Upcoming Satsang webcasts schedule

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

Following is the webcast schedule of Live Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the coming days.

You can watch the live webcast on artofliving.org/satsang. You can view Sri Sri's Tour schedule on: www.artofliving.org/srisriontour

The timings of webcast are in IST (Indian Standard time) and GMT for non Indian countries

From Brazil
IST : 31st august 2012, 4:30am
GMT : 30th august 23:00

IST : 31st august 2012, 17:30pm
GMT : 31st august 12:00

IST : 1 September 2012, 04:30:00
GMT : Friday ,31 August 2012 23:00:00

IST : Saturday, 1 September 2012, 19:30:00
GMT : Saturday, 1 September 2012, 14:00:00

IST : Sunday, 2 September 2012, 00:30:00
GMT : Saturday, 1 September 2012, 19:00:00

IST : Monday, 3 September 2012, 00:40:00
GMT : Sunday, 2 September 2012, 19:10:00

IST : Monday, 3 September 2012, 04:55:00
GMT : Sunday, 2 September 2012, 23:25:00

IST : Monday, 3 September 2012, 20:30:00
GMT : Monday, 3 September 2012, 15:00:00

From Peru
IST : Saturday, 15 September 2012, 05:30:00
GMT : Saturday, 15 September 2012, 00:00:00

IST : Sunday, 16 September 2012, 08:30:00.
GMT : Sunday, 16 September 2012, 03:00:00

IST : Sunday, 16 September 2012, 22:00:00.
GMT : Sunday, 16 September 2012, 22:00:00

Note: In case there are any changes in this webcast schedule, it would be updated on www.artofliving.org/satsang

Live webcast today: 25 August @ 9:30 pm from South Africa

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can watch the live webcast of Satsang with Sri Sri from Durban, South Africa today - 25 August from 9:30 pm IST onwards

There would be webcasts of public events in the coming days, you can check the schedule on artofliving.org/satsang

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Visits South Africa

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Over the centuries, enlightened sages and saints recommended the daily practice of yoga, meditation and pranayama to prevent or alter the reaction to stress. More recently, Sudarshan Kriya has been introduced by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This unique cyclic breathing practice uses specific rhythms of breath to re-establish balance in life as it simultaneously floods the cells of the body with oxygen and energy.
This infuses the body with energy and harmonises the various levels of the mind body complex and thus rids the system of accumulated stress and toxins, releasing negative emotions and rejuvenating the body.
"We need to do a cleansing process within ourselves. In sleep we get rid of fatigue, but the deeper stresses remain in our body. Sudarshan Kriya cleanses the system from the inside. The breath has a great secret to offer," says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
The public event with Sri Sri in Durban and Cape Town is an opportunity for the public learn from this profoundly wise soul who shares very practical ways to live a content life, being harmonious in diversity and even adversity. There will also be an interactive question and answer session with Sri Sri.

Durban: Chatsworth Stadium
Date: 25 August 2012
Time: 18h00
Cape Town: CRC Christian Church, 1 Ludel Avenue, Koeberg road, Montague Gardens
Date: 28 August 2012
Time: 19h00
Cost: R150
Tickets are available here
To experience a glimpse of these talks click here. 

Source: Life in Balance

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Releases the book “Timeless Leadership"

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Bangalore, 13 August 2012: His Holiness, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar released the book titled, ‘Timeless Leadership: 18 Leadership Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita’ authored by Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode on Saturday, August 11, 2012, at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore before an august gathering of thousands of devotees.

For over two millennia, the Bhagavad Gita, (“Song of God”), a revered Hindu religious text, has been a source of guidance for millions of individuals around the world. Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director of Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, in his book Timeless Leadership: 18 Leadership Sutras from the Bhagavad Gita contextualizes timeless lessons of this revered spiritual text to an entirely new audience—today’s business leaders. Distilling the essential lesson—or Sutra—of each of the Gita‘s eighteen chapters into a meaningful message for leaders at all levels, the book challenges the reader to change the way an individual thinks in order to change the way he acts.

Timeless Leadership focuses on one central point: that once the basic thought process of man is improved, the quality of his actions will improve as well, leading to better results. The book highlights the relevance of Bhagavad Gita in the boardrooms of the twenty-first century as it was on the battlefields of ancient India. It elucidates how the 18 Sutras address the anxieties of modern business leaders, illuminate the way to refocus their energy and change their perspective on the world and their place within it.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. M.G. Sreekumar, Media Relations, IIM Kozhikode – 09447654066, mgsree@iimk.ac.in

Meghana Bangalore – 09742660399, Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd., meghana.bangalore@adfactorspr.com

Source: Education News

Navratri Celebrations 2012

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‘Nava’ means ‘nine’ and ‘ratri’ is made up of ‘ra’ which also means ‘night’ and ‘tri’ meaning the three aspects of our life – body, mind and soul. There are three types of botherations or problems that may affect a person

Click here to read more on the upcoming Navaratri details and to Request for Navaratri special ADVANCE MEDITATION COURSE (AMC)

Oppurtunity to learn the Art of Living course from Sri Sri himself!!

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Oppurtunity to learn the Art of Living course from Sri Sri himself!!

To register for the course click here:

To register for shuttle:

Eid Mubarak to All: Sri Sri

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Eid Mubarak to All! May we realize that the One Almighty loves this world as One Family and let everyone serve and celebrate life here and now ~ H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Odisha: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to visit Sri Sri University on 23rd August

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Report by OD bureau; Bhubaneswar: The founder of The Art of Living Param Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is to visit Sri Sri University, Bidyadharpur (on the bank of river Kathjodi) on 23rd August 2012.

This programme was scheduled in a short time span. This visit is mostly to encourage the students and faculties of newly open Faculty of Management studies which is imparting M.B.A education to the 60 students across the country. He will also discuss with the local authorities regarding the development of other streams of study in the upcoming University.

A Satsang Program is organized at 6.30 pm on 23rd August 2012 at Sri Sri University, Management block for the people. A huge gathering comprising people across the state are likely to join in the event apart from nearby villages, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The University authority and The Art of Living State apex body cordially invite all to the gathering. As Sri Sri is reviving our ancient heritage, there will be Veda Chanting though out the day by the students of Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth and Guru Pooja by The Art of Living teachers.

The curriculum and methodology are promised to be Modern & Contemporary in one hand but stuffed with ancient wisdom and eastern ethos on the other. This duality will embark onto a journey less traversed in business success. SSU plans to move in less travelled path, often creating its own path to take students into the exclusive world of discerning future and create the eclectic effect for new global enthusiasm and zest for living in harmony. Creating institutions is a well-known passion of Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar. The university is a multi-hued promotion experiment, where contributions are welcome from all those who have urge to participate in one of the most ambitious project for higher education development shooting from the soils of Odisha.

The President designate Dr A.L.Rao, Vice Chancellor Prof. K.C.Mishra, Trustees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Trust, The Apex body of The Art of Living and the thousands of devotee host the event and cordially invite all to be present in the Satsang Program on 23rd August 2012.

Source: Orissadiary

Think what is right for you: H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Be thankful for the qualities you have been bestowed upon as they are not your own making. In the same way, it depends on the part that you have been given to play. Say, in a drama, you are given the part of a villain, and you play that role perfectly. A villain always knows that when I am playing the role of a villain, it’s just a role I am playing. I’m very sincere to my role.

There is a saying in Sanskrit, Durjanam Prathamam Vande Sajjanam Tadanantaram. First, worship the bad person, and then the good man. The bad man is falling and giving you an example, “don’t do what I did”. Do not hate a criminal in jail, because he’s a criminal. In prison, if there is a criminal, he is an embodiment of god. He has done you a greater service. Don’t ever hate a drug addict, because he has given you such a beautiful lesson, and he has been given that role. He is just performing his role that way.

When you understand these basic laws of truth, then your inner perfection becomes so stable that nothing on this planet can shake your inner perfection. Nothing can shake you. Your knowledge of a mistake comes to you when you are innocent! The knowledge of a mistake dawns in the moment when you are ‘out of the mistake’.

However the past has been, whatever mistake has happened, do not consider yourself to be a sinner or the maker of that mistake. In the present moment you are new again, pure and clear.

Mistakes of the past are past. When this knowledge comes, that moment you are again perfect. Often, mothers scold their children and afterwards feel so guilty. Then they go on regretting, “Oh, poor thing. I got so angry and annoyed at this kid, poor child! I should not have done this.” Then you prepare yourself to get angry again. Okay, you got angry with your kid once or twice. Why? Because of lack of awareness! Awareness was missing so the anger came up, it happened.

That’s what Krishna tells Arjun, “Arjun, you think you are not going to do what you are supposed to do? I tell you, you will do it. Even if you don’t want, you are going to do it!” In a very clever way he puts it: “You better surrender to me directly.”

He says: “Drop everything. Surrender to me, and do what I say.” Then he says: “Well, I have told you whatever I have to say, now you think it over and do what you like, you do whatever you want to do, do however you like.” But then he said, “but remember, you will do only what I want”.

These last few sentences of Krishna were so confusing, and people have struggled to make sense out of them. There are thousands of commentaries trying to make sense out of these few words, three contradicting statements. First he says, surrender everything, I’ll do everything for you, or just do as I say. Then he says: Think, think and see what is right for you, do whatever you feel is right. And then in the third statement he says: But remember (anyway) you will do only what I want you to do.

All of our wanting to do, ‘doership’, is there to eliminate the tamas or inertia in you. Once inertia is eliminated, then you are in activity. When you are acting, you become a witness to the acting. Then you know you are not doing. Things are happening through you. This is the final level of realisation. You can see this in every action of yours. Have you noticed this? You are busy ‘doing’ when you accomplish something. In the beginning you think, “Oh! I have accomplished.” But your accomplishment becomes more and more and more and as time goes by, you will begin to feel, “no, it’s all happening. I did not do anything, I did not accomplish.”

A writer will feel, “I did not write, it just started flowing, it started happening.” All the creative work in the world — whether painting, dance, drama, music, anything — has all come from that unknown corner. It just spontaneously started happening. You are not the doer. The best sculptor will say, “I didn’t do it, it just started happening.” The best painter will say the same thing; the best music composer would say the same thing.

Source: Niti Central

Assam Violence - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits Assam

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Find below a video which shows the various relief activities being carried by Art of Living organisation in Assam. It also shows Sri Sri's visit and his interactions with people giving them a healing touch.


Shreya Chugh - Art of Living Experience

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I was born and raised in Bangalore, India. I went to Sri Aurobindo Memorial
School and hold a Masters degree in International Business. I’m an ardent lover
of adventure sports and hold the Kirmani Award for rappelling . I've also won
many accolades in white water rafting and trekking. My passion lies in graphic
design, photography, music, cartooning and painting. I’m currently working
as the National Coordinator for The Art of Living -Youth Empowerment programs
and focusing on teenage youth from all across India.

The ABC of My Master

My Friend - My Guide - My support - My ALL

I was raised on a golden platter with luxury at its highest peak! Money, gadgets, cars, 5 star hotels meant everything. I thought I owned the world. My ATTITUDE was up in the air until I met Ajay, who was my best friend at school and HIS UNCLE (His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar), mother– Bhanu Didi, Narasimhan Uncle, Amma– Gurudev’s mother, Pitaji – Gurudev’s father and Arvind! Not to miss, Chickoo - Ajay’s little pet dog !

Years passed by and I started to work for an Australian firm – Your Practice Online. Every day I would somehow feel I could be much more useful to the world in a different way. Every evening, I saw myself running back home, Ajay’s Uncle’s home – Sri Sri’s home! Often, I would visit the Art of Living International Ashram with Ajay, Pitaji and Amma to see Guruji. Initially, it was a picnic for me, a joy ride down the country side. In the ashram, I would sing, play, dance, meditate, serve and make new friends. All my friends were people from different countries, races, religions and backgrounds – This was an ideal place for me! My life! My Vision! My Expression! - An ideal Home! A One World Family!
After playing in the ashram, I would visit the Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth school with Bhanu Aunty. This school was started by Guruji in 1986 with a handful of students and now it provides primary education to over 2000 students from over 20 villages around the ashram. The children studying in the school were mostly first generation learners. Aunty, Ajay, Arvind and I would visit the school very often and distribute books, uniforms and stationary to them. Aunty would listen to the children with such intensity and reply with such positivity, as if they were her own children. She herself would serve them their mid day meals. This was the atmosphere in the school. One always felt loved and at home. Bhanu Aunty inculcated great values in my life. From her, I learnt to love, to stretch my hand first and to share and care.

I heard Uncle – “His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar” once say - " Rich are those who share their food, richer are those who share their wealth, even richer are those who share their power and Richest are those who share themselves". This ONE statement Transformed my life, 180 degrees!

Guruji’s simple messages to me as a child gave such depth to my existence! He would call me aside and give me small responsibilities. I remember, one day during Shiva Ratri celebrations, in the center, He called me and told me to light the lamp that was placed on the stage. I went running looking for the match and some oil. It was a windy day and each time I lit the lamp, it would go off. He watched me with such love and care, that look in his eyes which said – go ahead! I'm here with u, it will light up! and there it did! He always taught me to do small things, with great love!

Some years later, the ashram was to celebrate the inauguration of its new Meditation Hall – The Vishalakshi Mantap. Dignitaries, Heads of States, Saints, Spiritual leaders, Industrialists, Farmers and Students, had to be invited. For this, an invitation card had to be designed. The ad agencies were approached and they came up with certain design formats. Gurudev, looked at the designs and immediately said, “Our shreya, she is very good, she will make a beautiful design". I looked at Him and wondered ' Where did He see such talent in me? I was a child! To design a card that would reach the world, inviting people, for this huge event?' He looked at me and asked "By evening it will be ready, right ?" I immediately, said ‘YES! Guruji ‘ With great confidence in my voice. I sat down to work, and it was done! I quickly took a color print and took it to Him. He looked at it with such appreciation and shared – "She is brilliant, right!" There were so many others in the room, who smiled and applauded! This is Guruji. He uplifts you. He sees the best in you. He gives you the freedom to express! He makes you aware of the impossibilities that you can do!

In time I started to volunteer for the the Youth Empowerment Seminars in Bangalore city. At the end of each course, I observed a beautiful change in the participants. There was so much belongingness, love, care, happiness, joy, celebration and smiles. People came together and broken homes got repaired! Relationships between parents and their children improved. I observed the same effects in my best friends who underwent the program. Then one day, I thought to myself, what am I doing? Guruji is doing so much for the society. He visits over 40 countries every year, transforming so many millions of lives. I can be of much more use. I decided to be an instrument of change! I wanted to bring a smile on every face! Guruji was arriving in Bangalore after 3 months. This time, there was only one thought in my mind. I wanted to ask him, if I could teach and before I did, He read my mind. He told me, “Go do YES!”. For a second, I didn’t understand what He said. As I walked down from his Kutir, I saw myself becoming a part of the Teachers Training Program.

I had decided, I will do something BIG. Guruji has always blessed me with such confidence and guided me in every step of my life, just like a father would do to his child. He gave me such FAITH, that nothing in the world seemed impossible. I had decided to be his BEST INSTRUMENT! His best teacher! 

My first challenge was going to Nagaland to conduct the YES program there. Before I left, I seeked His blessings for the youth of Nagaland - "I always prayed for a stress-free and violence-free world." As soon as I reached Nagaland (a small state in the fast east of India, troubled with insurgency ,drugs and AIDS), I organized Youth Empowerment Seminars. We had 50 youth to start with and have now reached out to several thousand. The training not only focused on building their personality and communication skills, but it also worked on their emotional and spiritual aspects as individuals. It inspired the participants to be free from violence, quit drugs, alcohol and smoking . Moreover they were inspired to volunteer for rural projects. The youth built homes for the homeless, organized health and cleanliness camps and also educated others about HIV- Aids.

In Nagaland, Guruji's teachings of love, practical wisdom, and service have promoted harmony among people, and encouraged individuals to come together, love each other and follow their chosen spiritual path, while honoring other paths. Guruji travels to so many countries every year to share his message of social responsibility, conflict resolution, disaster and trauma relief, prisoner rehabilitation, women's empowerment, female foeticide, child labor, and access to education.

Today, with His Love and Care, I have touched the lives of over a million youth.
How much ever I write, its only going to fall short. I sincerely believe that dedicating myself to this cause, I am surely fulfilling the purpose of my life.

My pranams to my Guru , Jai Gurudev!

Empowered India: Sri Sri

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To me, India is empowered when at least 80 per cent of its people are empowered. As most of India’s population live in rural areas, just a few urbanites being empowered will be unfortunate for this country.

India will be truly empowered when people at the grassroots start feeling confident about themselves, their way of life, their tradition and their language. A Frenchman is proud of being French or speaking French, but here in India for a Kannadiga, Telugu, Maharashtrian or Tamilian, pride depends on how well versed he or she is in English or any other foreign language. Their pride is in eating pizzas, owning branded jeans and shoes, and the foreign trips they make.

There is nothing wrong in adopting good things from other cultures. The problem is, creativity and entrepreneurship dies out completely when you don’t take pride in your own culture and lose self esteem. Wherever there is high self esteem, creativity has been proportionately high. You can see this everywhere in the world.

Empowerment means the courage to confront and willingness to co-operate. Activists resort to a confrontationist stance in most situations. Our youth must know how to co-operate and confront simultaneously. Getting stuck in predetermined positions will keep us from exploring newer possibilities.

The most effective yardstick of empowerment is the willingness of people to take responsibility. We need to move away from the blame culture. Instead of blaming the elected government, religious leaders, police and even the weather, people need to take responsibility for creating not just a prosperous but a happy society as well. Many societies in the world are prosperous, but they are miserable to the core. To me, India empowered means a crime-free, humane society.

A renewed focus on the core areas of strength will make India realise its true potential. India has the best of tourism which needs to be exploited. From the snow-clad Himalayas to the beaches and backwaters of Kerala and temples of Tamil Nadu, India offers a diverse array of destinations that can rarely be matched by any other place in the world.

India has some of the best scientific minds, most of which is youth power. In the field of science and technology, India can match the best in the world. The ancient Indian knowledge of yoga is a rage all over the world. In the US alone, yoga is a US$27-billion industry. We need to revive and take pride in the profound and vast knowledge of yoga and meditation practices.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is bestowed with a rich lore of spiritual literature and philosophy, be it the Kashmir Shaivism of Vigyan Bhairav, Shiv Sutras, Ras Hriday Tantras or the Tamil scriptures such as Thirukural. There are, in fact, several thousands of manuscripts and palm leaf scripts which have not even been decoded yet. Thanks to the endeavour of University of Tubingen and Hamburg in Germany, many rare and old manuscripts are being preserved and digitalised.

Ayurveda has the potential to make India a leader in holistic healthcare. The largest variety of flora and fauna are available here. With Ayurveda becoming increasingly popular, India needs to measure up to the global competition and use its inherent strengths before it’s too late.

India should be proud of its diverse cuisines, dance and music, rich textiles, embroidery, jewellery and embellishments, which have been widely appreciated all over the world. Like the story of the beggar who spent all his life in poverty unaware of the precious treasure hidden beneath his hut, India is sitting on a huge pile of wealth, not knowing its worth. The real empowerment will happen when people of India realise that they have the power to change.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HHSriSriRaviShankar (official facebook page of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)

Retreat with Sri Sri in USA

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Visit http://www.artoflivinguniverse.org/2010/11/art-of-living-mega-events.html and stay tuned with the various mega events that happen around the globe.

A dialogue between H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and activists of the Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI)

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One wonders what is the psyche of a fundamentalist? What is it that spurs them on their mission of hatred? How should one deal with such a person? We were lucky to witness an interaction between a handful of SIMI activists and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a couple of years ago. We felt that the same would be of relevance and could serve as an eye-opener in the current scenario. The backdrop for this article is one of Sri Sri’s tours of Kerala in the first week of December 2000. A series of Anandotsavams had been planned in various cities of Kerala to coincide with Sri Sri’s visit to those cities. Sri Sri ‘s visit was expected to attract huge crowds running into several hundred thousands and the local organizers spared no effort in ensuring the smooth conduct of such public meetings. The planning for these functions began several months before the actual event and drew upon the efforts of hundreds of enthusiastic Art of Living volunteers. A week before the tour commenced, towards the end of November there was a surprise in store. The newspapers announced that SIMI – Student Islamic Movement of India had called for a general strike (hartal) all over Kerala on December 6th, being the Babri Masjid demolition day. Coincidentally, an Anandotsavam had been planned on December 6th at Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. The police also warned that they had received bomb threats. However, when contacted. Sri Sri assured Xavier, the president of the organizing committee that "Satsang will happen". On December 6th, though the newspapers had announced that the function was cancelled and the police had withdrawn their permission due to the bomb scare, more than a lakh of people attended the satsang. The following day, Sri Sri gave an audience to the SIMI leaders. Four leaders from SIMI came to meet Sri Sri at the residence of one of the organizers. Following their entry, an air of tension enveloped the hall where hundreds were waiting to meet with Sri Sri. Naseeb, one of the devotees, guided them to the room where Sri Sri was sitting with a few of us. They (the SIMI leaders), were dashing youths in their mid 20’s. One of them was carrying the holy Koran. They were little stern and stiff. Their eyes were fixed and seemed to reflect an inner fire. They looked prepared to repulse anything that Sri Sri would tell them and most unlikely to listen to reason.

Sri Sri was His usual smiling self.

The stage was set. It had all the signs of a classic confrontation. On one side were the brash youth – intemperate, impatient, driven by ideology and out to prove their superiority. On the other was a youthful, realized sage, unperturbed, offering sane explanations that echoed an uncommon depth and breadth of understanding. Those of us in the room, were eager to see how Sri Sri would deal with these firebrands. Sri Sri embraced them and offered them chairs to sit. There was not an iota of difference in His attitude. Any casual onlooker could be forgiven for thinking that Sri Sri considered these gentlemen as amongst His most ardent devotees. Perhaps the only difference that we could see was that they were seated on chairs while the rest of us were on the floor! For us, it was yet another opportunity to witness the unconditional love that Sri Sri exemplifies.

The leader of the group spoke first. He asked

SIMI: You had wanted to meet with us.

SRI SRI: Yes. I wanted to understand why your organization was opposed to the Anandotsavam.

SIMI: We thought that holding an Anandotsavam (celebration) on December 6th was a deliberate move to insult our religious sentiments. Do you know about our religion?. Do you believe in the Koran at all?

SRI SRI: Yes of course.

SIMI: (Not expecting this answer, pointing to the Koran, they shot the next question) We believe that Koran is the only knowledge. What about you?

SRI SRI: This is one amongst the various knowledge revealed to man from time to time.

SIMI: But God has said this is the only knowledge. The way of the Koran is the only way. There is no other way.

SRI SRI: This message can be found in scriptures of all religions. In the Vedas it is said "Naanyah Panthaah Ayanaaya Vidyate" meaning "There is no other way but the way of Truth!" The same is said in the Bible, Jesus says, "To go to my father, you have to go through me. I am the only way".

SIMI: But our scripture says worshipping any form or idol is evil, it is blasphemy.

SRI SRI: What is Good and Evil after all? It is relative. Relative existence is not the complete picture For example: Milk is good, but too much milk can kill you. Poison is harmful, but a drop of poison can save your life. Most lifesaving medicines have poison written on them! These are neither absolutely good nor bad they are just there. Truth transcends duality, and God is the Absolute and only Truth. So, where is the place for evil?

SIMI: Yet you Hindus worship many Gods, whereas our ideal is there is only one God and His message is what is required to go to heaven.

SRI SRI: There is only one god in many forms…

SIMI: (Restless and unwilling to listen to any explanation, they interrupted Sri Sri.) But the Koran says you should only worship Allah who is formless whereas the Hindus worship idols which are only stones.

SRI SRI: At this, Sri Sri suddenly asked them: Do you honour the Koran?

SIMI: (They seemed a little taken aback at this question from Sri Sri and with a righteous air answered). Yes, it is God’s word!

SRI SRI: Do you honor the Mecca?

SIMI: Yes, of course! That is our sacred place.

SRI SRI: So also, Hindu’s honour God’s creation as God. Just like sound (Koran), the crescent moon, Kaaba and the month of Ramadan are sacred for you, Hindus consider the River Ganges, the Himalayas, Saints as sacred. See, a picture of your daughter is not your daughter, but you still adore the daughter’s picture. When you see the picture aren’t you reminded of your daughter?

(They nodded a yes)

SRI SRI: So also, a symbol is not God but is honoured as God. This sense of honouring and sacredness makes you awake and alive. That is why the ancient Rishis said to feel the entire creation and your whole life as sacred. They considered God as omnipresent, as inseparable from His creation; like the dance and the dancer.

Sri Sri elaborated further – Spirit loves diversity. Is there only one type of vegetable or fruit? God created many type of fruits and vegetables. There is not just one type of tree, not just one type of snake, cloud, mosquito….Even you change your dress for different occasions. So how could this consciousness that manifested this whole creation be monotonous? There is only one God in many forms. Only one God is advocated. When you accept the variety of Divinity, you cease to be a fanatic and fundamentalist. A pregnant silence filled the room as they looked at each other expecting the other to speak. Then as a face saving measure, the SIMI leader replied, "I will need to go and consult my higher scholars." With a compassionate expression on His face, Sri Sri said: Never mind, (with a wave of His hand) forget about religion. We are all human beings. Let us have a peaceful society. Let us focus on development.

SIMI: No No No! What are you saying? You are talking about this world. What we do here is immaterial. The Koran tells us that what matters is what you get in eternal life and not to worry about material life. By doing service to the society you will simply remain here. You have to obey Allah. Allah is the only God and Mohammed is the last prophet.

SRI SRI: At this Sri Sri stopped them and after a pause asked them: Do you think the Sikh Gurus are not prophets. Isn’t Mirabai a prophet? What about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?

Once again, there was silence. Their expressions had changed. The rigidity had weakened and in its place was some confusion/uncertainty. Sri Sri seemed totally at ease unmindful of the challenges posed at Him.

SIMI: No! You can go to heaven only if you believe in Allah and the Koran.

SRI SRI: No my dear – there was Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak, Jesus, Shankara… Do you think they are not in heaven? If not, then I would rather be with them!

SIMI: You are such a nice person, but we pity you because you cannot get the truth. You can’t go to Allah. You can’t be rewarded by Allah. God will never show mercy on you.

SRI SRI: Never mind. (with a mischievous smile ) I will be with these people (Shankara, Jesus, etc.)

(Even as we were admiring Sri Sri’s patience and objectivity, we were concerned at the wrong indoctrination that these youths had been subjected to. We also observed a few others who were in the room were getting a little restive, possibly wondering why Sri Sri was spending so much time with these people who were obviously not at all receptive and that too when hundreds were waiting outside just for a glimpse of Sri Sri.)

SIMI: Do you know, that over 1400 years ago, in the middle of the desert, God revealed the secrets of creation. Even when there was no science, God said that the Atom is the smallest particle!

SRI SRI smiled and said: Yes, the same is there in the shaastras too which were known more than 10,000 years ago. In the shaastras it is said that the Earth is over 19 billion years old! Truth is beyond time and space. It is not confined to one time or one place One needs to have a scientific spirituality.

As if to conclude the conversation Sri Sri gave them Ladoo as prasad. By now there were traces of a smile on their faces. When they were about to leave He gave them a hug. They definitely seemed to be less stern than earlier. Could their attitude have changed? We wondered whether this (‘changed attitude’) would persist or would they go back to their old fanatic ways. But one thing was for sure, Sri Sri had made an impression that they would not forget!

Later, while Sri Sri was having His lunch, someone asked Him, "Why is that Islam is producing so many terrorists all over the world? No other religion has given rise to so many terrorists in the world. What is the reason?"

SRI SRI: Look at the commitment and the fire in them. Take the good from them and learn what you should not be doing. Don’t label them as bad people. They have not been imparted the knowledge of Vedanta. (Then as He was adding ghee to the chilli powder) He smiled and said "In this creation, there is a place for everything."

by Swami Sadyojathah & Shri Harish Ramachandran

Sri Sri's healing touch to Assam riot victims

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Renowned spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Wednesday visited the riot-hit districts of Chirang and Kokrajhar in Assam with the objective of healing the wounds of the recent clashes. He visited several relief camps and interacted with the inmates.

Soon after his arrival from Guwahati, Sri Sri visited the relief camp at Kajalgaon Higher Secondary School in Chirang district. Addressing a large gathering of Bodo inmates, he advised them to face the tragedy with courage and prepare to reclaim their life.

He urged them to go back to the villages with the feeling of belongingness. "It's really painful that such a tragedy has happened in our country," he said adding that The Art of Living is there with them.

At the Basugoan camp of Muslim inmates, he enquired about their safety and comfort. Sri Sri expressed his concern over the conditions of many elderly inmates and spoke to them personally. He told the inmates who have gathered to receive him that with God's grace, things would come back to normal soon.

In Kokrajhar, he visited the Vidyapeeth High School camp and interacted with the inmates, listening to their woes, and consoled them to face the tragedy with courage. In his bid to help the inmates overcome the lingering trauma, he advised them to see whatever has happened as a bad dream and pray for a better tomorrow.

Many inmates shared their helplessness with tears in the eyes. Many regretted how long-standing harmony among different communities has been destroyed by the current riot. He reassured them that The Art of Living will work for rebuilding the trust.

In all the relief camps, Sri Sri distributed relief materials such as clothes, baby- food, toiletries, etc. to the inmates. He said that The Art of Living has brought reputed Ayurvedic doctors to provide holistic health care to the inmates. In the coming days, check-up camps will be set up in almost all relief camps.

In Kokrajhar, Sri Sri held a series of meeting with the representatives of various organisations including All Bodo Student Union, Bodo People's Front, BPPF and academicians from Kokrajhar University and discussed ways and means to end the conflict and find long-term solution to the problems of Bodoland.

The representatives of ABSU also submitted a memorandum to the spiritual leader. He also had a separate meeting with the representatives of All Bodo Minority Students Union at Bongaigoan and listened to their point of view. He urged them to work for a harmonious and peaceful co-existence of all the communities in the Bodoland.

Later addressing a press conference in Guhawati on Thursday, Sri Sri commented that mistrust and fear in the people of Assam will take time to heal and added that the Art of Living is playing the role of removing them.

He regretted that vote-bank politics has been played over Assam. He called for a lasting political solution. "Assam is sitting on time bomb," he said.

Source: Rediff News

Click here to watch a video of Sri Sri's visit to Assam

Awaken 'Krishna' in your consciousness: Sri Sri

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Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Krishna. He is not a vyakti or person but shakti or energy. Krishna was poornakalaavataran , a complete incarnation. The purpose of celebration is to realise that Krishna is in me. In the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna says, "One who sees everyone in Me and sees Me in everyone, for such a person, I shall never remain hidden and he shall never be far from me."

Krishna's life has all the nine rasas or flavours. For instance, he was naughty like a child, a warrior, joy personified and a source of knowledge. He was a perfect friend and guru. His birth on ashtami signifies his mastery of both spiritual and material worlds. He is a great teacher and spiritual inspiration as well as the consummate politician. On the one hand, he is Yogeshwara, the Lord of Yogas while on the other, he is a mischievous thief. His behaviour is a perfect balance of extremes - perhaps this is why his personality is so difficult to fathom. The avadhoot is oblivious to the world outside and a materialistic person, a politician or a king is oblivious to the spiritual world. But Krishna is both Dwarkadheesh and Yogeshwar.

To understand Krishna, simply become Radha, Arjuna or Uddhava. Three kinds of people seek refuge in God - the lover, the miserable and the wise. Uddhava was wise, Arjuna was miserable and Radha was love personified. Krishna's teachings are most relevant to our times as they neither let you get lost in material pursuits nor make you completely withdrawn. They rekindle your life, from being a burnt-out and stressed personality to a more centred and dynamic one. Krishna teaches us devotion with skill. To celebrate Gokulashtami is to imbibe extremely opposite yet compatible qualities and manifest them in your own life.

Krishna tells Arjuna, ''You are very dear to me'' and says he must surrender. Surrender begins with an assumption. You assume you are the most beloved of the Divine, and then surrender happens. Surrender is not an action; it is an assumption. Non-surrender is ignorance, an illusion. Surrender has to begin as an assumption and then it reveals itself as a reality. Finally, it reveals itself as an illusion. An illusion, because there are no two aspects, no duality. There is no independent existence of anyone. An individual has no independent existence.

So, in the Gita, Krishna says, ''He is dear to Me who neither goes on thanking people nor hates anyone." Thanking and feeling obliged indicates that you believe in someone else's existence rather than in the Divine who is ruling everything. When you feel obliged, then you are not honouring the principles of karma or the divine plan. Appreciate people for what they are; do not thank them for what they do. Otherwise your thankfulness is centred around the ego. You are grateful, but not for an act. You are grateful for what is.

Hence the most authentic way of celebrating Janmashtami is to know that you have to play a dual role - of being a responsible human being and at the same time to realise that you are above all events, the untouched Brahmn. Imbibing a bit of avadhoot and a bit of activism in your life is the real significance of celebrating Janmashtami. Awaken the Krishna in your consciousness - "Krishna is not far from me, not separate from me, He is within me'- this feeling will fill your life with Krishna.

Source: The times of India

Northeast militants turn a new leaf

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241 militants underwent a month-long rehabilitation program at the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living Foundation in Bangalore. The program was organised at the request of Tarun Gogoi led Assam government. Those who underwent the rehabilitation program expressed how their tough patterns and ideas have been changed in this beautiful video.


Art of Silence with Sri Sri in Bad Antogast (26 - 30 Sept 2012)

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Art of Silence Course is happening in Bad Antogast (Germany) in presence of Sri Sri from 26th 30th Sept. 2012. The details are in the picture below. Let us spread the word and get more people to dive deep within themselves.

Click here to register and reserve your seat. 

Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 Course in Bad Antogast (Germany) in presence of Sri Sri

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Jai guru dev Dearones,
Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 Course is happening in Bad Antogast (Germany) in presence of Sri Sri. The details are in the picture below. Let us spread the word and get more people to this excellent course on Yoga. 

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Planet Meditates on 9th Sept with Sri Sri in Argentina

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September is the month for the most fantastic experience in Latin America, Argentina, the land of the tango, gauchos and spirituality will receive Guruji to celebrate a day for peace in the World.

Over a 100.000 people will gather for Meditation under the slogan "The Planet Meditates" together with 300 other cities. The largest Mass Meditation of the west.

Amazing latin spirituality in the courses in Buenos Aires from 6th to 9th of september, rocking satsangs. If you had ever wanted to visit South-America with the Master is your
chance! Silence and dance. Pooja and celebration. Mantras and fun.

Travel with Sri Sri at Iguazu Waterfalls from 10th to12th of September. An awesome opportunity to enjoy Conferences and Knowledge surrounded by the beauty of one of the World seven wonders! A unique journey from head to heart.

Come and celebrate, meditate and simply be in the presence of Sri Sri's wisdom.
Further information in English: www.srisri2012.org
Registrations and enquiries: international@srisri2012.org
Accommodation in Buenos Aires and Iguazu: viajes@shankaraonline.com