Global Meditation on 20th June - 18h00 Lisbon Time : Live webcast with Guruji

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On the special occasion of Guruji's visit to Portugal on the 20th of June, that is also the summer solstice, it came the idea of bringing everyone into meditation worldwide at the same time! its very auspicious time and very auspicious year.

So we built this website where anyone can register and join in for the meditation!

So my call to all is to JOIN IN! Spread it around, make all out there aware of this initiative that en-globes all organizations (people can add their organization also) and let us use the internet to bring everyone together to a betterment of mankind and the the whole planet.

Can you imagine millions of people from the whole world meditating together! It will be Amaaaaaazzzzzzziiiinnngg....!!!!

Please join in! Spread the message! Organize in your city a group to meditate! Do whatever you feel in your heart to contribute!

Lots of Love!

Jai Gurudev,

Through The Master's Eyes: Swami Shivchaitanya

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Swami Shivchaitanya, teacher with the Art of Living, residing in the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore had the privilege of traveling with the Master. He shares stories that really touched his heart.

1) We were in Nepal and Sri Sri was supposed to attend a live session of the Sudarshan kriya the next day morning. But it was raining constantly in the night. We were wondering how the kriya would happen if it continued raining like this because the venue was an open ground. Guruji had already retired for the night and we all gathered outside his door wondering how we could pass on the message that this was happening.

Then, once Guruji opened the door, we told him that it was raining very heavily. He simply said,' that's ok let's go'.So we went to the ground though it was raining throughout the way as well. When we reached we saw that there wasn't a single drop of water on the ground though it was raining all around. The kriya began and when it was ending, it just began to drizzle. Nothing happened until the kriya was over. But as soon as Guruji left, it started pouring on the ground. I witnessed this.

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We must not hold anyone guilty: Sri Sri

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One day, one Swamiji who has a very big dental college came to our Ashram. He said he urgently needed fifteen lakh rupees and he would return it within two weeks.
I felt that since he needed it urgently for some work, maybe for some temple or something, we must give and so we gave him. Six years passed by but he did not return the money.
I said, ‘Oh! This is the matter. ’
I told him, ’Swamiji if you would have asked for donation, we would have given you as donation. But you asked for a loan. So, now you have to return it.’
This I did because I don’t want a Swami to be called a cheater. As it is, there are few honest Swamis in this world. And this Swami needed to be taught a lesson.
I told my people not to give up. Knock at his door every day until he returns it. Why should he be excused? We spend lakhs of rupees building homes for the poor, but giving charity is one thing. If someone plays crooked with you, you need to catch them, no matter how big that person is. At the same time, no matter how a person is, we do not have to be disrespectful towards them. It is not good to disrespect any one.
I asked my people to treat him with respect and request him to return the money in the same way as it was given to him, with as much respect and honour, but he refused.
Finally, I had to speak to him. I spoke to him in a straight-forward manner. He felt very embarrassed and promised to return the money.

To ensure that another does not commit a mistake, or be driven to make a mistake, is also a sattvic quality. This quality must be present in all of us.
A rajasic person will sit quietly and watch another commit a mistake and later will say, ‘See, he made a mistake.’

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Tour pics have been updated

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Lots of new tour pics of recent Sri Sri's visits (Including canada visit, birthday pics, German Ashram visit, Ukraine, Washington DC visit) have been added to the existing huge collection: Click on the link below to have a look

Now get Guru Punches on facebook – Click here.

Delicious Food For The Soul: Sri Sri

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Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, from sound to silence. The need is present in you to meditate because it is your natural tendency to look for undiminished joy and love that doesn’t distort or turn negative.

Is meditation alien to us? That’s not true because you have been in meditation even before your birth. In the womb you were doing nothing. You didn’t even have to chew food; you were fed directly and you were happily floating in fluid, turning and kicking. That is meditation or absolute comfort. You did nothing, everything was done for you. Isn’t it natural for us to crave for that state of absolute comfort? And getting back to that state which you have had a taste of, just before entering the hustle and bustle of the world is very natural because everything in the universe is cyclic, and wants to go back to its source.

The natural tendency is to recycle all that we’ve collected in life as impressions, getting rid of them and getting back to the original state we were at birth is what meditation is all about. Becoming fresh again, alive, is what it is. Getting back to that serenity, your original nature, is meditation. It is absolute joy and happiness; pleasure minus excitement. A thrill without anxiety is meditation. It is love without hatred or any of its opposite values.

Meditation is food for the soul. When you are hungry, spontaneously you eat something. If you are thirsty you drink water. Similarly, the soul yearns for meditation and this tendency is in everyone. Hence, there is not a single individual who is not a seeker. It’s just that they don’t recognise it. The problem is that we try to look for that food where it is not available. It is like going to a grocery shop when you want to fill fuel in your car. You keep going around the grocery store saying, ‘I want fuel for my car.’ It won’t work because you need to go to the petrol station. So, find the right direction. Meditation happens in transition. Actually meditation happens, you can’t do it. You can only create a congenial atmosphere for it to happen.

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An Evening of Meditation & Wisdom with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Bhanu Didi Remembers

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I was born on Jan 11, 1958, in Papanasam, in the same house where guruji was born. The Sanskrit name for sister is who shares the womb. Just the thought that my Master shared the same womb fills me with gratitude and my life continues to be a journey of gratitude and joy from moment to moment!

Often people ask me when I realized he was my guru. The truth is I have always followed him, unknowingly in the beginning, and with the knowledge later on, but his words and his steps have led and guided me throughout.

He has taught me to play, to sing, to meditate, to do puja, to care, to serve...the list is endless. When guruji was about five years old and I was three, our games used to emulate the puja that we have seen our grandmother performing. Guruji would make his small shivalinga, offer flowers, chant few verses and keep some sweets to offer. I would sit beside him with eyes closed waiting for the sweets. Once I asked him why we had to offer because god doesn't seem to eat them anyway. He simply told me, "of course god eats it, he makes it sweeter and gives it back for us!"

There was a small Shiva temple near our house where we would go every day. The temple had 108 shivalingas and guruji would insist on going around each one chanting ‘om namah shivaya’. We were still just 5 and 3 years old. I would skip one or two and finish and at the end guruji would lead me by hand back to those one or two and make me complete it! The awareness, the attention to detail and perfection in everything he did was amazing.

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13 May - Live webcast from Canada!!

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can watch the live webcast of Sri Sri's Birthday Celebrations and Satsang from Canada on the following links or

The webcast timings are:
14 May 2012 (please note there is change in date as these timings are for India, which is one day ahead of Canada)

12:30 am - 1:30 am IST: Birthday Celebrations of Sri Sri, Canada
2:00 am - 4:00 am IST: Satsang

Any change in timings will be notified on page in upcoming webcasts section.

Note: As the event is happening in Canada, the details of the same are on

you can use this timezone convertor link to check webcast timings for your country

Colors of Joy with Guruji in Bangalore Ashram - May 31 to Jun 3, 2012

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First time ever in Bangalore Ashram, a very special event with Guruji for ART Excel, YES! and YES!2 participants, Colors of Joy from May 31 to Jun 3, 2012. Highlights of Colors of Joy with Guruji in Bangalore Ashram - May 31 to Jun 3, 2012 special sessions with Guruji and many more surprises waiting for Angels.

This event not to be missed! Come and experience Colors of Joy with Guruji.

Reporting: May 30, 2012
Departure: Jun 4

Timing - Residential event in Ashram for 4 days (whole day)
Items to get while coming to ashram - a Water bottle, a note book and a pen, a yoga mat or a bed sheet, a torch, loose clothes, toiletries
Donation structure:

Donation structure for Colors of Joy
SharingYes 2AE/Yes
Group Sharing28002500
Come summer and most parents find it a challenge to keep their children occupied. Television seems to be an easy alternative but then how much good can the idiot box do, thus starts the marathon. From sports camp and art class to tuitions and dance workshops, no arena is left unexplored. Children end up running the same race they’ve been at all year round.

Stop and consider though, an entirely fresh new spin on the meaning of summer school holidays. How about a true time off from the grueling schedule at a serene, stress-busting getaway? Colours of Joy- a four day event for children by the Art of Living offer one just that.

Set amidst five hills, a beautiful lake, lush surroundings and sprawling grounds, the venue is the organization’s international ashram in Bangalore. And what lends this much needed break its blissful touch is the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji throughout the event.

Colours of Joy brings together a unique bouquet of courses specially designed for children. ART EXCEL (All Round Training in Excellence) course channelizes a child’s brimming energy through various meditative techniques and interactive sessions leading to improved health, memory and concentration. Not only does it provide an outlet for their creativity but also stirs in a sense of belongingness, compassion and friendliness towards all. Made especially for children between the ages 8 and 13, the course helps build confidence and rid oneself of daily stresses. Something all children today seem to need.

Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!) is a course tailored to address the needs of children aged 14 to 18 years. The workshop equips the participants with powerful processes that help channelize young energy and improve focus. Special breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya help cleanse their mind and body of toxins, stresses, negative emotions and various mental barriers.

For those who’ve already undergone the YES! Program, there’s the YES!2 course- a dynamic, vibrant workshop that takes the sense of responsibility, understanding , confidence and self belief in young minds to altogether new heights. It introduces the participants to the concept of silence through which they are able to experience the calmness of the self. If that’s not all, there’s also a Sahaj Samadhi course for graduates of the YES!2 programme. Conducted by Mrs. Bhanumathi Narasimhan- Director of Art of Living’s Women and Child Welfare Programmes, the course will help the participants experience the bliss of deep, undisturbed meditations.

Colours of Joy isn’t just about day long courses though. The children will be treated to special sessions on chanting, the Subhashitas, Gita, stories from the Puranas, ashram tours, handicraft and pottery workshops , talks on organic farming, a trip to the goshala, an interesting discourse on the glory of India and of course sessions with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Scheduled to take place from 31st May to 3rd June, it is a true vacation in every way, both for children and parents. Register for the event on . You may also call 9379806397 or send across an email

Live Webcast with Sri Sri - May 6 to 13

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LIVE WEBCAST - May 6 to 13th 2012

Registrations are now OPEN

The May 2012 celebrations are just around the corner. For those who will not able to be in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, here is an opportunity to experience the evening festivities with LIVE Webcast of all Satsangs from the comfort of your home!
Enjoy live music, chanting, meditations question and answer sessions and knowledge discourses by Sri Sri. Interact directly with Sri Sri by submitting your questions online!
Webcast Schedule 
All times are in EST time zone (Montreal and New York). Check your time zone here.
Check your timezone here.
  • 6th – 12th May, Evening Satsangs (7:30pm to 9:30pm)
  • May 13th, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm
We are offering the following packages:
Please select a package of your choice and register using the appropriate link listed below (prices in US dollar).