Excerpts of 3rd September 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Q: Guruji, your consciousness is pure and infectious, how can I share this with others?
Sri Sri: This question, I will it to you. You find this. Use all your talents to share.

Q: How does devotion free us from Karma?
Sri Sri: Karma means impressions. In devotion, love and service many of those impressions are replaced by something more positive.

Q: What are those gaps between the thoughts and what happens at that time?
Sri Sri: Thats the whole secret. Dwell into it. Observe. When you take a stand, I want to watch my thoughts, and when you start to watch, you see that they disappear. You get access to the source of the thought.

Q: Can you meditate for someone else? Will they benefit
Sri Sri: Can you eat for someone else? Yes, Indirectly when you meditate, you feel peaceful and you feel calm. That vibrations go to others. But not quite the same when that person also meditates.

Q: Guruji, Some years ago, my elder sister accidentally expired, no one was near to her when she died. After this event, she appears to me in front of my eyes. Is it a illusion or is she trying to tell me something? And for the peace of that soul, what can I do here?
Sri Sri: If she appears/if you see her, tell her, become free. If any of you see Pret/pithru, with a bhaav (feeling) say become free. And you do sadhana, seva and satsang, its impact will always be good only.

Q: Thousand salutes to feet of holy Gurudev. Guruji, I haven't seen the God. But I feel if somewhere there is God, he will be like you. Just out of curiosity I want to ask, Have you attained fullness?
Sri Sri: What do you feel? Do you see some lack? Am I searching someone? If you go and ask a sleeping person, are you sleeping? what shall he/she tell. The person will keep quiet. Somethings we have to ask and know from our soul. If our soul is saying there is fullness here. Then asking are you complete is of no use. If someone tells that he/she is complete and your innersoul says no, then you have to listen to your inner soul. Did you understand?? suppose I say yes, I have attained. Dont take it like that. Listen to your heart, in your heart, and if your inner voice says it is not true, follow that only.

Q: How to surrender to you?
Sri Sri: Why are you getting so worried? What you have with you to surrender. Understand that what is there to surrender, Everything belongs to God anyways from the beginning.

Q; Sometimes I feel you are close and sometimes far.
Sri Sri: Change is good. It has to. Sometime like this, sometime like that. There is no fun in feeling the same always. When you feel I am far there is longing. When you feel I am close, there is love and bliss. This is the style of life.

Q: My body becomes tense and fearful during every activity I do. During Kriya also?
Sri Sri: How do you feel now (Peson says Amazing) Do you feel good? (Yes from the person). Then done.

Guruji, I love you
Sri Sri: Its an old story and known secret. Isn't it?

Q: Why sad and depressed youth inculcate bad habits, I have seen it with my friends. why?
Sri Sri: Thats how you want. When you are sad, you want a way out. You want to fill something with. But if you know meditation and Sudarshan Kriya, then you will do that. Isn't it. So get all your friends doing it.

Q: What if one meditates more than 30 minutes?
Sri Sri: Well, you should be in an advance course, when a teacher is there. It is better to do it in the presence of a teacher. Its Ok if you meditate for 40 mins or 1 hr, doesn't matter once in a while. But to do it everyday, better you go gradually. You do in advance course, then talk to your teacher. Increase slowly. Go slow.

Q: When soul leaves the body, does it wander or gets liberated
Sri Sri: both are possible. Those who committ suicide, their soul wanders for years. Those who drop the body with pleasantitude and happiness, will be free.

Guruji, I am from Bidar. I have worked for 3 years in Divine karnataka project. I went back to my village and made 100 people to do the course including my family. Earlier my brother was refusing to come to ashram and was a drunkard, once he came to ashram, now he doesn't want to come back to home. I have sold 20000 Rs Books of yours. And I have made Five thousand people do navchetan shibir. After my father died, my mom wasn't sleeping well. She was taking sleeping pills. After she did Kriya, she hasn't even touched pills. I want every drunkard in my village to taste the kriya and be free from liquor.
Sri Sri: Very nice. Like this, one person, if they start working in one village, Whole image of India will change. Future of India will be glorious.

Both of my parents were positive in HIV, my father died. My mother tried to committ suicide. But Guruji, you came in her dreams and prevented. After 4 days of this, you visited our city and when I carried your photo to home, my mom told that its this same person who came in my dreams by looking at your photo. Then my mom did course. Now she is full fit and works even in fields. Also what all wish come in my mind, gets fulfilled. I love you Guruji.

Q: After coming to AOL, I have stopped eating non veg. People give religious excuses to have non-veg food. Can you enlighten on this so that I can help others.
Sri Sri: There are a number of websites which says how vegetarian food is suitable and congenial for the human system. You can ask YES teachers here, they can give you more information. There are many christians and Imams who are vegetarians. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle not related to religion. You have to make them understand.

Q: By taking today scenario into account, how do you tell your followers about fighting against corruption.
Sri Sri: We are doing, right. Even before all this started. I traveled to 14 places/states of India and made them take an oath that they will neither give bribe nor allow anyone else to take. Jan Lokpal bill too we have supported. Just a law will not be helpful. Promptness/sincerity and vow are the ones that can help. All of you tell others not to take bribe, take their signature, After they become vow bounded, we can achieve.

Q: I have reported a corrupt person, have told him several times and this time, I have taken the case forward. He will be caught, what shall I do??
Sri Sri: You see, if the person agrees not to do the mistake again, give him a chance, else no.

Q: I am not able to give 100% to my studies. I want to change my course.
Sri Sri: You have to complete your course. What you want to do? You may go to the new course, but you may feel the same after 2 years there as well. In all studies, such problem comes. Medical students after the first year wants to quit. Engineering students wanted to quit after some time? (Many rises their hands). Did you See. This is a natural tendency. Because when we find something tough at some point of time, we want to quit.
My suggestion is to give 100%, still if you feel its problematic, then change your course of studies.
In studies you feel every course is difficult. But if you keep changing the course every 2 yrs, then you will be a rolling stone. Thatswhy for education, if you want to complete, put efforts and finish. If you feel it is very difficult then it is fine.

Q: I go to deep sleep during guided meditation by you as your voice is like Lullaby by mother. This happens very frequently with me. What is the correct way?
Sri Sri: It is OK. Let the mind to loose. "The one who lost, found"

Q: How many times should I take a bath?
Sri Sri: When ever you sweat or smell, you should. Once atleast; twice preferable :)

Sri Sri: What is God? God is love. Everything in the universe is made of God. Because everything is made up of love. Whatever I'm is what you are, Whatever you are is what others as well. You can befriend God also. Dont have to be enemy.

Q: How much does sadhana protect one from illness and misery?
Sri Sri: Sadhana helps, but lifestyle also you must attend to. If you sleep too much or too little. If you eat too much junk or not at the right time.
See, ailments do come, But dont think about it too much. Sitting and worrying about ailment is not going to help. Spirit of say, we will over come this, such strong Sankalpa will help.

Q: My father underwent subdural hemorrhage and has lost memory.
Sri Sri: Pray for him. Take someone who has done the blessings course and help.

Q: My results are out today. I didn't get the marks I expected. The people who cheated got more. It was hurting. It feels that we are the loosers.
Sri Sri: It may appear that you are losing, but in the long run you will be the winner.

Q: When I know that things are working against me, what should I do? Shall I take God's name.
Sri Sri: yeah, yeah you can take God's name. Be peaceful and know that everything is going to be OK. Just tell Jai Gurudev!

Q: My work starts and then it gets spoilt.
Sri Sri: Don't worry. Appearing breaking, it would become ok.

Q: I have been suffering from high blood pressure since I was 18. I have been doing kriya. Any advice would help.
Sri Sri: Do meditation. Do sahaj samadhi.

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