Street movements can't replace Parliament, says Sri Sri Ravishankar

Posted on: Friday, November 18, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 India Today
All eyes are on Uttar Pradesh as India's largest state is set to go to the hustings next year. While Rahul Gandhi blew the poll bugle at Phoolpur, there is yet another figure whose visit to the state raised many an eyebrow. Sri Sri Ravishankar, guruji to millions, toured some of the most important constituencies in the state exhorting people to rise up against corruption. Political parties of all hues tried to play the four day long visit in their favour but the spiritual leader didn't bat an eyelid, apart from cancelling his Amethi visit at the last moment. Now, in an exclusive interview to, Sri Sri Ravishankar reveals what the pressure was all about.
Q. What was the aim of your UP yatra and have you achieved it?
A. Uttar Pradesh was part of my routine yatra which I have been doing for past several years. I give dates according to local people's request. No political motive should be attached to my U.P. tour. It is mainly spiritual and of course social causes are also raised, just as we have been doing everywhere else. Satsangs are always an uplifting experience and it was obvious by the response of the people.

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