Keep Patna clean, Sri Sri exhorts devotees

Posted on: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 PATNA: Naxals are brave people and are doing 'tapasya' in jungle. They are fighting to make India free of inequality and poverty, Art of Living (AoL) founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said here on Sunday.

"Like you, I also want India to be free from poverty, corruption, casteism and disparity. But I do not support your (read Maoist) ways to achieve these goals. Your ways are wrong," Sri Sri said at the satsang organized by AOL at the veterinary college ground here on Sunday. The satsang titled "Ashirwad" was attended by thousands of devotees.

A group of Naxals were to surrender before him at the satsang. They, however, could not do so due to some unavoidable circumstances, the godman informed devotees.

Expressing grief at the incident of Naxal violence in Garhwa district of Jharkhand, in which about a dozen policemen were killed, he called upon the Naxals to join the society's mainstream. "I am with you," he said.

Perhaps with the recent anti-corruption campaign and related developments at the back of his mind, the spiritual guru said that a strong law cannot remove corruption, and suggested a way to end all corruption. "Law is the cure of a disease (corruption). But spirituality does not allow any disease to exist," he said and made all the devotees present to take a pledge not to accept and give bribes.

"A ruler cannot be a reformer, and a reformer cannot be a ruler," Sri Sri said adding, however, that the ruler should take advice from the reformer.

Earlier, the spiritual guru was welcomed at the satsang by deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi, chairman of the Bihar legislative council Tara Kant Jha and speaker of Bihar legislative assembly Uday Narayan Chaudhary.

Appreciating Bihar's development, Sri Sri said: "A lot has been done. But a lot also remains to be done. Biharis are very resilient. You have come here through many challenges. Don't lose your resilience." He also made the devotees to take a pledge to keep the city clean.

He asked every devotee to contribute in keeping the city clean by giving just two hours of physical labour every month. "Many cities have done it successfully. You should follow suit," the devotees were told.

Sri Sri also suggested ways of success to devotees. "You can get what you want if you have pure faith, enduring patience and good discretion."

Meanwhile, a group of over 100 devotees from Taiwan and China also sought blessings of Sri Sri. The foreign nationals joined Sri Sri in chanting mantras and singing devotional songs here.

Answering questions from devotees, Sri Sri said: "The purpose of life should be satisfaction instead of fame, money and power. You should always consult your conscience to make right decisions. You should accept criticism, you should live in the present, you should maintain your mental integrity, you should accept others the way they are and later try to change them."

Source: Times of India