Planet Meditates on 9th Sept with Sri Sri in Argentina

Posted on: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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September is the month for the most fantastic experience in Latin America, Argentina, the land of the tango, gauchos and spirituality will receive Guruji to celebrate a day for peace in the World.

Over a 100.000 people will gather for Meditation under the slogan "The Planet Meditates" together with 300 other cities. The largest Mass Meditation of the west.

Amazing latin spirituality in the courses in Buenos Aires from 6th to 9th of september, rocking satsangs. If you had ever wanted to visit South-America with the Master is your
chance! Silence and dance. Pooja and celebration. Mantras and fun.

Travel with Sri Sri at Iguazu Waterfalls from 10th to12th of September. An awesome opportunity to enjoy Conferences and Knowledge surrounded by the beauty of one of the World seven wonders! A unique journey from head to heart.

Come and celebrate, meditate and simply be in the presence of Sri Sri's wisdom.
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