Excerpts13th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Today is a full moon day and is also called Raksha Bandhan. What we call these days as the friendship band, people tie friendship bands, this is a new trend, but this is actually an old version changed into a new thing. Tying this Raksha Bandhan has been there for ages. Today the sisters tie to the brothers what is called as Rakhi on their hand saying,' I will protect you and you protect me'. The last full moon was Guru Poornima and this full moon is Raksha Bandhan. Like that every full moon is dedicated to some celebration. Main thing is you should celebrate life. That is important and in India there are so many celebrations. You finish one, you have to prepare for the other. And see these are the rainy days. In ancient time, people didn't have much to do at home. In rainy days there is no harvest, nothing. When rain comes you are just sitting at home. Celebrate, make different types of food and sing and greet each other, wish each other good. It is a wonderful wonderful practice.

Q: I do not understand Hinduism, so I cannot appreciate the rituals. Can I still grow in AoL?
Sri Sri: Definitely. You just sit with your eyes closed when there will be pooja or vedic chanting and feel the vibrations.
Actually, Hinduism is not a religion it is just a way of life. Yoga is a part of it. Pranayama is part of it. Yoga, pranayam, meditation are just a way to enhance life energy. Rituals are those which are associated with birth, marriage, and cremation. But the spiritual practices are to enhance the life energy, to increase prana. enliven the consciousness. Its vital and important. We should become spiritual and grow spiritually. It is important to honor all religions, honor everyone. Take good practices from anywhere into our life.

Q: If universe is a play and display then why should we not have fun instead of doing spiritual practices?
Sri Sri: This is fun.
When you follow fun, misery follows you. When you follow knowledge, fun follows you.

Q: Even though I observe my breath, my mind chatters.
Sri Sri: Take ujjayi breath and relax more.

Q: In the past people have done seva but the world has not changed. Why should I do seva?
Sri Sri: Doing seva means doing something without expecting anything in return. Don't think you are changing the world by doing seva. You can't help but do seva.

Q: How to balance personal and professional life?
Sri Sri: Do you know how to balance a bicycle? Exactly. Don't neglect either.

Before your basic course what was your state of mind. There is a shift. Change is happening on the world constantly. Being a catalyst for change brings you joy.

Q: How to tackle a person with double standards?
Sri Sri: With compassion. Double standard is because they don't know the wealth they are carrying within themselves. Each one is the love, joy and treasure that you are seeking. You don't realize the great power you have within. By having double standards they are harming themselves.

Sri Sri: If your commitment is going to bring sorrow to many then it is better to drop that commitment. Weigh the pros and cons and then follow it up.
If some one is single and changes his mind to get married, its fine. Such change in commitment is not going to harm anyone. So he/she can go ahead.
Another person says I am in a marriage and I have 2 kids. It is a old commitment, I want to get out of it. You have 2 children, you have a commitment. Now, There is no way that you can simply just get out of such commitment. Many people after having 2 kids wish they were single :)

Q: Is the world suffering because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit?
Sri Sri: You know suffering is because we don't honor our wisdom. Suffering in the world is because of lack of wisdom. Don't put this intention in your mind that life is all suffering. What you sow so shall you reap.
Life is joy, life is bliss and life is Celebration. Its not suffering. Some people have put the idea that you have to suffer to get realization.That is not the reality.
There was one Jesus, but today there are 72 sects. Everyone is they are right and are carrying the right message of Jesus. If God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, then how can satan be there? If Satan is not powerful then why God gets angry? Theologians couldn't find answer for this. They struggled for years to find answer for this. But one can find these answers in Vedanta.

Q: Please tell us a way to achieve Moksha.
Sri Sri: That is what we have been discussing.

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