A new hero's born as Plim Plim flies high

Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 DNA, Feb 21, 2012.
When Sri Sri Ravi Shankar penned the Universal Declaration of Human Values and presented it in the United Nations a few years ago, he could hardly have imagined that his teachings would inspire two Argentina-based media professionals to create an animated series for television.

“Guruji said it was necessary that a new hero was born — a hero who should leave behind violence and embrace the flag of human values,” Claudio Pousada, the director of the series, told DNA recently. “So Plim Plim the Clown, A Hero of the Heart was born, with those characteristics. Each chapter is based on the Declaration of Human Values. Additionally, every character represents the layers of existence as Sri Sri has described it.”

Pousada is currently in India hoping to bring the series to Indian audiences.

Plim Plim is being aired in 22 countries in Latin America.

“It caters to children between the age of two and six, and enjoys the highest ratings in this age group. It is also popular with parents, since it focusses on values such as co-operation, solidarity, friendship, and caring for the planet in a way that is both funny and inspiring,” he said.

The series has several characters based on African, American, European, Indian and Chinese values. The protagonist, Plim Plim, is a generous, brave and enthusiastic five-year-old boy with the characteristics of a clown, a hero and a magician. The different episodes highlight varied themes like respect, honesty and responsibility.

Pousada, who has been helped in his endeavour by his partner Guillermo Pino, explained that the stories were narrated like fables and there was no pontification involved.

“Plim Plim promotes good values through example and not through preaching,” he said.

The creators also believe that there is a double advantage where their product is concerned. “On one hand, there is wholesome entertainment for children and, on the other hand, the series provides support and collaboration from adults,” Pousada added.

Source: DNA