Excerpts 27th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Q: The fight against corruption feels like modern Mahabharata. Anna and his team were like Pandavas and corrupt politicians as Kauravas, You once again played the role of Krishna, Will truth win?
Sri Sri: Anna ji will break his fast tomorrow at 10 AM. Everyone wanted agreement on 3 points. They have agreed now. This would have happened a long time ago. But our people were also stuck that Government representatives should come to Ramlila grounds with the arguement that When they want vote, they come, why can't they come now?? Then till 6 days no one came. Then, some said we will not got to NDA, Congress, Left. In this itself we lost 2 days. I said we need to meet everyone.
There is so much bad mouthing for certain people then we are asking for appointment with the same people.
Communication gap is the cause for all this. If everyone's ego including political parties had melted a little then it would have become faster.
This has all happened due to Sankalpa – intention. That is the strength of sankalpa. Then you can say why did I go there, I could have taken just Sankalpa from here itself. It is important to do Karma, but belief in Sankalpa is also important.
Yesterday, I said that it has been 12 days, and the fast shouldn't continue anymore and today I said the fast should finish by today. That has come true now.
(PS: Find below the link of video Where Guruji (Sri Sri) has shared well before the official announcements with confidence that the fast would end and the things would resolve soon. A must watch.. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxEBh5j5Izs )

Q: As per the law of attraction, whatever you resist, persists. The word Anti corruption will create more corruption. Can you suggest another word?
Sri Sri: Divine Society. See the law is like treatment. Treatment comes into picture, when the disease is already there. We have to see that disease itself doesn't come and its the divine society that helps for it. We have the DSN which stands for Divya Samaj Nirman (Creating divine society)
Wherever belongingness is less, corruption will increase.

Q: Why is common sense so less in out politicians?
Sri Sri: So that you can teach them.

Q: People pray when there is pain or power. Why is it so?
Sri Sri: There are 4 types of people who pray:
1. One who has deep quest, wants to know more about life
2. One who is liberated prays for the well being for the whole World
3. Those who are in pain
4. Those who want to acquire wealth.

Q: My parents are divorcing 38yrs of age? Which side shall I take??
Sri Sri: Listen to both of them and don't comment. You say your understanding is wrong. You tell your father, that your mother lover him very much. When there is love, there is fight also and difference of opinion also.

Q: I feel that this government is working on 3 Cs: corrupt, confuse, ...When did they start fooling us like this?
Sri Sri: Why are you getting into the system? Why you want to go to the past and know when it all started etc..We know that they are working on three C. Identify good people. When the time comes to vote, use your power.

Q: What is the stand of Art of Living about entering politics?
Sri Sri: As per as politics is concerned, Art of Living stand is none. We are working in many countries, so we cannot enter politics. But at the same time we will support the right candidates. I was told that there are 170 criminals in the parliament and the rest are corrupt. Of course not all are corrupt. Few are honest also. If Some of the Art of Living people wants to join politics, you may.

Q: PM and Government were not so active in moving this bill. What happened this evening?
Sri Sri: If this bill gets passed, many people will go to jail. Because of that fear, people don't want to pass this bill. Now its passed but The way is long.
The Lokpal bill that they suggested was weird: the person who complained about the corrupt will go to jail for 2 years, but the corrupt person will go to jail for only 6 months.

Q: Now a days children are born corrupted :) They blackmail/disturb the parents emotinally. Work like Lokayukta and get us some happiness
Sri Sri: We can give only happiness. We are here to just give happiness. Those who are interested, takes it. Rest runs away.

Q: If 10 people who are all corrupt stand in election then whom do we vote for?
Sri Sri: We need a change in the electoral system as well. If someone wins by just 11%. It means that the rest of the people were against him.

Q: Many a times we see people doing wrong, but we cannot do anything.
Sri Sri: You saw what happened now. Everyone work together. Working in group we can achieve lot of things.

Q: What is My role w.r.t you. I dont want to do anything else other than this?
Sri Sri: See what you can do. Always, You can do something more than this. First Make your own list.

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