Virasat-e-Khalsa dedicated to humanity

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 Anandpur Sahib, November 25
The Akalis today basked in the reflected glory of the steel petal roof of the Virasat-e-Khalsa that was dedicated to humanity in a ceremony that encompassed all faiths, but was essentially rooted in Sikh culture and tradition.

Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said today’s ‘sankriti’ had been saved by the Khalsa Panth and that the 120-crore people of the country would be indebted to the Sikh Panth for the sacrifices made by its gurus in the cause of humanity.

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Upcoming Programs in Bangalore Ashram in the Presence of Sri Sri

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 Dear Ones,

Jai Guru Dev!
We are very happy to inform you that Param Pujya Gurudev is in Bangalore Ashram in the month of December 2011. There are a number of programs happening here during this period. Find above the details of the same.

Ashram Events Team
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Mail to for latest updates on courses & events at Bangalore Ashram

Now you can register online itself through, in three simple steps:
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Gratitude and Beauty: Sri Sri

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 Huffingtonpost, 22/11/11
You cannot be grateful and feel the lack. The two cannot exist at the same time. When you feel grateful, you feel full. When you feel lack, grumbling begins from some corner. If you feel grateful, gratitude will increase in you and you will be given more. If you keep on grumbling, the negativity in you will increase. Jesus said, "For those who have not, what little they have will be taken from them. And to those who have, more will be given. And more. And more." This is the law of the nature. For those who do not have this knowledge, there is no way to get out of their grumbling. It becomes a habit.

This applies to relationships too. If you love someone, know that nothing is lacking. Trust that they also love you very much. If you doubt someone's love, your doubt grows no matter what you receive from them. If you want to be close to someone, first begin to feel that person is already close to you. When you ask people, "Do you trust me?" you are doubting their trust. When you are in doubt about a trust, you grow in doubt -- and there is no limit to it.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Mechanics of action

Posted on: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 DNA, 22/11/11
The dynamics of how events happen is a big mystery. Only one who is 100% in doing can recognise the happening. The healthiest way to apply this knowledge is to see the whole past as happening and the present as doing. If you see the past as doing, then ego and regret come along. And when you see the present as happening, laziness and unawareness set in. Let the happening be for the past and the doing for the present. And the future is a mix of both.

The wise will see the doing in happening and the happening in doing simultaneously. One who does a lot of work will never say he did a lot. If someone says he did a lot of work, it that means he can do more. He has not done enough. Work does not tire you as much as the "doership" does.

All actions happen through consciousness. The world moves because of consciousness. Consciousness expresses the three shaktis as — gyan shakti, ichcha shakti and kriya shakti. Knowledge, action and desire. If these shaktis are aligned, life becomes very smooth. If not, life is in doldrums.

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Mahasatsang on 22nd Nov at 6:30 pm at Janata maidan, Bhubaneswar. Orissa

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 We cordially invite all of you along with family and friends to the Mahasatsang on 22nd Nov.'11 6:30 pm at Janata maidan, Bhubaneswar.

Be a part of this historic anti corruption movement...
For details contact- 09437007199, 08895759567

How to Meditate Into Higher States of Consciousness

Posted on: Saturday, November 19, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

We live most of our life through three states of consciousness: waking, dreaming and sleeping.

In the waking state of consciousness, we experience the world through the five senses. We seek elevation and joy from these senses. If any one of the senses is missing, the entire dimension of that sense is lost. One who cannot hear is bereft of the whole arena of sound. Similarly, he who cannot see is deprived of all the beautiful sights and colors. So, the sense is more important and much bigger than the object of the sense.

The mind is higher than the senses. The mind is infinite, its desires are many, but the capacity of the senses to enjoy is limited. Greed is wanting more and more of sensory objects. Even though one can only enjoy a limited amount during a lifetime, one wants all the wealth in the world.

Giving too much importance to sensory objects leads to greed; giving too much importance to the senses leads to lust; and giving too much importance to the mind and its desires leads to delusion.

We hold on to the concepts of the mind and want things to happen in a certain way. Thus, the concepts in our mind impede us from perceiving the infinite consciousness that is a part of us. This is not to say that the senses or the mind are bad. But we must learn to discriminate between things and be aware of what is happening at all times; that is when clarity dawns on us. This is the first step toward the higher state of consciousness.

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Street movements can't replace Parliament, says Sri Sri Ravishankar

Posted on: Friday, November 18, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 India Today
All eyes are on Uttar Pradesh as India's largest state is set to go to the hustings next year. While Rahul Gandhi blew the poll bugle at Phoolpur, there is yet another figure whose visit to the state raised many an eyebrow. Sri Sri Ravishankar, guruji to millions, toured some of the most important constituencies in the state exhorting people to rise up against corruption. Political parties of all hues tried to play the four day long visit in their favour but the spiritual leader didn't bat an eyelid, apart from cancelling his Amethi visit at the last moment. Now, in an exclusive interview to, Sri Sri Ravishankar reveals what the pressure was all about.
Q. What was the aim of your UP yatra and have you achieved it?
A. Uttar Pradesh was part of my routine yatra which I have been doing for past several years. I give dates according to local people's request. No political motive should be attached to my U.P. tour. It is mainly spiritual and of course social causes are also raised, just as we have been doing everywhere else. Satsangs are always an uplifting experience and it was obvious by the response of the people.

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Sri Sri as Keynote speaker at NHRD conference

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 SriSri will give the inaugural address @NHRD conference talking on "Riding the winds of change". Check out the link below to know more

How Anger Hurts You

Posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 Huffingtonpost, 13th Nov 2011
You may remind yourself a hundred times that you shouldn't get angry, but when the emotion comes, you are unable to control it. It comes like a thunderstorm. Emotions are much more powerful than your thoughts. What can you do when anger rises in you?

Anger is a distortion of your true nature and it doesn't allow the self to shine forth fully. The structure of human consciousness or the mind is very similar to that of an atom. The positively charged protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom while the negatively charged particles are only on the circumference. Similarly, even in human consciousness, mind and life, all the negativities and vices are only in the periphery. Your true nature is peace and love.

Showing anger itself is not wrong, but being unaware of your anger only hurts you. Sometimes you can show anger purposefully. For example, a mother gets angry at her children and can act tough or shout at them if they put themselves in danger. There are situations that warrant showing anger, but when you get angry, have you observed what happens to you? You are shaken completely. Look at the consequences of getting angry. Are you happy with the decisions you have made or the words you have spoken in a state of anger? No, because you lose your total awareness. But if you are completely aware and are acting angry, that is fine.
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Your Date with the Divine!!

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Sri Sri's recent visit snaps now online!!

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 Jai guru dev all,
Click the link below to see Beautiful n lovely snaps of the Sri Sri's recent visit to Uttar Pradesh.
Find also other great pics of Guruji's visits using the drop down menu from the following link

Sri Sri supports Team Anna, asks politicians to introspect

Posted on: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 The Times of India
LUCKNOW: Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar on Sunday gave clean chit to anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare and his Team from the charges of corruption,impropriety and having hidden agenda leveled against them by a section of politicians and media. He said that both Anna and his team members have dedicated theselves to the service of country and have today emerged as role models for the youth.

He also advised politicians to introspect as to why people have lost faith in them and are looking up at spiritual gurus and civil society for solution of their problems and grievances.

"Had Anna and his Team members been corrupt, I would have not been supporting them," he said while addressing media-persons in Jaunpur, where he arrived to rousing welcome on Monday evening for a four day tour of UP, in which he will hold satsang at various places. After Jaunpur on Monday, he will holding satsang in Sonebhadra on November 8, Mirzapur on November 9, Sultanpur on November 10 and Kanpur on November 11. He would be administering oath to nearly one lakh people, asking them not to give or take bribe and shun all kinds of corruption and social evils during the trip.

Ravishankar reiterated that purpose of UP tour is to help people realize that they can change the corrupt system by changing themselves. He said that people in the country are in a state of despair and depression after seeing scams and dishonesty all around. "My aim is to rekindle hope in their hearts and motivate them to work for the common good of the country," he said. "On the issue of corruption, we all - be it Anna, Baba Ramdev or everyone including politicians fighting against the menace - are one", he added.
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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A yogi doesn't mind criticism at all

Posted on: Monday, November 7, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 "If Congress has an untouchable attitude towards spiritual and religious gurus, it is their problem," says spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In an interview with the TOI, Sri Sri talks about Anna Hazare, using fast as a means of protest and on other issues. Excerpts from the interview:

Q) You have been an active participant in the India Against Corruption campaign led by Anna Hazare. However once a spiritual master enters the political arena, he will be criticised like any other politician. Are you prepared for this? Will not your devotees get dvesh bhav for your critics?A) A yogi doesn't mind criticism at all. All the brahmagyanis in the past have been criticized including Lord Krishna. A saadhak should not get into dwesha bhaav. At most, knowing that criticism is out of ignorance, he can have a good laugh about it.

Q) The Congress sees all sages as a group which is politically saffron (close to BJP/ RSS). Aren't you reinforcing this impression by praising Nitin Gadkari and asking for the BJP's help over Jan Lokpal? Shouldn't the distinction between spiritual saffron and political saffron be maintained?

A) If Congress has an untouchable attitude towards spiritual and religious gurus, it is their problem. It is wrong to think that, to please the minorities, you have to keep away from spiritual sages and gurus.

My nature is to praise people for the good work they have done, irrespective of their political affiliations. Earlier in the month of June, I released the book of KPCC President, R.V.Deshpande, who also happens to be an Art of Living devotee. And now, Nitin Gadkari requested me to release his work. I did acknowledge the good work he had done in Vidarbha region. Same with other Congress ministers Dr. Karan Singh, Patangrao Kadam, Veerappa Moily, Satej Patil, etc. Last year, I also appreciated and complimented Veerappa Moily at the Times Foundation function when he received the Moorti Devi award. Similarly many other senior Congress people have come in touch with the Art of Living. If and when they have done some good social work we have always acknowledged them. Politics and the party affiliation is only one aspect. A human being is much more than politics and we need to recognize that.

Q) Rama is quoted in the Yoga Vasistha as saying that "All countries of the world are territories of evil" - presumably including his father's kingdom, Ayodhya. What would you say?

A) That was correct. At that time, Rama was a sadhak and a prince. Normally a prince is attached to his people and his country. Rama had to come out of that limited identity and negation was necessary. We must remember he was a student and a sadhak, when he said those words. These same words would never come out of Vasishtha who was a brahmagyani. Brahmagyan transcends the duality of good and evil. It assimilates the boundaries and finds that boundaries are no way a challenge to the Boundless.

To experience niraakaar, a sadhak will negate the saakaar. The realization happens that the saakaar is as much a part of the niraakaar.
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Your date with the Divine!

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People want Lokpal Bill to be passed: Sri Sri Ravishankar

DNA India
Sri Sri Ravishankar said corruption cannot be prevented by legislation only but supported a strong Lokpal Bill as people want it.

"There has to be a spiritual awakening among the people and politicians so that they do not indulge in corrupt practices," he told newsmen here.

Asked whether the government is serious in introducing the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, he said, "I wish they are. There are people in the government who are against corruption. They should pursue the matter so that the bill is issued in Parliament. I do not see why there should not be strong Lokpal bill, because people want it."

On Congress leader Digvijay Singh's Twitter post calling him 'plan c of BJP-RSS combine to divert public attention from its terror links', he said, "Everyone has a right to make statements. I respect them.
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Development only way to end Maoist problem in Bengal: Sri Sri

Posted on: Sunday, November 6, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 KOLKATA: The Maoist problem in Bengal is due to stunted development in the affected areas, feels Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

"Money is not going to places where it should go. The Maoist problem in West Bengal is due to lack of development. There is always a way to resolve this conflict.

Development has to take place here and violence is not the way to sort out the problems. Jharkhand has become a peaceful state now. And I am sure there will be peace and development in Bengal too," the spiritual guru said during an interaction.

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Kannada at its creative best

Posted on: Friday, November 4, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 BANGALORE : It was a celebration of Kannada writers and writing, ranging from veterans like G Venkatsubbaiah and G S Shivarudrappa to the likes of Kalegowda Nagawara and Vijayalakshmi Balekundri.

Fifty-five writers were felicitated and a book by each of them was released on Rajyotsava Day at a programme organized by Sapna Book House. The 55 books were released to mark 55 years of the formation of Karnataka.

Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said the occasion is momentous as the best of Kannada writers have gathered under one roof. "I keep telling people wherever I go, especially outside Karnataka , that they have been deprived of the best of Kannada literature. That's why I think translating Kannada works into Hindi and English would bring readers from outside Karnataka. We need to demonstrate the strength and creativity of our literature to people everywhere."
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Opposing corruption is religion in itself: Sri Sri

Posted on: Thursday, November 3, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 VADODARA: Religious people's opposition to corruption is also a religion in itself. These were the words of spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who is camping in Vadodara to attend Deepotsav celebrations.

An advance meditation course has begun in his presence. He stressed that if all selfless individuals agree to work for the nation then that will be very beneficial for the society."Our country needs sincere and honest people to serve the nation," he said on Saturday evening, while addressing more than 2,500 participants who are attending the course which will end on October 31.

"Self realization is the ultimate goal of life. First of all learn to remain happy from within and serve the society and feel the connection with the divine," said the religious guru, adding that depression in individuals has increased drastically in the society.
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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to campaign against corruption in UP

Posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

 LUCKNOW: Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will embark on an anti-corruption yatra in UP from November 7 in which he would be holding satsangs in various parts of the state, and would ask people to take oath for not indulging in corruption.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar would start from Jaunpur on November 7 and will be in Sonebhadra on November 8. He would go to Mirzapur on November 9 and Sultanpur on November 10. He would end his trip in Kanpur on November 11. He would also be visiting IIT Kanpur.

Significantly, the yatra is being conducted at a time when political parties in UP are gearing for 2012 assembly elections and Congress is in the back foot on the issue of corruption. While Baba Ramdev is already on a yatra targeting Congress, Anna Hazare has announced to tour UP asking people not to vote for Congress party in 2012 assembly elections in case Congress led UPA government fails to bring a strong lokpal in winter session of Parliament. In such a situation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's yatra may create more trouble for the Congress.
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