Live webcasts: Satsang & Global Meditation from Argentina!

Posted on: Friday, September 7, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can watch the live webcasts of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Argentina from 7th to 9th September from 4:30 am IST onwards

There is a Global Meditation happening on 9th September, you can join it live on the webcast!

You can watch it on

The time of every webcast will be also be updated on (in the Live Transcription area)

Further to this, there would be webcast from Peru and other countries...refer to the future webcast schedule on the same link above.

Note: At times due to technical issues at venue, webcast may get delayed or may not happen.

Do spread this word to all!