Our govt doesn't work without pressure: Sri Sri

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Our Govt. doesn't work without pressure: Sri Sri

The Jan Lokpal Bill is only a first aid kit. It can instill some fear in people. To eradicate corruption completely, we need a spiritual awakening in the society, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has said.

Talking to rediff.com, Sri Sri said: "Patriotism, love and a sense of belongingness can help rid the society of corruption."

Denying that people had taken over the Parliament, the spiritual leader said: "By listening to people's demands, the power of Parliament does not get overridden. Parliament is there to hear the voice of the people. Unfortunately, nothing in our government works without pressure." 

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All of you those who couldn't watch Yesterday's satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India), watch the same over the link below

Jai guru dev :)

Sri Sri Ravishankar launches Pt. Rupak Kulkarni album on Worldwide Records

MUMBAI: Spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravishankar launched an album 'Chakraview', composed by flute virtuoso Pt. Rupak Kulkarni on Worldwide Records. Worldwide Records MD Ratnakar Kumar said, "Chakraview is a unique concept. The compositions and breathtaking flute renditions by Rupakji are rejuvenating."

The album is based on the concept of 'Chakra' theory, which has references from old Sanatan Hindu scriptures and experience of various yogis with the touch of modern techniques. Read more

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Excerpts 30th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Q: What is the secret of Karma?

Sri Sri: What you sow, so you reap.

Sattvic mind is one that sees the one indestructible that is the same in all. Rajasic mind is the one that sees everyone as different. Seeing everyone as different you feel what shall i tell for him, what shall I do with him. So in Rajasic, you feel everyone as completely different person. In meditation, if you have craving or aversion towards anyone, then you see it as God's representation. See everything as God's own reflection. Feel that its the same God which is there in me that is getting presented over in everyone. That is what is there in the Bhagvad gita

sarva-bhutesu yenaikam

bhavam avyayam iksate

avibhaktam vibhaktesu

taj jnanam viddhi sattvikam

Avibhakt meaning something that is not broken. Vibhaktesu meaning different bodies but mind in all is same. There is one air but feels as different. Keep 10 bowls, space within all appears different but in fact its the same space. Seeing one in all these different appearance is the sattvic intellect.

You can't stay in such intellect always. Like when you are travelling in bus, you can't think the other person wallet as yours and take money from him/her saying that we are all one, why do you think its yours, everything is one :) So you can't have the feeling has everything is mine in business but only in Meditation

prthaktvena tu yaj jnanam

nana-bhavan prthag-vidhan

vetti sarvesu bhutesu

taj jnanam viddhi rajasam

prthak means seeing everyone different. He is good the other is bad, he has this quality, the other has that quality. Like this seeing things as different broken parts not connected, is Rajasic intellect or Rajasic knowledge. Lets see what tamasic also.

yat tu krtsna-vad ekasmin

karye saktam ahaitukam

atattvartha-vad alpam ca

tat tamasam udahrtam

Tamasic knowledge is one in which one is stuck with a thought in one's head and not willing to listen to anyone else. Whatever thought comes to mind, getting stuck to it and trying to proove that as right is Tamasic intellect. Small mind, small vision.

For example, if a thought comes in the head that this person is wrong, then they are stuck with that.

Even if there is something that counters that belief, rejecting that and sticking to the original thought is Tamasic knowledge. There are so many persons whom you also might have seen. These will have some preconceived idea in mind and are stuck with it. They are not ready to listen or learn even if they come across 100 proofs that shows that the preconceived thought is wrong.

Mullah Nassurudin story:

One day Mullah starts believing that he is dead. His wife takes him to the doctor and Mullah says to the doctor who comes to put injection that how come blood can come in a dead body, why are you putting unnecessarily needle to my body. Doctor was happy, he called Mullah's wife and told, I have got the way by which we can tream Mullah, give me money first, i will treat him for sure.

The doctor comes back to Mullah, puts a injection and shows him blood to proove that he is alive since blood came from his body. Mullah sees the blood and says, I have learnt something new today. There is blood in a corpse too :)

This is Tamasic knowledge, having some preconceived idea and trying to proove the same. Not having an open mind.

Sattvic knowledge is important, you can attain Divine. Rajasic knowledge to some extent is required for running the life. Tamasic knowledge causes disturbances, misery and sorrow in life.

Q: In the dreams that we see, at times we see ourself in it, could you let me know who is seeing?

Sri Sri: This is what you need to find out. You can't get it by listening to answer from anyone. Ask yourself: Who am I?

Q: negative emotions comes on Their own. Positive emotions require effort, but negative emotions come up automatically inspite the positive emotions?

Sri Sri: Negative emotions come and go. When energy/Prana levels are low, when what you expected doesn't turn up, then negative emotions come up. When you are happy, you don't feel like doing anything wrong. This is the effect of prana, energy levels.

Q: What is the role of God when there is Karma?

Sri Sri: The law is God. The law by which everything is happening is God.

Q: How to increase Sattvic knowledge in life?

Sri Sri: By meditating and doing what we are doing now. How does happiness come? when you are peaceful. Pleasantitude comes when we are peaceful. Cross all the 3 Gunas and you will become peaceful and sattva increases. In meditation, you go beyond all he three gunas. Leave tamasic, rajasic, and sattvic.

In sleep there is tamo gun, in work there is rajas. When you go beyond these three then sattvicta improves. To get rid of Tamas, increase Rajo gun (like you can increase anger in someone who has lot of tamas to bring back some activity). Rajo gun reduces when Sattvic gun increases. Then leave sattva also.

Q: At the time of death does someone come to take the soul? When my father died, he was telling wait, wait I'm coming. When we chanted Om namah shivaya in his ears, he was smiling like child.

Sri Sri: If you do good karma, the devtas (gods) take the soul with respect.

If you do bad karma, then the soul is dragged away like how we drag a dog with us.

When you are associated with a knowledgable person, then you get respect.

For example, a Chief Guest is welcomed well while an uninvited guest is to made to feel welcome. The same rules applies in the subtle world as well.

Q: You were telling that tantra is some simple technique, but we have seen many people doing many kind of things, even idols eating food, how do we understand it.

Sri Sri: Tantra is of many types. Like there is Vama tantra. Where there is bhakti, people chant and meditate then energies that are bad will not affect you. Sometimes divine energy appears in the World to wake people up, its a matter of subtle world. Of course there are some people who does all these, but they will not be happy and later suffers a lot.

There are some people who use tantras and will tell your past accurately (this indeed surprises you) but cannot tell you about your future. I guess some of you must have experienced this. There are many such things, I would tell with such people, don't get involved.

15 to 20 years ago, in Delhi I went to meet a person. He would take a blank sheet of paper and tell people to blow on it and then he would put it in water, the thought in the person's mind would appear on that paper. He told me to do the same. When I did so, nothing came on the paper, he did twice, but nothing turned out. He got tensed and started falling on my feet and asking sorry and all. That person was using some small siddhi. I told him Don't fool people with all this. Use it to help people, to get them into satsang, sadhana and seva. We can't say such things as good or bad. You also dont get trapped in it and think that its also one form of divine and Don't say bad things about it.

Where there is something good, take that and move on.

Excerpts 28th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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When you do good work, whatever you get, its of everyone. That too we were involved very much actively in India against corruption moment. So certainly we celebrate the victory. We are the one who took him to Delhi. Then he sat in jantar Mantar. Infact he was bit hesitant to start the moment from Delhi as he is from Maharastra and didn't know many from that part of the country. Then Art of Living conducted series of courses in Jantar Mantar region and full awareness came. In fact As you must have seen, Annaji thanked the Art of Living as soon as he finished the fast. Some of those who were singing are also our teachers and volunteers.

You know we should use yukti (Intelligence). In Mahabharatha, also you can see the same. In the beginning Lord Krishna told he will not take any weapons. Then when Bheeshma didn't listen, he took the weapon as he doesn't want Arjuna to get defeated in war. So to make Arjuna win, he broke his promise. Hence I told to Annaji, its OK you can break the fast as it is going to be a strategy to deal further things.

Resolution has gone to standing committee. Its possible even now to break it. Thats why Annaji was telling that we have got just 50% Victory til now. Its a struggle, you should end fast but continue to fight. Because they have cheated lot of times, our people also have lost the faith.
In between they told that local water Tank area was forcibly taken by us. In fact the area has been there since 9 yrs with the organisation and it wasn't tank but a devotee's land. Now we have meditation center. People do all sort of tricks to trouble us. They want to bring down spiritual institutions. They dont know that they can't :)
When person changes, society changes. Art of living has to reach to every corner. We have to take to schools and colleges. Even while protesting, people were not coming from the spiritual depth. Its very important to be spiritual and has good conduct. Sadhachar (good conduct) can remove Corruption, not the bad conduct (Dhurachar/athyachar etc..). Since they can't control their emotions, one who is not spiritual will just be there for the protesting. Just wear some hat, drink and protest, doesn't work.
Q: How come Annaji can stay without food for such long period, is it Yoga power?
Sri Sri: yes, Sacrifice (A feeling of wanting nothing for oneself), dispassion all will give that strength.

Q: My 18-year-old son used to give me a lot of trouble. After YES+ course there is a lot of transformation in him. I was impressed by him and Now I am hooked on to you, thanks for transforming my son. There must be a lot of mothers out there suffering like me. Why can't Art of Living reach out to schools?
Sri Sri: Mothers like you can contribute. If mothers like you can join and speak to schools and colleges. Take out time and do this. Anyways we are also doing. We have our own limitation and we can not go on telling about our own courses too much, it doesn't look so nice. However, we have done here in Karnataka. 22000 students in 2nd year engineering college students were transformed by YES+. This should be done for all levels and for all kind of education systems and you all should make the government agree for it.

Q: During Sudarshan Kriya the suppressed emotions come out.
Sri Sri: How are you feeling today? Supplement kriya. Do yoga, bit of walking and do some exercice.

A young teenager requests parents to let their children do seva along with studies as after doing the course and seva regularly his studies started going well and he could secure 1st rank.

Q: All the scriptures say the same thing. then why do we have so many scriptures?
Sri Sri: Why should there not be?

Q: In Mahabharata, Krishna says that come to me and I will take away your sins. Even though Bhishma pittamah was with Krishna, he had to suffer of his sins. Why?
Sri Sri: Lord krishna has told that he would free one from Sins provided he drops all the dharma he is holding onto and surrenders onto him. So there is a condition :)
Bheeshm Pittamah held on to his Dharma. He didn't give that up.

Q: What is the practical way to eradicate corruption?
Sri Sri: There are 3 formulas:
1. Everyone take pledge that "I will not take bribe”
2. Youth like you go and put stickers on the government officers desk 'I do not take bribes.'
3. A strong lokpal bill
Electoral reforms is also a must.

Q: What is the effect of Tantra on us?
Sri Sri: When you are on this path and you have a mantra then no tantra can harm you.

Experience sharing: I had a auto immune disorder called as systemic Lupus erythematosis. and the doctors said that I have to be only on steroids and be depended as well. I have been doing Sudarshan Kriya and doing seva, sadhana, satsang as Guruji said. Since the last 1 year I haven't taken a single steroid.

Sri Sri: All over the world so many countries are appreciating Art of Living. People sitting in Air Conditioned room and criticising AOL. They write whatever they want to write, They dont realise how its helping. All over the world people are appreciating the efforts of AOL.

Recently one of our teacher was in Pakistan. She was in 3 television shows in Pakistan and people were calling said this knowledge is what we need. Just imagine if whole pakistan does the course, what is gonna happen. There wont be any terrorism :) Not whole, even if 10% does, it has an impact.

Q: People write negatively about Art of Living, but the real essence of Art of Living is not coming out. I did not believe you before. But I saw the transformation in my son, so I am here. Why dont you give back the answers to those who write negative on you?
Sri Sri: Good. We need good writers. You may take up writing. What you need is effective writing. There are so many things which are not written. Some of the people who write negatively. I tell them go on. Write what you want to. I tell you, Nothing can stop this flow. We should welcome critics. Criticism is good, Cynicism is bad.

Q: Educational reforms in Pakistan.
Sri Sri: We are educating people at all levels.

Experience sharing: My father had diabetes, but with Ojasvita it went away.

Q: How to consciously surrender?
Sri Sri: Know that Surrender is there. Don't try to erase your ego. keep it in your pocket or hand bag.

Q: Some people think that Surya Namaskaar means change of religion.
Sri Sri: Show them videos of nuns/people from abroad(worldwide) doing Surya Namaskaar, take a teacher from abroad with you.

Q: If we get politicians to do the course, it would solve the corruption issue, how can we?
Sri Sri: There is a separate department for taking courses to Government workers and all. So if you can get the Politicians join it, you are most welcome, we are always there to teach the techniques.

Sri Sri releases an audio CD: I belong to you.
This has songs sung by Sahil Jagtiani.

Sri Sri: This year Art of Living celebrates 30 years. Art of Living started in Shimoga. On September 17th there is a satsang in Shimoga, Karnataka. India. On 16th night there is a train from Bangalore to Shimoga. The special train will return the next night.

Excerpts 27th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Q: The fight against corruption feels like modern Mahabharata. Anna and his team were like Pandavas and corrupt politicians as Kauravas, You once again played the role of Krishna, Will truth win?
Sri Sri: Anna ji will break his fast tomorrow at 10 AM. Everyone wanted agreement on 3 points. They have agreed now. This would have happened a long time ago. But our people were also stuck that Government representatives should come to Ramlila grounds with the arguement that When they want vote, they come, why can't they come now?? Then till 6 days no one came. Then, some said we will not got to NDA, Congress, Left. In this itself we lost 2 days. I said we need to meet everyone.
There is so much bad mouthing for certain people then we are asking for appointment with the same people.
Communication gap is the cause for all this. If everyone's ego including political parties had melted a little then it would have become faster.
This has all happened due to Sankalpa – intention. That is the strength of sankalpa. Then you can say why did I go there, I could have taken just Sankalpa from here itself. It is important to do Karma, but belief in Sankalpa is also important.
Yesterday, I said that it has been 12 days, and the fast shouldn't continue anymore and today I said the fast should finish by today. That has come true now.
(PS: Find below the link of video Where Guruji (Sri Sri) has shared well before the official announcements with confidence that the fast would end and the things would resolve soon. A must watch.. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxEBh5j5Izs )

Q: As per the law of attraction, whatever you resist, persists. The word Anti corruption will create more corruption. Can you suggest another word?
Sri Sri: Divine Society. See the law is like treatment. Treatment comes into picture, when the disease is already there. We have to see that disease itself doesn't come and its the divine society that helps for it. We have the DSN which stands for Divya Samaj Nirman (Creating divine society)
Wherever belongingness is less, corruption will increase.

Q: Why is common sense so less in out politicians?
Sri Sri: So that you can teach them.

Q: People pray when there is pain or power. Why is it so?
Sri Sri: There are 4 types of people who pray:
1. One who has deep quest, wants to know more about life
2. One who is liberated prays for the well being for the whole World
3. Those who are in pain
4. Those who want to acquire wealth.

Q: My parents are divorcing 38yrs of age? Which side shall I take??
Sri Sri: Listen to both of them and don't comment. You say your understanding is wrong. You tell your father, that your mother lover him very much. When there is love, there is fight also and difference of opinion also.

Q: I feel that this government is working on 3 Cs: corrupt, confuse, ...When did they start fooling us like this?
Sri Sri: Why are you getting into the system? Why you want to go to the past and know when it all started etc..We know that they are working on three C. Identify good people. When the time comes to vote, use your power.

Q: What is the stand of Art of Living about entering politics?
Sri Sri: As per as politics is concerned, Art of Living stand is none. We are working in many countries, so we cannot enter politics. But at the same time we will support the right candidates. I was told that there are 170 criminals in the parliament and the rest are corrupt. Of course not all are corrupt. Few are honest also. If Some of the Art of Living people wants to join politics, you may.

Q: PM and Government were not so active in moving this bill. What happened this evening?
Sri Sri: If this bill gets passed, many people will go to jail. Because of that fear, people don't want to pass this bill. Now its passed but The way is long.
The Lokpal bill that they suggested was weird: the person who complained about the corrupt will go to jail for 2 years, but the corrupt person will go to jail for only 6 months.

Q: Now a days children are born corrupted :) They blackmail/disturb the parents emotinally. Work like Lokayukta and get us some happiness
Sri Sri: We can give only happiness. We are here to just give happiness. Those who are interested, takes it. Rest runs away.

Q: If 10 people who are all corrupt stand in election then whom do we vote for?
Sri Sri: We need a change in the electoral system as well. If someone wins by just 11%. It means that the rest of the people were against him.

Q: Many a times we see people doing wrong, but we cannot do anything.
Sri Sri: You saw what happened now. Everyone work together. Working in group we can achieve lot of things.

Q: What is My role w.r.t you. I dont want to do anything else other than this?
Sri Sri: See what you can do. Always, You can do something more than this. First Make your own list.

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Take action on Anna’s three demands: Sri Sri

Bangalore: Spritual guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar on Friday called for an immediate action from the government on the three conditions which Gandhian Anna Hazare has put before them. 

Right after Rahul Gandhi's speech on the Lokpal issue, Sr Sri revealed that former Election Commissioner, TN Seshan had sent him a proposal on the same lines two days ago that general secretary of the Congress party had outlined in Parliament today. 

He was of the view that independent body may be "good" but it "may not work right now". While accepting that the idea in itself was fine Sri Sri added, "it is a long process and requires an amendment in the Constitution".

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says compromise likely soon

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"Fight against injustice, without anger or violence. Fight with a calm & serene mind. Values of ahimsa & truth transcend time & work, everywhere."

Sri Sri tells NDTV he's worried about Anna's health but that he believes both sides have shown flexibility and a compromise is likely soon. He's also asked whether he's ever been confronted with a demand for a bribe.

I did play the mediator's role: Ravi Shankar

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New Delhi, Aug 23 (IANS) Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said Tuesday night that he played the role of a mediator to break the deadlock between Team Anna and the government.

'I spoke to this side and then that side, I kept doing this,' Ravi Shankar told IANS. 'The deadlock needed to be broken, and I did what I could.'

Asked how many hours of mediatory efforts he was involved in, he smiled and said: 'Ah that, don't even ask me!'

Read more...............

Source: http://news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5386987

Janamashtami : What Sri Sri said today

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Janamashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. Ashtami is significant as it indicates a perfect balance between the seen and the unseen aspects of reality; the visible material world and the invisible spiritual realm.

Krishna's birth on Ashtami signifies his mastery of both the spiritual and material worlds. He is a great teacher and a spiritual inspiration as well as the consummate politician. On one hand, he is Yogeshwara (the Lord of Yogas — the state to which every yogi aspires) while on the other, he is a mischievous thief.

The unique quality of Krishna is that he is at once more pious than the saints and yet a thorough mischief-monger! His behaviour is a perfect balance of the extremes — perhaps this is why the personality of Krishna is so difficult to fathom. The avdhoot is oblivious to the world outside and a materialistic person, a politician or a king is oblivious to the spiritual world. But Krishna is both Dwarkadheesh and Yogeshwar.

Krishna's teachings are most relevant to our times in the sense that they neither let you get lost in material pursuits nor make you completely withdrawn. They rekindle your life, from being a burnt-out and stressed personality to a more centred and dynamic one. Krishna teaches us devotion with skill. To celebrate Gokulashtami is to imbibe extremely opposite yet compatible qualities and manifest them in your own life.

Hence the most authentic way of celebrating Janamashtami is knowing that you have to play a dual role — of being a responsible human being on the planet and at the same time to realize that you are above all events, the untouched Brahman. Imbibing a bit of avadhoot and a bit of activism in your life is the real significance of celebrating Janamashtami.

Source: http://www.artofliving.org/what-sri-sri-said-today.

Sri Sri at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi

"From every corner of the country everybody says in unison that we are with this movement. We want laws that bring a situation where there is no corruption and ethics are there. Victory in this battle is certain! The people of this country have awoken without a single incident of violence. I congratulate the people of this country! I feel proud to say today that "Mera Bhaarat Mahaan" and I congratulate this team who has worked with such faith and dedication ~ Sri Sri


Youth Leadership Training Program orientation in India

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The Art of Living Ashram was lit with candles of hope against corruption by around 5500 youth leaders from towns and villages across the country. 
This is a Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) orientation in the presence of Sri Sri.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar led a meditation "Satyam Param Dhimahi" (Let Truth, Divinity and Knowledge shine through me). Sri Sri has been a pioneer of the India Against Corruption movement along with Shri Anna Hazare and Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

These youth volunteers of The Art of living have reached out to 40,212 villages in India.

Sri Sri: "Fight against injustice, without anger or violence. Fight with a calm & serene mind. Values of ahimsa & truth transcend time & work, everywhere."

Excerpts of 20th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

Bodily Pain brings us back to the body. Its when the body aches (like head ache) that the awareness comes back to the physical body. One needn't have to undergo ache to feel the body. When we sit for meditation, we will bring our attention back to body first. Then it goes to the level of thoughts and so on. So the pain is that which brings back the attention of wandering mind to the level of physical body. Thatswhy when we are not at comfort, we dont feel like enjoying any outwardly attraction. This attention that comes to the level of body should move deeper and deeper to our subtle existence.
So when you are acting know and feel nothing is right and when you have to go within, know that everything is alright, Divinity will take care of everything. I can't do everything as I'm going to be on this planet for just few years. So this way if you learn to go within yourself and relax then you will be able to work dynamically in the world. Its like how the well rested/slept person feels active and energetic to work next day. A fool does the other way, He thinks that nothing is alright when he closes the eyes and when he has to work in the world, thinks that everything is allright, What is that I can do? All these problems are there since ages and would continue. Dont have this kind of attitude, never think when you are acting that you can not do anything and the things are as they are. You might have seen people saying is what little I'm gonna donate will uplift all poor around the globe? Is what little seva I do is really gonna help everyone out there?? This is not right approach.

Q: I find it difficult to say no to people without hurting. How do I say no?
Sri Sri: When you were a child, you didn't want to go to school. If your parents didn't say no to you, where would you have landed up?
If your saying no is beneficial for that person, then you may. If your saying no is hurting others for no reason that is a different question. You should use your brain there.

Q: Is there a karmic role of having children?
Sri Sri: You have knowledge and share that knowledge with the children. Make them good citizens. Make them become useful for the world without becoming selfish.

Q: People say that I'm not Agressive. What do I do?
Sri Sri: When becoming aggressive for a while moves the things better in good direction. You may become aggressive for a short while. When you have meditated, you don't need to show aggression. Things will happen without need of aggression for the one who meditates. Also people have and give their opinions. One says that you have to aggressive and other says something else. Don go with what others say, See what you really want for yourself, how you want to be.

Q: I think about you all through the day. Is this a defect in me?
Sri Sri: It is not possible to think all through the day. Thoughts come and go. Treat them as any other thought. You can't do anything much about it. We are all united at a very subtle level beyond the thoughts.

Q: Is soul and god two different things?
Sri Sri: Is the wave and ocean two different things? When you think 'me' that is soul. When even that goes, then God remains.
Air is there everywhere. You all know that without air, you can not live. But during summer and in some stressed situations, you feel as though you are suffocating and there is no air at all. On the other hand you feel the air when you sit near the fan. Similarly in sadhana and satsang you can experience and feel the Divine (That is called Sanidhya) though divine is always with you. Divinity is always with us. Nothing is or can be away from divinity.

Q: How to control the flickering nature of mind?
Sri Sri: Through constant and regular practice. Vairagya (Dispassion) comes from experience.
When you were a kid, you would see candy floss, and would feel that the aim of life is to just eat that. But as you grew up, the candy floss didn't matter any more. Though they be lying next to you, they dont make any sense to you. As a youth, you were attracted by other youth/beautiful faces. After some years, you say ok they are all faces. Like this experience brings dispassion. But the dispassion that comes with such worldly experience takes time to set in. Its like a bullock cart, takes long time to set. With knowledge, satsang, and good intellect you can progress on the path to vairagya (dispassion) at express speed. Vairagya gives you all kinds of happiness on its own. Vairagya and practice with this the mind becomes still.

Q: How to gain Self control?
Sri Sri: Self control is achieved by self determination, fear, or greed.
For example, by fear - if someone tells you if you smoke, your lungs will collapse. By love - if you promise someone you love that I will not drink, they you can come out of it. And greed, like if you are promised that you will be given some money for stopping a bad habit, you will, wont you??

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Excerpts of 19th August 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Sri Sri: Yuvacharyas have come from all over India. There was so much pressure that I stay back in Delhi as there is a big moment happening over there. I said how can I stay. Yuvacharyas have come from all over India, who are working in villages. Of course there is medicine for the sick, its good. But you all (Yuvacharyas) are seeing that no one become sick in the first place and everyone remains healthy. You have worked and have shown that how we can remove corruption and other misdeeds from villages. You have also shown how a village can efficiently be managed. You have done the original work of spreading fragrance in the country by working at grass root level. Working in the mud you are taking out pearls and diamond. Thats why I told, I need to go and came to see you all (referring to all the 3000 Yuvacharyas assembled).

See how much joy is there in doing seva.
Tell me, for many people things happen as per your wish? This is the strength of spirituality. Whatever comforts you want will be granted but it is very important to have a happy and peaceful mind. Only having materials will not and can not bring happiness. Someone asked me how did the corrupt politicians took the money outside the country, I replied that I dont know how it went out but I know how to bring it back.

Now you are 1 in 1000. Each one of you become 1000.
Bring such a wave that there is no corruption at all. We should work in such a way that the people going to be nominated to supervise the corruption become unemployed :)
So many laws have been made but many of them are not in real use. Nearly 1,30000 cases that the suprme court has already dealt with and has given orders are not applied by the Government. This is the state. In such situation, you are working to make village like Kathewadi. In so many villages, you have made Divine socities - finished all the issues. Court cases and corruption is over in these villages.

Through satsang, meditation the hunger of the soul will be satisfied. Till its not satisfied, there will be Corruption and other misdeeds in society.
Why is there corruption? Why someone loots and does all this?
Lack of belongingness is the cause of corruption. So we have to increase this sense of belongingness. And you all are doing it.
Many people say, "If I close my eyes, what will happen?" I say, close your eyes then see everything will happen. Anyway death is going to close your eys. Even if you keep it open, nothing can be seen. While living, close your eyes and you will notice that life has become eternal.

People close eyes and walks but sits with eyes open. I say, sit with your eyes closed and walk with your eyes wide open. If a blind person meditates, he starts seeing. Deaf will also starts hearing. Without meditation, even by seeing, things remain unseen and even after hearing, things remain unheard becoz you stay in your small limited world. We should have broad vision. Share and honor your life. Live simple and Speak sweet. Work should be proper and heart should be blossomed.
Not that you go to some place, clean a bit, take a photo and come back saying you also did some seva.
Heart should be free from craving and aversions.
Keep only aatma gyan. Dont fill your heart with hatred or anything else.
Before Arjun went to fight in the Mahabharata war, Krishna told him that remove everything else from your mind, intellect and heart and keep only me and then fight.
When you remove hatred from your heart, you feel lighter. Whomever you start thinking, his qualities starts dawning in you.
Empty your mind and you can do that by knowledge, remember knowledge and think on soul. When you think of pleasant minded people, you mind also becomes pleasant.

When you are happy then see what all happens in your life. All miracles happen. Remove everything and everyone and think only about me, when you do so, I take care of your Yoga kshema (Whatever is not there will be given and what is there is maintains), these are the lines of the God. Not that you remembered once in a while, Keep doing everyday, everynow and then.

A teacher started speaking about how to be happy and when to be happy.
But the talk was so long that everyone became sad.
The person went on talking. We don't have to talk like this.
When you talk, talk in such a way that it reaches the person like an arrow and brings about transformation. Then our words achieves the aim. 

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