Excerpts 28th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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When you do good work, whatever you get, its of everyone. That too we were involved very much actively in India against corruption moment. So certainly we celebrate the victory. We are the one who took him to Delhi. Then he sat in jantar Mantar. Infact he was bit hesitant to start the moment from Delhi as he is from Maharastra and didn't know many from that part of the country. Then Art of Living conducted series of courses in Jantar Mantar region and full awareness came. In fact As you must have seen, Annaji thanked the Art of Living as soon as he finished the fast. Some of those who were singing are also our teachers and volunteers.

You know we should use yukti (Intelligence). In Mahabharatha, also you can see the same. In the beginning Lord Krishna told he will not take any weapons. Then when Bheeshma didn't listen, he took the weapon as he doesn't want Arjuna to get defeated in war. So to make Arjuna win, he broke his promise. Hence I told to Annaji, its OK you can break the fast as it is going to be a strategy to deal further things.

Resolution has gone to standing committee. Its possible even now to break it. Thats why Annaji was telling that we have got just 50% Victory til now. Its a struggle, you should end fast but continue to fight. Because they have cheated lot of times, our people also have lost the faith.
In between they told that local water Tank area was forcibly taken by us. In fact the area has been there since 9 yrs with the organisation and it wasn't tank but a devotee's land. Now we have meditation center. People do all sort of tricks to trouble us. They want to bring down spiritual institutions. They dont know that they can't :)
When person changes, society changes. Art of living has to reach to every corner. We have to take to schools and colleges. Even while protesting, people were not coming from the spiritual depth. Its very important to be spiritual and has good conduct. Sadhachar (good conduct) can remove Corruption, not the bad conduct (Dhurachar/athyachar etc..). Since they can't control their emotions, one who is not spiritual will just be there for the protesting. Just wear some hat, drink and protest, doesn't work.
Q: How come Annaji can stay without food for such long period, is it Yoga power?
Sri Sri: yes, Sacrifice (A feeling of wanting nothing for oneself), dispassion all will give that strength.

Q: My 18-year-old son used to give me a lot of trouble. After YES+ course there is a lot of transformation in him. I was impressed by him and Now I am hooked on to you, thanks for transforming my son. There must be a lot of mothers out there suffering like me. Why can't Art of Living reach out to schools?
Sri Sri: Mothers like you can contribute. If mothers like you can join and speak to schools and colleges. Take out time and do this. Anyways we are also doing. We have our own limitation and we can not go on telling about our own courses too much, it doesn't look so nice. However, we have done here in Karnataka. 22000 students in 2nd year engineering college students were transformed by YES+. This should be done for all levels and for all kind of education systems and you all should make the government agree for it.

Q: During Sudarshan Kriya the suppressed emotions come out.
Sri Sri: How are you feeling today? Supplement kriya. Do yoga, bit of walking and do some exercice.

A young teenager requests parents to let their children do seva along with studies as after doing the course and seva regularly his studies started going well and he could secure 1st rank.

Q: All the scriptures say the same thing. then why do we have so many scriptures?
Sri Sri: Why should there not be?

Q: In Mahabharata, Krishna says that come to me and I will take away your sins. Even though Bhishma pittamah was with Krishna, he had to suffer of his sins. Why?
Sri Sri: Lord krishna has told that he would free one from Sins provided he drops all the dharma he is holding onto and surrenders onto him. So there is a condition :)
Bheeshm Pittamah held on to his Dharma. He didn't give that up.

Q: What is the practical way to eradicate corruption?
Sri Sri: There are 3 formulas:
1. Everyone take pledge that "I will not take bribe”
2. Youth like you go and put stickers on the government officers desk 'I do not take bribes.'
3. A strong lokpal bill
Electoral reforms is also a must.

Q: What is the effect of Tantra on us?
Sri Sri: When you are on this path and you have a mantra then no tantra can harm you.

Experience sharing: I had a auto immune disorder called as systemic Lupus erythematosis. and the doctors said that I have to be only on steroids and be depended as well. I have been doing Sudarshan Kriya and doing seva, sadhana, satsang as Guruji said. Since the last 1 year I haven't taken a single steroid.

Sri Sri: All over the world so many countries are appreciating Art of Living. People sitting in Air Conditioned room and criticising AOL. They write whatever they want to write, They dont realise how its helping. All over the world people are appreciating the efforts of AOL.

Recently one of our teacher was in Pakistan. She was in 3 television shows in Pakistan and people were calling said this knowledge is what we need. Just imagine if whole pakistan does the course, what is gonna happen. There wont be any terrorism :) Not whole, even if 10% does, it has an impact.

Q: People write negatively about Art of Living, but the real essence of Art of Living is not coming out. I did not believe you before. But I saw the transformation in my son, so I am here. Why dont you give back the answers to those who write negative on you?
Sri Sri: Good. We need good writers. You may take up writing. What you need is effective writing. There are so many things which are not written. Some of the people who write negatively. I tell them go on. Write what you want to. I tell you, Nothing can stop this flow. We should welcome critics. Criticism is good, Cynicism is bad.

Q: Educational reforms in Pakistan.
Sri Sri: We are educating people at all levels.

Experience sharing: My father had diabetes, but with Ojasvita it went away.

Q: How to consciously surrender?
Sri Sri: Know that Surrender is there. Don't try to erase your ego. keep it in your pocket or hand bag.

Q: Some people think that Surya Namaskaar means change of religion.
Sri Sri: Show them videos of nuns/people from abroad(worldwide) doing Surya Namaskaar, take a teacher from abroad with you.

Q: If we get politicians to do the course, it would solve the corruption issue, how can we?
Sri Sri: There is a separate department for taking courses to Government workers and all. So if you can get the Politicians join it, you are most welcome, we are always there to teach the techniques.

Sri Sri releases an audio CD: I belong to you.
This has songs sung by Sahil Jagtiani.

Sri Sri: This year Art of Living celebrates 30 years. Art of Living started in Shimoga. On September 17th there is a satsang in Shimoga, Karnataka. India. On 16th night there is a train from Bangalore to Shimoga. The special train will return the next night.