Special Live New Year Meditation with Sri Sri | New Year Message

Posted on: Friday, December 30, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 "This New Year go to a place where everything is beautiful! That place is within you! Wherever you go after that, you will add beauty. This New Year, let us create a wave of meditation, human care & happiness to uplift people." ~ Sri Sri

Let's create the wave!

Find the details and also Share your message for the new year with the whole world:

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Every Wednesday will now be a Patanjali Day!

Sri Sri’s commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will be available soon on www.artofliving.org

Art of Living Volunteer Convention, Ahmedabad

Posted on: Thursday, December 29, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 An Evening of Inspiration, Fun and Wisdom with Sri Sri on
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 4 PM

The first ever Convention in Gujarat facilitating interaction of Gurudev H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and the Dynamic and Amazing team of Volunteers from the Art of Living family in Gujarat.

This Convention is a Golden Opportunity to bring Volunteers actively contributing towards the Art of Living projects - to create a stress free and violence free society, together to meet Guruji and get inspired towards creating a Better India.

Another step towards Divya Samaj Nirmaan......

Registration Open: Only people who have done the Part 1 and the YES!+ Course are eligible to be a part of this Amazing opportunity to meet Gurudev..

For details contact:
Sri Sri Gyan Mandir,
Mayurpankh Society,
Behind Saligram Flats Satellite,
Ahmedabad -- 079-26763030

Alternatively you may contact the nearest Art of Living Centre and teachers near you.

Sri Sri appeals to Anna to end his fast

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 Zeenews Bureau, New Delhi:
Spiritual guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Tuesday appealed to social activist Anna Hazare to end his fast. Nonetheless, the Art of Living Founder said that the Gandhian should continue his “agitation” for a strong anti-graft bill.

"I appeal to Annaji to end his fast and continue the agitation," Ravi Shankar wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

His appeal came as concerns were raised about Hazare's health.

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Watch Live Webcast of Satsang with Sri Sri from Germany

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 Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can watch the live webcast of Satsangs (26 Dec - 31 Dec - Germany Ashram & 1 - 5 Jan from Berlin) with Guruji!

As in India, we are 4.5 hour ahead of Germany, the webcast will start at midnight 12:30

The schedule of webcast is available on www.artofliving.org/satsang

you can watch these live webcast on any of the following links




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Ask Sri Sri your question-- Post on http://www.artofliving.org/post-questions-to-srisri

Art of living like a child again

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 The children and youngsters did what they do best. They asked questions. The tricky questions. "My girlfriend and my best friend are together now, it affects me a lot, what do I do?'' asked a brave youngster, making public his heartbreak, only to elicit a ripple of laughter from a crowd of about 20,000 kids, parents and youngsters.

The crowd had gathered on the pleasantly chilly Saturday evening at Somaiya ground in Sion to spend two hours with the Art of Living founder and guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an event organised by Times of India as part of the ongoing 'Mumbai for Kids' initiative.

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Beautiful snaps of Guruji's yesterday vist to Mumbai now online

 Jai guru dev all,
Beautiful snaps of Sri Sri's yesterday visit to Mumbai are now online! Wait not, click on the link below to have a look on the same!!

Get in for Maha Shivaratri celebrations and come out as his instruments finishing Blessing course

 Jai guru dev Dear ones,
Please find above the flyer which has the info related to upcoming Shivaratri celebrations in Art of Living international ashram, Bangalore, India.

Please note that a blessing course is organised from 22nd to 24th of February, after the completion of the Shivaratri celebrations, Do Enroll for the same.
Go for celebration, gain energy and come out as his instrument blessing the needy by transferring his divine grace

Now watch Live Webcast of Satsang on Facebook too!!

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 Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

Great News

Now you can watch the live webcast of Satsang with Sri Sri on Facebook too!

The link for the same has been added on the left side column of official Facebook page of Sri Sri - http://facebook.com/hhsrisriravishankar (Like this page, to get updates of posts made on it)

Above is the screenshot for the same.

So now, you have a choice to watch webcast on either of the following links

www.artofliving.org/satsang (here you can read live text transcription also)


On Facebook as described above

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India against corruption: The art of living way

 Jai guru dev Dear ones,
Watch this wonderful video where Guruji has spoken on corruption and how to deal with it

Stay updated with tour schedule of Sri Sri!!

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 Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

You can visit the following link to know the details of upcoming events (Mahasatsangs) in presence of Sri Sri


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ON srisriontour

Sri Sri is coming to Mumbai :)

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 Jai guru dev dear ones,
Sri Sri is coming to Mumbai :)
Yes, Guruji is coming to Mumbai on 24th for An evening of Enthralling Music, Calming Meditation and Interaction. Do click on the links below to explore the same and know the event details


Follow @SriSriSpeaks - tweets from Guruji!!

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Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

If you wish to be updated with the latest tweets from Guruji on daily basis, follow the official twitter account of Guruji on twitter

To do that all you need to do is 

1. Open twitter.com

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3. After loggin in open the link http://www.twitter.com/srisrispeaks 

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Watch live webcast of Satsang with Sri Sri right from facebook

 Now, no need to switch to live satsang window, Watch live webcast right from the Facebook using the link below

There is World Toilet Day, but no World Yoga Day: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Posted on: Sunday, December 11, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and founder of Art of Living Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shared a stage and gave a call to the UN to declare June 21 as World Yoga Day.

“There is World Toilet Day, but no World Yoga Day. We will write to the UN to recognise June 21 as World Yoga Day,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said speaking at International Yoga Summit held at the Art of Living Ashram on Monday.

He signed the petition at the valedictory function of the summit. A delegation from the Yoga Portuguese Confederation participated in the summit and sought the support of yoga gurus.

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5 Steps to Healthier Living

Posted on: Friday, December 9, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 Health is not merely absence of disease. Health is being established in the *Self. It is the dynamic expression of life. One can be said to be in a perfect state of health when one is physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally steady. So how does one achieve this state of all-round health in today's fast-paced life? As we get ready to ring in 2012, here are a few steps we can take to help improve our health and the quality of our lives.

Know About Your "Self"

We need to know a little bit about the different layers of our existence -- body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the self. When we understand that the body and mind are connected through the breath, we are in a better position to manage our thoughts and emotions. The awareness that everything changes -- the body undergoes changes and so does the mind -- brings a sense of equanimity within us. The mind is the sense of perception in your consciousness and the thoughts that change all the time. Likewise, the intellect, memory, and ego also change with time. But there is something within us that does not change -- it is the point of reference through which we are able to recognize that everything else changes. This subtlest, unchanging aspect of our existence is the self. The ancient science of Ayurveda deems that a person cannot be called truly healthy, until one is in touch with this subtlest aspect, and there is harmony among the different layers of existence. This knowledge of the self helps one live in the present moment and be in a state of perfect health.

Spend some time to learn about your self. Take a week off one to two times a year and align yourself with nature. Wake up with sunrise, practice yoga, eat light food, and spend some time creatively.

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December: Live Webcast & Translation in 4 languages!

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 Jaigurudev Dear Ones,

In this month of december, you can watch the live webcast of Satsang with Sri Sri and even read the live text translation of the same in 4 languages!

The text translation of satsang will be in English, Spanish, Russian & French language!

The schedule of webcast will be published on www.artofliving.org/satsang

During the time of live webcast, you need to click on 'Live Webcast' button in this page, this will take you to a page where you can see webcast and read text translation

If you wish to ask any question to Guruji, post it on http://www.artofliving.org/post-questions-to-srisri

Do share with everyone about the live webcast, a rare opportunity to be a part of Live Satsang with the Master from anywhere in the world!

Art of Self-Discovery

Posted on: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 Deccan Herald, 05th Dec 2011
Art of Self Discovery

Gurus favor yoga for peace

 Jai guru dev Dear ones,
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar along with others who were present for the International Yoga Summit event held on 4th and 5th of December urged United nations to declare June 21st as the International Yoga day. Please go through the paper clip above for details on the same

Posted on: Monday, December 5, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 Jai guru dev all,
Click the link below to see Beautiful n lovely snaps of the Sri Sri's recent visit to Delhi.

Do also stay updated with the events in presence of Sri Sri via the link below