejuvenated. Vedanta says, matter reverts to its original form to recreate itself again and again. The creation is cyclical, not linear; everything is recycled by nature in a continuous process of rejuvenation. The human mind, however, lags behind in this routine cycle of creation.

Navaratri is a festival to enable us to take the mind back to its source. The seeker finds the true source through fasting, prayer, silence and meditation. Night is called ratri because it brings rejuvenation. It gives relief at the three levels of our existence physical, subtle and causal. While fasting detoxifies the body, silence purifies speech and brings rest to the chattering mind, and meditation takes you deep into your own being. The inward journey nullifies our negative karmas. Navaratri is a celebration of the spirit or prana which alone can destroy Mahishasura, inertia; Shumbha-Nishumbha, pride and shame and Madhu-Kaitabh, extreme forms of craving and aversion.

They are opposites, yet complementary. Inertia, deeply ingrained negativities and obsessions, Raktabeejasura; unreasonable logic, Chanda-Munda and blurred vision, Dhoomralochan can be overcome only by raising the level of prana and shakti, the life-force energy. The nine days of Navaratri are also an opportunity to rejoice in the three primordial qualities that make up the universe. Though our life is governed by the three gunas, we seldom recognise and reflect on them. The first three days of Navaratri are tamo guna, the second three of rajo guna and the last three of sattva guna.

Our consciousness sails through the tamo and rajo gunas and blossoms in the sattva guna in the last three days. Whenever sattva dominates life, victory follows. The essence of this knowledge is honoured by celebrating the tenth day as Vijaya Dashami. The three primordial gunas are considered as the feminine force of the universe. By worshipping the Mother Divine during Navaratri, we harmonise the three gunas and elevate sattva in the atmosphere. Navaratri is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

From the Vedantic point of view, the victory is of absolute reality over apparent duality In the words of Ashtavakra, it is the poor wave which tries to keep its identity separate from the ocean, but to no avail. Though the microcosm is well within the macrocosm, its perceived separateness is the cause of conflict. For a gyani or a wise person, entire creation comes alive and he recognises life in everything in the same way children see life in everything. The Mother Divine or pure consciousness pervades all forms and has all names.

Recognising the one divinity in every form and every name is the celebration of Navaratri. Hence, special pujas honouring all aspects of life and nature are performed during the last three days. Kali is the most horrific manifestation of Nature. Nature symbolises beauty, yet it has a horrific form too. Acknowledging the duality brings a total acceptance in the mind and puts the mind at ease. The Mother Divine is recognised not just as the brilliance of intellect Buddhi, but also the confusion, Bhranti; she is not just abundance, Lakshmi, she is also hunger, shudha and thirst, Trishna.

Source: Speaking Tree

The power of contentment: Sri Sri

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When we do not want anything for ourselves, a unique power awakens within us — we become capable of giving blessings. Only those who are content themselves are capable of giving blessings and these will manifest. Ideally, our contentment should increase with age.

There are two kinds of joy: one of receiving and the other of giving. In our childhood, we experienced the joy of receiving and as we grow older, we experience the joy in giving. For example, a grandmother prepares different kinds of dishes when children or guests come. There is a mature joy in giving which we often lose sight of and keep looking to receive all our lives.

In order to receive blessings, one should be deserving. For this, one should keep theirmind pure and clean. For this, we first need to have faith. Second, perform seva (service) in the society. As human beings, we all have some responsibilities. If our responsibilities are more and our needs less, then in life we remain peaceful and content. Third, meditate and do pranayama for short periods of time, and a new wave of contentment and joy will arise in life. If you practice these three things, you will see that whatever work you desire will begin to get done effortlessly.

Stay in the present. Put aside all matters of the past and meditate. ‘In this present moment I am pure, I am enlightened consciousness’, awaken this confidence within yourself. We have a traditional belief that one dip in the Ganga will wash all our sins away. Why? Because sin is not our nature. Sin is something that can be washed out. If sin was your very nature, you could never get rid of it.

In India we consider sin a superimposition. There are three things in yoga - malah, avarna and vikshepa. Malah is impurities in the body, vikshepa is impurity, restlessness and disturbances in the mind and avarana is the sheath which covers the spirit, which is the ego. Yoga loosens up all three sheaths and then the true spirit, which is a part of divinity, shines through. Don’t consider sin to be your nature. It is something acquired by you due to ignorance. It disappears with knowledge. 

Source: DNA

Varying Hues Of Human Perception: Sri Sri

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Human race is diverse, so too its cultures and belief systems. Though religion is born in a particular race and nation, it has cut across boundaries of race and nationality. Although religion has maintained its own identity, it could not remain immune to the cultural influence of host countries.

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True Celebration with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 31st December 2012 - 5th January 2013, Berlin, Germany



A modern degree in an ancient ritual

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It was a perfect modern day setting at the second Convocation Ceremony of the Heritage School, Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Pathshala where newly graduated  students were conferred the title ‘Sivagama Vidya Nidhi’ in the presence of Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The students of the third and fourth batches successfully completed the formal seven years integrated Veda Agama Shastra Course.

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Mind and meditation

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Have you observed what is happening in your mind every moment? It vacillates between the past and the future. It is either in the past occupied with what has happened or in the future thinking about what you have to do.

Knowledge is being aware of this phenomenon of the mind — of what is happening right now in your mind as you are reading this article. Information can be acquired by reading books or browsing the Internet. You can open a book on any subject such as how to lose weight, how to prepare for an interview, success 101 and so on. There are innumerable volumes available on a countless number of topics, but the awareness of your own mind cannot be learnt from a book.

There is another tendency of the mind — it clings onto the negative. If 10 positive events are followed by one negative event, the mind will cling to the negative. It will simply forget the 10 positive events.

With meditation, however, you can become aware of these two tendencies of the mind and bring it to the present. Happiness, joy, enthusiasm, efficiency and effectiveness are all in the present.

The human mind is very complex. It has its delicate and tough aspects. If you have had a misunderstanding with a friend or colleague at work, you can become stiff inside and this can distort your emotions leading to negativity — and you carry this negativity wherever you go.

However, when you culture your mind with meditation, its tendency of holding on to negative emotions simply disappears. You gain the ability to start living in the present moment and are able to let go of the past.

BALANCING THE STATES OF MIND: In your day-to-day life, you come across all kinds of situations that can be challenging and demanding a degree of alertness to be able to make good choices. These situations give rise to different states of mind and neither life nor the states of mind occur with our permission. In fact, they often occur in direct defiance to our wishes.

Meditation can bring about a balance between the different states of the mind. You can learn to switch from the tough aspect to the delicate aspect within you. You can stand up when needed and let go when needed. This ability is present within everyone, and meditation enables you to switch between these states effortlessly. The whole exercise is to develop an ability — to switch back and forth between the tough and delicate aspects of the mind.

One of the biggest deterrents for people not being able to meditate is that they don’t have enough time. Yet when they start to meditate, they find they have more time, because they are able to focus and get more done. Not only that, the regular practice of meditation also leads to greater intuitiveness. It sharpens the mind through focus and expands it through relaxation.

With the integration of meditation into one’s daily life, a fifth state of consciousness, called cosmic consciousness, dawns. Cosmic consciousness means perceiving the whole cosmos as part of oneself. When we perceive the world as a part of us, love flows strongly between the world and us. This love empowers us to bear the opposing forces and the disturbances in our lives. Anger and disappointments become fleeting emotions that occur momentarily and then vanish.

Rest and activity are opposite values, but they complement each other. The deeper you are able to rest, the more dynamic you will be in activity. Planning can hold you back from diving deep into yourself. Meditation is accepting this moment and living every moment totally with depth.

Restlessness, agitation, desire and ambition stir up the mind and keep it engaged planning for the future or being regretful about the past. Real freedom is freedom from the past and future.

The confluence of knowledge, understanding and practice make life complete. When you grow into higher states of consciousness, you find that you are no longer thrown off balance by different situations and disturbances. A regular practice can transform the quality of your life by culturing the nervous system to maintain peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day. You become beautiful yet strong, capable of accommodating different challenges in life without any conditions.

Source: The news

Sir M Visvesvaraya Memorial Award to Sri Sri

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Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry conferred Sir M Visvesvaraya Memorial Award on Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Bangalore yesterday.

Source: The art of Living International Ashram

God loves you

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Let us take a look at our lives. Let us say we live for 50-70 years. Of these, we spend about seven years eating and drinking, seven in the bathroom, and if we live in metros, about 15 years in traffic.

Another 25 to 30 years are spent sleeping.
What does that leave us with? If you try calculating, you will find that we spend only about three to four years being happy and truly living life. The rest of the time is spent just preparing to live life. We spend our entire lives preparing to be happy and comfortable, but we are never happy.

Our whole lives were spent in earning money for the coming four generations, and in our lives, there was neither happiness nor any connection with God. Is this what life should be like? We save money and then we die, only to have our children start fighting over it. This is not life. How much fulfillment we have achieved in life is what we need to think about.

When we were children, whenever we experienced any suffering, we would go crying to our mothers or fathers. We knew they could take away our sorrows. Beyond this is the faith in divinity — there is a God, and we are very dear to it. If we trust in this fact, the work is done! Have confidence in God — that God is your very own, that He loves you, that He has created this whole world for you.
When will you express this feeling? After ten years of sadhana? At the end of life? Do it from today, from this very moment! What do you need to do to attain this? Go to the Ganges or perform tapasya (penance) in the Himalayas? No! Think of how much time it takes to form a connection with someone. It just happens. A connection is not time-dependent. To establish a link takes no time. If there are no feelings, then you do not feel the connectivity even if you are sitting next to the person. The same is true with God.

If you establish a connection with God and remember that He loves you, perfection, prosperity, power, devotion, liberation, peace, all will become available to you.

Source: DNA

Sri Sri Calendar for October 2012

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Jai guru dev dear ones,
Now you can download a very beautifully designed calender of October 2012 with stunning pic of Sri Sri absolutely for free.

Download the Calendar from:

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