Excerpts of 20th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Bodily Pain brings us back to the body. Its when the body aches (like head ache) that the awareness comes back to the physical body. One needn't have to undergo ache to feel the body. When we sit for meditation, we will bring our attention back to body first. Then it goes to the level of thoughts and so on. So the pain is that which brings back the attention of wandering mind to the level of physical body. Thatswhy when we are not at comfort, we dont feel like enjoying any outwardly attraction. This attention that comes to the level of body should move deeper and deeper to our subtle existence.
So when you are acting know and feel nothing is right and when you have to go within, know that everything is alright, Divinity will take care of everything. I can't do everything as I'm going to be on this planet for just few years. So this way if you learn to go within yourself and relax then you will be able to work dynamically in the world. Its like how the well rested/slept person feels active and energetic to work next day. A fool does the other way, He thinks that nothing is alright when he closes the eyes and when he has to work in the world, thinks that everything is allright, What is that I can do? All these problems are there since ages and would continue. Dont have this kind of attitude, never think when you are acting that you can not do anything and the things are as they are. You might have seen people saying is what little I'm gonna donate will uplift all poor around the globe? Is what little seva I do is really gonna help everyone out there?? This is not right approach.

Q: I find it difficult to say no to people without hurting. How do I say no?
Sri Sri: When you were a child, you didn't want to go to school. If your parents didn't say no to you, where would you have landed up?
If your saying no is beneficial for that person, then you may. If your saying no is hurting others for no reason that is a different question. You should use your brain there.

Q: Is there a karmic role of having children?
Sri Sri: You have knowledge and share that knowledge with the children. Make them good citizens. Make them become useful for the world without becoming selfish.

Q: People say that I'm not Agressive. What do I do?
Sri Sri: When becoming aggressive for a while moves the things better in good direction. You may become aggressive for a short while. When you have meditated, you don't need to show aggression. Things will happen without need of aggression for the one who meditates. Also people have and give their opinions. One says that you have to aggressive and other says something else. Don go with what others say, See what you really want for yourself, how you want to be.

Q: I think about you all through the day. Is this a defect in me?
Sri Sri: It is not possible to think all through the day. Thoughts come and go. Treat them as any other thought. You can't do anything much about it. We are all united at a very subtle level beyond the thoughts.

Q: Is soul and god two different things?
Sri Sri: Is the wave and ocean two different things? When you think 'me' that is soul. When even that goes, then God remains.
Air is there everywhere. You all know that without air, you can not live. But during summer and in some stressed situations, you feel as though you are suffocating and there is no air at all. On the other hand you feel the air when you sit near the fan. Similarly in sadhana and satsang you can experience and feel the Divine (That is called Sanidhya) though divine is always with you. Divinity is always with us. Nothing is or can be away from divinity.

Q: How to control the flickering nature of mind?
Sri Sri: Through constant and regular practice. Vairagya (Dispassion) comes from experience.
When you were a kid, you would see candy floss, and would feel that the aim of life is to just eat that. But as you grew up, the candy floss didn't matter any more. Though they be lying next to you, they dont make any sense to you. As a youth, you were attracted by other youth/beautiful faces. After some years, you say ok they are all faces. Like this experience brings dispassion. But the dispassion that comes with such worldly experience takes time to set in. Its like a bullock cart, takes long time to set. With knowledge, satsang, and good intellect you can progress on the path to vairagya (dispassion) at express speed. Vairagya gives you all kinds of happiness on its own. Vairagya and practice with this the mind becomes still.

Q: How to gain Self control?
Sri Sri: Self control is achieved by self determination, fear, or greed.
For example, by fear - if someone tells you if you smoke, your lungs will collapse. By love - if you promise someone you love that I will not drink, they you can come out of it. And greed, like if you are promised that you will be given some money for stopping a bad habit, you will, wont you??

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