Excerpts of 14th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Sri Sri: Everyone should chant "Satyam Param Dhimahi". It means let the truth dawn in me.

Q: Is Art of Living supporting Anna Hazare?

Sri Sri: Yes.

Q: To be a successful business man what principles should one follow?

Sri Sri: First is confidence, I can do it.

Second is ethics: do not move from ethic. Otherwise you will find a rise but you will fall fast too. First is faith that it will prevail.

Q: When I start meditating, I cannot sit for even 30s without thoughts.

Sri Sri: Have you done Sudarshan Kriya? No? Then, do it Sudarshan Krya takes you deep within meditation.

Q: I don't have a girlfriend and I don't want one too. Is something wrong with me?

Sri Sri: Why do you have so much doubt? When I was in college everyone was supposed to smoke. In flights, it was a norm that people would spoke.

Why do you have such concepts? Now, things have changed. The norms in society are different at different places. See what supports dharma.

Q: I don't feel like going back to my home, I want to be here only.

Sri Sri: Handle both.

Everytime I wanted to do the course, I always found your support. Thankyou.

Q: I want to learn how to make friends and sustain them.

Sri Sri: you are at the right place.

Q: In Shiva temple, people clap their hands. My son wants to know why do we do that?

Sri Sri: That is done to wake up the person in Dhyaan. There is world outside, come and see that too.

Q: Is it my fate that I got you as a Guru or is it your fate that you got me as a devotee?

Sri Sri: We found each other now.

Q: Will you disconnect us if we miss Sudarshan Kriya?

Sri Sri: We are all connected. The whole world is connected.

Q: What is the best way to overcome any kind of fear? My mother is afraid of flying.

Sri Sri: There is nothing to fear. Just say Jai Gurudev and sit.

Q: You say that the world is a play of God. Don't you think that God is playing a very dangerous game?

Sri Sri: You are talking like a village who would throw tomatoes on the screen if the hero would loose a battle. There are three views: actor (player), director, and spectator. If you see from the point of view of the director you will find it very different.

Q: I work in the Agriculture dept. I am not able to work with compassion.

Sri Sri: You show compassion to those who are sad not to those who are in ego.

Q: Sometimes I feel connection and sometimes I feel link failure.

Sri Sri: Charge your batteries.

Q: How to develop enthusiasm in a profession where you have been put by default?

Sri Sri: Use every situation as a step for progress.

Q: why didn't you start Sudarshan Kriya 50 years back, so many people would have benefitted by now.

Sri Sri: Oh ho.

Q: What is your advice for including openness in Sufism?

Sri Sri: Openness is the way forward.

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