Global Meditation on 20th June - 18h00 Lisbon Time : Live webcast with Guruji

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

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On the special occasion of Guruji's visit to Portugal on the 20th of June, that is also the summer solstice, it came the idea of bringing everyone into meditation worldwide at the same time! its very auspicious time and very auspicious year.

So we built this website where anyone can register and join in for the meditation!

So my call to all is to JOIN IN! Spread it around, make all out there aware of this initiative that en-globes all organizations (people can add their organization also) and let us use the internet to bring everyone together to a betterment of mankind and the the whole planet.

Can you imagine millions of people from the whole world meditating together! It will be Amaaaaaazzzzzzziiiinnngg....!!!!

Please join in! Spread the message! Organize in your city a group to meditate! Do whatever you feel in your heart to contribute!

Lots of Love!

Jai Gurudev,