Towards freedom from corruption

Posted on: Sunday, August 14, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

From being perceived as a country of snake charmers to becoming a hub of IT and rediscovered spirituality, the image of India has had a makeover in recent years. Only the power of spirituality can help resolve the problems we face today. M K Gandhi used this power to help India secure independence.


While India has been fortunate to have an entire generation that dedicated itself to the cause of freedom, there is another that has driven the country into the morass of corruption and crime.

We need people of character and honesty to check corruption. Corruption begins where a sense of belonging ends. Corruption is present at many levels of society; the first level is in the minds of the general public. We tell God that if you do this work of mine then i will offer something to you. Let alone our bosses, we don`t even spare God. Secondly, there are bribe givers and takers at the official level. The third level of corruption is at the ministerial level. The Lokpal Bill seeks to address this problem. Read more

Source :The Times of India