How Shiva did not recognize his own son: Sri Sri

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The stories in the Puranas contain many incredible and hard-to-believe occurences. But they should not be interpreted as a nursery rhyme. Their language is Shakespearean and laden with great depth and meaning. We need to interpret these stories with a very refined state of mind.

The story goes that Parvati created a boy out of dirt from her body and appointed him to guard the doorstep. The first question that comes is how could Parvati, the Goddess Herself, have so much dirt? Parvati symbolizes the triguna - sattva, rajas and tamas. The entire creation is made up of trigunas. The dosha or imperfections that originate out of the triguna is an obstruction for the functioning of Prakriti. That was the boy that Parvati created to stand guard at the door. 

Shiva is Shuddha Chaitanya, pure consciousness. Like the sun does not recognize darkness and cuts through it, Shiva does not recognize dosha and slays the impurity. But Prakriti cannot stay without impurity. So Shiva replaces the dosha with the head of an elephant, which symbolizes knowledge. Through knowledge, all the doshas or obstructions of Prakriti can be taken care of. This is the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of Ganpati being slain. So worshipping Ganpati as the remover of obstacles and the giver of gyana, knowledge is the most amazing depiction of the nature of consciousness. 

Going a step further, even this difference between Prakriti and Purusha is done away with. That is why, the Ganpati Upanishad says,

ajam nirvikalpam niraakaaram-ekam
niraanandam aanandam advaita poornam
param nirgunam nirvishesham nireeham
para brahma roopam ganesham bhajema

Ganesha is the only One unborn unmanifest Reality. He is nirvikalpa and advaita - the formless, undivided One. This is the play and display of consciousness within itself. 

While Ganpati is certainly the nirakara Parabrahman, he is invoked and worshipped in the mud idol for a period of time for the joy of the devotees. Then the Ganpati is asked to merge back into our heart and the idol is immersed in water. This ritual is observed for the sake of devotees, not for the sake of Ganpati. He who is without form is invoked in a form and then his spirit is invoked back into one's heart as the idol is immersed.
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Video of 150 000 People Meditating with Sri Sri

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Jai guru dev Dear ones, 
Click on the link below to watch a video of 150 000 People Meditating with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Argentina

Dont miss to watch live webcast of mahasatsang from Tamil Nadu today (29/9/12) at 7 PM IST over

Do also note that you can get the upcoming satsang list by visiting the link below

Good marriage mantra

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Marriage is an institution of patience, sacrifice, caring for each other and sharing. Our forefathers spoke about Saptapadi --- the seven steps one takes in life and a sense of commitment, co-operation, compassion, caring and less ego.

The relationship in marriage can take form either as strength or as a weakness depending on the mind. If the mind is strong then relationships can be like a gift to us, but if the mind is weak and not in control, then relationships can feel like bondage. If you hold each other's necks, it will feel like bondage. If you walk together, shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, it will feel like a support. So be a companion to each other and move forward.

In marriage, you should consider the other person as your own part, like your arm, like your body. It's two bodies, one mind, one soul. So, whatever your spouse desires, you make it your own desire. Your spouse's taste, consider it as your own taste. When does the conflict arise? It happens when your tastes start moving apart.
You should start saying "your taste is my taste; your pleasure is my pleasure. I am here for you", rather than, "What can you do for me?" When we say "What can you do for me?" then both become unhappy. Happy marriages are based on "I'm here for you, come what may, happy times or unhappy times! In life, sometimes there are disappointments, sometimes there is success. In either case, I'm with you."
As time passes in a relationship, a couple witnesses that expectations and attitudes change. The relationship can become better with more yoga and meditation practice. We can learn how to communicate better in the relationship, to be more patient and forgiving.
Again and again, the cycle rotates from rosy and glorious bliss to momentary shakiness. There may be confusion when little earthquakes shake. Commitment is what holds it together, when you decide not to fall apart. Spirituality is what gives the strength to see it through.   

Message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the occasion of the United Nations International Peace Day

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We are so fortunate that we have been able to find some peace within ourselves. Now, we have a challenge to reach out to all those who are not at peace with themselves as well as to those countries and parts of the world where there is conflict. 
We all have the responsibility of bringing peace to every nook and corner of the world. Unless every member of our global family is peaceful, our peace is incomplete. Peace is needed at three levels: first is inner peace, which is of the mind. It brings dynamism in our action and makes us more powerful. The second level is peace in our immediate environment, our family, friends and workplace. The third level is peace between nations and continents, which is most important. 
The arms race between countries has to be put to an end. Nuclear disarmament has to happen so that there is no fear between countries. It is fear that drives countries on the arms race. We must persuade the governments and institutions in the world to promote peace between nations. If you see, there are very few people who are extremists. Most people who are peace-loving are passive and silent. What is needed now is the dynamism of the peaceful people. I hope we can create a platform where we communicate from heart to heart. For, the heart knows no conflict. Concepts may bring conflict; an attitude of 'other'. Lack of belongingness and ignorance of other traditions gives rise to conflict. We need to broaden the vision of our people. We need to celebrate our differences and rejoice the commonness. What our children need is a multicultural and multi-religious education. 
Together let us resolve to educate our people about every religion in order to have a broader vision about life. No doubt, one must delve deep in one's own religion; at the same time a little understanding about every religion is essential today. We need to work towards that. When we pray, we see the Divinity within us. Without prayer and meditation, which are the spiritual aspects of life, religion becomes just a dry skin. I often say, religion is the banana skin and spirituality is the banana. The misery in the world is because we throw away the banana and we are holding on to the dry skin. So we need to enhance that spiritual aspect of our life. Let each one of us become a peace messenger and a peace soldier. Peace soldiers are dynamic with a will to stop any wrong. They expose the wrong deeds and wrong-doers in society, and stand up in protest. Peace does not mean inaction. We want a revolution but we want a peace revolution. Mahatma Gandhi advocated peace, but he did not sit back and allow injustice to happen. His actions were born out of peace. The previous century has been an era of uniforms and unions. Now let us move to an era of communion. So we need to bring a wave of social transformation, and each one of us here will need to take responsibility for the same. 


Most Illustrious Guest Award to Sri Sri in Peru

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Pride of India: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar being honored with the 'Most Illustrious Guest Award' in Peru by the Mayor of Lima Susana Villaran de la Puente.

What really is meditation? : Sri Sri

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar enumerates 10 myths about the art of meditation

With close to six billion minds active from moment to moment, there are endless streams of thoughts on every aspect of creation. Some thoughts perceive reality the way it is, some make up the imagination and some are simply misconceptions. While there are myths about many topics, the most popular one is meditation. Utter the word ‘meditation’ and all kinds of images and notions conjure up: Is this for me? I can’t sit for long hours? Who wants to meditate anyways?

Here is a list of the most common myths, hoping that any confusion that you might have is cleared.

Meditation is concentration: Meditation is actually de-concentration. Concentration is a benefit of meditation. Meditation is absolute relaxation of the mind. It is letting go. When the mind is relaxed, we can concentrate better.

Meditation is a religious practice: Yoga and meditation are ancient practices that transcend all religions. In fact, meditation has the ability to bring religions, nations and faiths together. Just like the sun shines for everyone and the wind blows for everyone, meditation benefits everyone.

Sit in the lotus posture to meditate: The Patanjali yoga sutras is perhaps the most scientific and detailed study that man has produced dealing with the nature of the mind. Sthirasukhamasanam, a yoga sutra by Patanjali, explains that while meditating, it is more important to be comfortable and steady. This helps us to have a deeper experience. You can sit cross-legged, on a chair, or in a sofa. It is good to maintain a posture where the spine is erect and shoulders are relaxed.

Meditation is for old people: Meditation is universal and adds value to lives of people of all age groups. One can start mediating at the age of eight or nine. Just like a shower keeps the body clean, meditation is like the shower for the mind. “After practising meditation, I do not get as angry as before,” shares Sandra, a school student.

“Just a few minutes of meditation keep me calm all day,” shares 19-year-old Karan, another young meditator.

Meditation is hypnotising yourself: Meditation is an antidote for hypnosis. In hypnotism, the person is not aware of what he or she is going through. Meditation is complete awareness of each and every moment. Hypnotism takes the person through the same impressions that are in his mind. Meditation frees us from these impressions so that our consciousness is fresh and clear. Hypnotism increases metabolic activity, meditation reduces it. In fact, those who practise pranayam and meditation regularly cannot be hypnotised easily.

Meditation is thought control: Thoughts do not come to us by invitation. We become aware of them only after they have arrived! They are like clouds in the sky. They come and go on their own. Trying to control thoughts involves effort and the key to a relaxed mind is effortlessness. In meditation, we do not crave for good thoughts, nor are we averse to bad thoughts. We simply witness and transcend thoughts and move into that deep inner silent space.

It helps escape from problem: On the contrary, meditation empowers you to face problems with a smile. Skills develop in us to handle situations in a pleasant and constructive manner through yoga and meditation. We develop the ability to accept situations as they are and take conscious action instead of brooding over the past or worrying about the future. Meditation nurtures inner strength and self-esteem. It acts like an umbrella during rainy days. Challenges will arise but we can still move ahead with confidence.

It’s time consuming: You do not have to sit for hours to have a deeper experience in meditation. The connection with that deep inner core of your being, your source can happen in just a fraction of a moment. Just a 20-minute session of Sahaj Samadhi meditation every morning and evening is sufficient to take you on this beautiful inward journey. As you practise, the quality of your meditation will improve gradually.

You will become a sanyasi: You do not have to give up material life to meditate or progress on the spiritual path. In fact, the quality of your enjoyment improves greatly as you meditate. With a relaxed and peaceful mind, you are able to live happily and make others in your surroundings happy too.

Meditation is time-bound: Anytime and all directions are good for meditation. Just keep in mind that your stomach should not be full; else, you may doze off. Meditating during sunrise and sunset keeps you calm and energetic throughout the day.

Source: The Pioneer

A Spiritual Life: Exclusive Interview with HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Question 1: It seems like more people are searching for inner peace and meaning in their life. This is especially true in the western world. Many westerners are drawn to India, in search of spiritual teachers like yourself. Why do you think this is happening?

Sri Sri: Well, the world goes through different phases in turn. There was an age of exploration several centuries ago, followed by an age of economy andA industry, followed by technology and so on. I think we may well be entering the age of spirituality. When people become saturated by so many different kinds of experiences, even by various comforts, there is a quest to know something else, something deeper in life.

Question 2: What do you think spirituality is? What does it mean to live a spiritual life?
Sri Sri: Every person wants happiness, wants love. That is what spirituality provides. Spirituality is just living life to the fullest, living it as a celebration. Certain elements, if present, make life a fulfilling experience. Keeping healthy, knowing a little bit about oneself in some depth, spending some time with nature, living in harmony with it, caring for people around you, doing some service in whatever form etc. We find that all these aspects are part of ancient cultures all over the world. You don’t have to leave or sacrifice anything to have a spiritual life. You can be spiritually and materially abundant.

Question 3: In light of what you said, do you think it is possible for spirituality and business to co-exist? Can a person have one foot in the financial world, and the other in the spiritual world, so to speak?
Sri Sri: Of course. Spirituality gives you a deep sense of inner contentment and, as a result, you can discharge your duties and responsibilities much better. Financial prosperity in no way is an impediment to spirituality. As you become more and more spiritually fulfilled, you act more and more out of a sense of responsibility rather than a sense of greed or attachment.

Question 4: But we can imagine someone asking you something like this: from your teachings and your actions, it is clear that, for you, the only real values are human values. This means peace, equality, selfless service, and compassion. But for many in business and economics, the only real value is financial value. How do you think the financial world would need to change in order to see the value in human values?
Sri Sri: You may achieve financial value but if you gather a lot of stress and tension in the bargain, that affects your own health, your own peace of mind, your own relationships, then what’s the point? What are you gathering all the wealth for? An expensive bed is no good if you can’t sleep. Losing health to gain wealth and then spending that earned wealth to regain health doesn’t sound like good economics at all.

There is an old saying that says charity purifies wealth. If you give away a portion of your wealth towards some good cause, then that wealth brings you comfort, as well as merit. If you earn with a mindset to spend everything on yourself, then that wealth brings all sorts of tensions and troubles. Corporate social responsibility is a well known idea now all over the world. So, financial enterprises should participate in some way to make society around them better.

Question 5: Your Holiness, you hold teachings and seminars all over the world. Yoga and meditation are central to your teachings. Could you briefly describe what yoga and meditation are, and how they might be relevant to business owners and people working in the financial sector?
Sri Sri: Yoga and meditation and simple but very effective tools to keep yourself stress-free. A little practise regularly keeps you in touch with your inner depth. Apart from giving a very palpable sense of health and well-being, it helps you deal with situations and challenges much better. Your people handling skills improve. As you listen more and more to your inner voice for guidance, you are able to take decisions with a clearer mind and your intuition improves.

Question 6: This is very interesting. Before we end our conversation, I’d like to shift the discussion to your recent and second peace mission to Pakistan in March this year. Your first was in 2004.There is a long history of conflict and tension between India and Pakistan. Pakistan itself has suffered greatly from internal conflict the last few years from extremism and the Taliban. What was the purpose of this trip, and do you think your peace mission was a mission accomplished?
Sri Sri: The purpose of the trip was to establish a people-to-people contact on both sides. When you talk about India-Pakistan relations, usually the rivalry and tension is highlighted, especially in official and political interactions. But there is great love and goodwill among the masses on both sides. We have so much in common culturally. I was received with great affection everywhere I went and just after I returned, we hosted a delegation of about 300 pilgrims from Pakistan at our center in Bangalore. We teach in our programs to extend our hand for friendship first and we find it invariably works.

Question 7: In light of this, what words of wisdom do you have for to those, like you, who are looking for both inner peace, and for peace in the world?
Sri Sri: I would say, terrorism and violence exist as much because of the inaction of good people as the action of bad ones. Peace is not a phenomenon resulting from a fragile political arrangement. Peace is what dawns when you feel unshakable from within and at the level of society or community, it shows up as a genuine sense of belonging, caring and inclusiveness. This is the education that is needed for peace. Only those who are at peace within themselves can bring peace to the world.

The views expressed in this interview are the interviewee's own and do not necessarily reflect Fair Observer’s editorial policy.

Source: Fair Observer

Pics of Sri Sri's very recent visit to Paraguay

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Click on the link below to have a glimpse of stunning pics of 
Sri Sri's very recent visit to Paraguay where he was honored with the highest civilian award 

Sri Sri was honored with the highest civilian award in Paraguay. He is only the third recipient of this award in the 200 year history of Paraguayan Parliament. He was received by the President, Dr Federico Franco and also addressed the Paraguayan Senate. In addition, he was conferred an honorary Doctorate and declared an illustrious citizen.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : Illustrious Guest of the City of Asuncion

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Hon. Mayor of Asuncion, Paraguay welcoming Gurudev as Distinguished Visitor.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living, was declared an illustrious citizen by the Paraguayan Municipality on September 12th.

The Mayor, Dr Arnaldo Samaniego, and the Counsellor Martin Arevalo also declared Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as an illustrious guest of the city of Asuncion.

On his arrival in the capital city of Paraguay, Sri Sri was received by a Paraguayan band amidst the cheer of a large group of Paraguayan people and followers, who had never received him in the country.

His arrival was immediately followed by a press conference with leading television news channels. Sri Sri continued with a meeting of business leaders who have created the NGO, Juntos por la Educacion (Together for Education), headed by Edgard Insfran. Sri Sri also addressed over 500 teachers in a conference titled, ‘Education with Inspiration.’

The day ended with a public conference.

Click on the links below to watch Sri Sri's recent videos in South America:

Paraguay to honour Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Bangalore, Sep 12 (IANS) Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be honoured with the highest civilian award by the parliament of Paraguay, Art of Living Foundation said Wednesday.
On Sep 9, Ravi Shankar led an unprecedented gathering of 1.5 lakh Argentines in Buenos Aires who came together to meditate for global peace, an Art of Living statement said.

Source: IANS

(Sri Sri on flight to Paraguay)

Unite world's religions through spirituality: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Buenos Aires: Indian guru and Art of Living (AoL) founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has exhorted religious leaders the world over to unite people through spirituality.

"Spirituality unites people of all religions, languages and cultures because basic human values are common and are shared," Ravi Shankar said at a summit of religious and spiritual leaders from Latin America here over the weekend.

The Indian guru, who is making waves in Latin America through propagation of his simple yogic exercises through trained breathing and meditation, touched Argentine hearts with a clarion call to unite people spiritually irrespective of race, creed and nationality.

Held for the first time in this southern continent during Sep 6-9, the four-day summit, fevida (faith), brought heads of religious institutions and spiritual organisations under one roof to find lasting solutions to myriad problems people face the world over.

Explaining the difference between religion and spirituality to the heads and about 1,000 delegates at the convention, the 56-year-old seer said religion was bound by traditions, rituals and beliefs while the latter was all about experience and faith in the master.

"To be spiritual does not mean you have to be a recluse, run away to forest and shirk duties. It need not be. It is an individual's choice on what he/she wants to do and under whose guidance," Ravi Shankar said amid cheers and applause.

Terming it a privilege to participate in the historic event and address a diverse audience from different Latin countries, the guru said spirituality would make a practitioner child again and transform him/her into a pious and compassionate human being with a spirit of service and a sense of belonging with others.

"If someone says he practises spirituality, he should have a sense of belonging, a smile on his face, come what may. Everybody can smile when everything is fine. But if we can smile even in adversity, that will make us strong and spiritual," he told the delegates, comprising chief executives, political leaders, policy makers and aspirants.

Connecting with the audience during the hour-long talk, the guru expressed anguish over alarming levels of stress, violence, drug addiction, crimes and unhappiness in a majority of people, especially youth, across Latin countries.

"A sense of insecurity, fear and uncertainty about future due to various local and global factors has gripped a majority of the people, especially those who struggle to make both ends meet. What's the way out? Make life simple through prayer and meditation (yoga) to get positive energy, regain peace and become happy forever," he observed.

Noting that the law of karma operates in all things at different planes of existence such as grosser (body), subtler (mind) and cosmic (soul), he said it was essential for everyone to understand the phenomenon to be on the right path.

"A few minutes of mediation and breathing daily will enrich your life beyond imagination as our yogic system not only regulates mind and develops thinking but also gives immense peace and happiness to share with all," Ravi Shankar asserted.

Referring to globalisation and integration of nations the world over, thanks to convergence of technologies, communications and transportation, the yogic master said wisdom, when globalised, would uplift society as it would create mass awakening.

Expressing disgust over corruption that was affecting development, disrupting economy and causing social unrest across the world, including Argentina and India, Ravi Shankar said graft was not because of a few bad people but so many good people were not doing what they ought to be to end the menace.

Asked what spirituality had to do with corruption, Ravi Shankar said when there was no sense of belonging, no will to rise above mundane life and evolve into higher or subtler levels of existence, then corruption, crime and anarchy take over society.

"Honesty, integrity and love uplift us spiritually and it is important to have it (spirituality) as much as we can to be happy, peaceful, successful and excel in any field, be it politics, business, education, sport, arts, etc.," he added.

Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri, leaders of national and state political parties and noted citizens heard the Indian guru in rapt attention with others braving inclement weather, rains and chilly winds.
Headquartered in India's tech hub of Bangalore, the three-decades-old non-profit AoL works for the cause of humanity and offers yoga courses for stress management and welfare measures for the common good of people across the globe.

The organisation says its branches are spread across 151 countries.

Source: IANS

Argentina: Indian guru leads mass meditation rally

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India's spiritual leader and founder of Art of Living Foundation Sri Sri Ravi Shankar looks to the crowd through a heart formed with his hands before leading a meditation with thousands of participants in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Buenos Aires : The land of tango and Latin America's largest country, Argentina, Sunday rocked to the rhythmic beats of Indian spiritual guru and Art of Living (AoL) founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Over 100,000 people gathered in the sprawling grounds near Dorrego-Figuera Alcorta Avenues here to pray, meditate and dance to the tunes of Indian devotional music and songs with heavy Spanish accent for a stress-free and violence-free society the world over.

"Thousands of people in 300 cities across the world joined us in 'Planet Meditates', a programme that was webcast and telecast live by local Spanish channels," AoL volunteer Maria Silvina told IANS.

The sun shone and a cool winter breeze wafted through the meadows. All roads from noon onwards led to the venue for the 'blast' as hundreds of cars and other types of vehicles drove as many people from suburbs and nearby towns to the spot.

"We have never seen anything like this before in Buenos Aires. Our guru (Ravi Shankar) is becoming more popular than rock stars like Patricia Sosa or soccer stars like Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi, who represent the country as icons," Silvinia claimed.

Four hours before Ravi Shankar stepped onto the huge makeshift dais, people began trooping into the landscape venue to occupy every inch of space.

Clad in white robes and creamy kurta, the 56-year-old seer greeted the audience in Spanish and guided them through the 30-minute mediation that had breathing exercises and prayers for personal and social well-being.

"O La Argentina! Hello everyone! I am very happy to be here. We are joined by thousands of others in 300 cities across the world, including India to pray and meditate for peace within and prosperity in the nations," Ravi Shankar told the audience, using a cordless speaker even as his voice carried across the grounds.

Asserting that peace within could help overcome stress, depression and violence, the guru said that feelings were only vibration, and meditation was equally important to create a society free from social evils.

"Our body must be free from illness, mind from stress and heart from sadness. Then everybody will be happy. When I was a kid, I dreamt of creating a global family and today it is a reality. I love you all," Ravi Shankar said in English, which was simultaneously translated into Spanish by his ardent devotee Beatrice Goyoaga.

Lauding the spirit of Argentines for participating in the thousands, the AoL founder said a lot of hard work lay ahead to expand the activity and convert the programme into a mass movement.

"The task ahead is challenging to unite people and create a society free from stress, violence, hatred, prejudice and exploitation. Life is so short and we have very little time to express love. Hence, we have to inspire others to join the system and be an ideal example for others to follow," Ravi Shankar pointed out.

Referring to the work done by the foundation's teachers and volunteers silently in Argentina and other Latin countries, the guru exhorted the audience to salute all those working in slums, prisons and conflict zones.

"When there is a sense of belonging, crime and corruption will vanish from society. Compassion and love cannot be cultivated if our mind is inhibited. We need to educate people in peace, love, integrity, honesty and sincerity," he observed.

After the meditation and discourse, Argentina's most popular singer Sasa treated the audience to a couple of lilting Spanish songs, followed by AoL devotional songs, including "Om Shanti, Shanti" and "Ganapati Baba Mauriya" dedicated to the elephant god Ganesh.

Source: IANS

Nusa Dua, April 24 to 29th 2013

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Bliss in Bali Celebration in His Presence
24 th April to 29th April 2013

Art of Living Indonesia takes you to the scenic beaches of Bali, the magical island of Gods!

Choice of 4 hotels Westin/Ayodhya/Nusa dua/Grand Melia
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You (Sri Sri) gave us back the desire to live: Argentinian inmates

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Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visited the prison in San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires, together with authorities from the Ministry of Justice and the lawyers leading the Prison Smart Program.

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Click on the link below to watch Sri Sri's first day visit to Argentina

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Various honors to Sri Sri in Latin America

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receiving Honorary Doctorate degree from Siglo XXI University,Cordoba

After being honored by the Governor of Cordoba and then by Siglo XXI University, Sri Sri said, "Today, not only have I been awarded an honorary Doctorate but also the honorary citizenship of this province. So I am a part of you and you are a part of me. I invite all of you to India. You have a home there too."

Sri Sri was awarded the Diploma of Honour by the Dean of the University of Buenos Aires. Inaugurating the first Latin American spiritual meeting with a conference, Gurudev said, "Corruption is not only because of a few bad people but the silence of so many good people also." At La Rural, over 10,000 people, including children, are doing the Art of Living programs with Sri Sri.

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Live webcasts: Satsang & Global Meditation from Argentina!

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can watch the live webcasts of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from Argentina from 7th to 9th September from 4:30 am IST onwards

There is a Global Meditation happening on 9th September, you can join it live on the webcast!

You can watch it on

The time of every webcast will be also be updated on (in the Live Transcription area)

Further to this, there would be webcast from Peru and other countries...refer to the future webcast schedule on the same link above.

Note: At times due to technical issues at venue, webcast may get delayed or may not happen.

Do spread this word to all!

Thousands of Argentines turn up to hear Indian Guru

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Cordoba (Argentina), Sep 6 (IANS): Over 16,000 people braved a chilly and rainy Wednesday in this South American nation to listen to Indian spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the benefits of his teachings and breathing exercises to lead a stress-free life.

“We live in times of uncertainty with economic slowdown, political instability and stress taking a toll of us. We need to find a way out to free from this (stress) and cope with the pressure of competition to lead a peaceful life,” the Art of Living (AoL) founder said at Siglo 21 University in this provincial city, about 700 km north-west of Buenos Aires.

Hours before Sri Sri Ravi Shankar flew into the picturesque city, located in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Suquia river, people from all walks of life, especially students, flocked to the campus in raincoats and pullovers to know about his value-based education with techniques that would help them to overcome stress.

“I want to give the best of the East to the West and vice-versa. The world has shrunk into a village, thanks to globalisation. We need to integrate wisdom as well. It is up to you to decide what you what you need in life beyond material existence,” Sri Sri said in his address in the open area that had a carnival-like atmosphere.

Demystifying Indian philosophy and its rich spiritual and cultural heritage, the guru told the gathering that there was life beyond material existence and everyone had right live happily discharging one’s duties and responsibilities.

“Though in the beginning it was difficult for people here to understand the system due to some prejudice, they are able to accept it now as they are seeing its benefits like peace and happiness. As more people experience the system, there is more openness to embrace it,” Sri Sri said in his 30-minute lecture, which was simultaneously translated into Spanish by one of his followers.

Visiting the pre-dominantly Catholic country’s second largest city for the first time, the founder lauded AoL teachers for having trained about 10,000 people during the last five years and inspiring many more as a role model to follow them.

“More and more people will get attracted to the system irrespective of religion, creed and nationality when they see the big change in your life, which is free from stress, violence, hatred, prejudice and discrimination,” Sri Sri asserted.

The hour-long programme concluded with a guided meditation and musical programme that had devotional songs in Hindi and Spanish.

The large audience also heard in rapt attention when hundreds of AoL followers rendered the Indian national anthem “Jana Gana Mana…” in unison through voice and musical instruments.

To mark the occasion, the university honoured Sri Sri with a doctorate degree that was presented by Cordoba governor Jose Manuel de la Sota in the presence of its rector, faculty and hundreds of students.

The 17-year-old largest private university in Argentina has about 30,000 students across the country and pioneered virtual education system through internet.

Headquartered in India’s tech hub Bangalore, the three-decades-old non-profit AoL works for the cause of humanity and offers yoga courses for stress management and welfare measures for the common good of people across the globe.

Spread across 151 countries the world over, it works for world peace with a universal society free from stress and violence.

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Ravi Shankar in Argentina to promote world peace: IANS

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(Gurudev was received by an unprecedented gathering of over two thousand, including a choir of 250 volunteers who sang the Ode to Joy in his honour, in Buenos Aires yesterday. He will be in Argentina for a week and will be guiding a large gathering into meditation on September 9th, which 300 cities will be joining in as well.)

Indian spiritual Guru His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar arrived in Argentina late Tuesday to spread the message of universal peace and educate people on giving up violence to lead a better life.

"About 100,000 people in 300 cities across the world, including over 20,000 in this picturesque city, will pray and mediate Sep 9 for universal peace," a spokesman for him told IANS here Wednesday. The founder of Art of Living Foundation will also take part in a number of programmes including yoga courses, breathing techniques, experimental exercises and discourses on improving the quality of life.
The mega event will be guided by 
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

"The main purpose of the event is to spread the benefits of positive vibrations of meditation," the organizer said. In Argentina, the event will be held at the crossroads of Pampa and Figuero Alcort in downtown, with youngsters, grown-ups and children in hundreds joining the devout members of Art of Living.
Headquartered in India's tech hub Bangalore, the three-decades-old non-profit organization offers yoga courses for stress management and welfare measures for the common good of people. It has units in 151 countries.
"Our programmes help millions to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies," the member said.

The foundation also works on diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution, relief in areas of natural disaster, sustainable development projects, empowerment of women and rehabilitation of people deprived of liberty.
Source: IANS

Glimpse of Sri Sri's visit to South America

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Mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes signing an agreement with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to bring Meditation to schools of RIO DE JANEIRO

Mayor of Montevideo, Ana Olivera honoring Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as the most Illustrious Visitor of Montevideo, Uruguay

Find below a video where Gurudev is being honored as most Illustrious Visitor of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Sri Sri receives the highest honour from Rio de janeiro State

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His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji receives the Tiradentes Medal in Rio, the highest honour from Rio de janeiro State.

Gurudev receiving the Key of Rio from Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio.

Love moves the world: Updated video

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Click on the link below to watch the new and updated video: Love moves the world.

Helping youth towards a stress-free education, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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The Governor of São Paulo state, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin received Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Bandeirantes Palace on August 30. The State Secretary of Education, Voorwald Herman, also attended the meeting.

The Governor stressed the importance of maintaining emotional balance in children and adolescents.

Click here to read the complete report...........

Birth and Life of a Peace Maker is now available for download

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
It is a pleasure to announce that the documentary "Birth and Life of a Peace Maker" (English version) is now available for download on the website of the production company Paris Phenix

Through this documentary directed by Alexandre Bouillon Delpierre you will discover the work of our beloved Sri Sri, a man who has devoted his life to others in order to create a society free of violence and stress.

Sri Sri Calendar for September 2012

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Jai guru dev dear ones,
Now you can download a very beautifully designed calender of September 2012 with stunning pic of Sri Sri absolutely for free.
Download the Calendar from:

Note: You may download more calendars here: