Excerpts of 19th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Sri Sri: Yuvacharyas have come from all over India. There was so much pressure that I stay back in Delhi as there is a big moment happening over there. I said how can I stay. Yuvacharyas have come from all over India, who are working in villages. Of course there is medicine for the sick, its good. But you all (Yuvacharyas) are seeing that no one become sick in the first place and everyone remains healthy. You have worked and have shown that how we can remove corruption and other misdeeds from villages. You have also shown how a village can efficiently be managed. You have done the original work of spreading fragrance in the country by working at grass root level. Working in the mud you are taking out pearls and diamond. Thats why I told, I need to go and came to see you all (referring to all the 3000 Yuvacharyas assembled).

See how much joy is there in doing seva.
Tell me, for many people things happen as per your wish? This is the strength of spirituality. Whatever comforts you want will be granted but it is very important to have a happy and peaceful mind. Only having materials will not and can not bring happiness. Someone asked me how did the corrupt politicians took the money outside the country, I replied that I dont know how it went out but I know how to bring it back.

Now you are 1 in 1000. Each one of you become 1000.
Bring such a wave that there is no corruption at all. We should work in such a way that the people going to be nominated to supervise the corruption become unemployed :)
So many laws have been made but many of them are not in real use. Nearly 1,30000 cases that the suprme court has already dealt with and has given orders are not applied by the Government. This is the state. In such situation, you are working to make village like Kathewadi. In so many villages, you have made Divine socities - finished all the issues. Court cases and corruption is over in these villages.

Through satsang, meditation the hunger of the soul will be satisfied. Till its not satisfied, there will be Corruption and other misdeeds in society.
Why is there corruption? Why someone loots and does all this?
Lack of belongingness is the cause of corruption. So we have to increase this sense of belongingness. And you all are doing it.
Many people say, "If I close my eyes, what will happen?" I say, close your eyes then see everything will happen. Anyway death is going to close your eys. Even if you keep it open, nothing can be seen. While living, close your eyes and you will notice that life has become eternal.

People close eyes and walks but sits with eyes open. I say, sit with your eyes closed and walk with your eyes wide open. If a blind person meditates, he starts seeing. Deaf will also starts hearing. Without meditation, even by seeing, things remain unseen and even after hearing, things remain unheard becoz you stay in your small limited world. We should have broad vision. Share and honor your life. Live simple and Speak sweet. Work should be proper and heart should be blossomed.
Not that you go to some place, clean a bit, take a photo and come back saying you also did some seva.
Heart should be free from craving and aversions.
Keep only aatma gyan. Dont fill your heart with hatred or anything else.
Before Arjun went to fight in the Mahabharata war, Krishna told him that remove everything else from your mind, intellect and heart and keep only me and then fight.
When you remove hatred from your heart, you feel lighter. Whomever you start thinking, his qualities starts dawning in you.
Empty your mind and you can do that by knowledge, remember knowledge and think on soul. When you think of pleasant minded people, you mind also becomes pleasant.

When you are happy then see what all happens in your life. All miracles happen. Remove everything and everyone and think only about me, when you do so, I take care of your Yoga kshema (Whatever is not there will be given and what is there is maintains), these are the lines of the God. Not that you remembered once in a while, Keep doing everyday, everynow and then.

A teacher started speaking about how to be happy and when to be happy.
But the talk was so long that everyone became sad.
The person went on talking. We don't have to talk like this.
When you talk, talk in such a way that it reaches the person like an arrow and brings about transformation. Then our words achieves the aim. 

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