If only politicians did care about God!

Posted on: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

God is a personal phenomenon and His messages, if any, are best kept personal. God is the most unverifiable commodity. God is never an object of isolation but the very core of one's being. Just like our body is made up of proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates, our mind and soul are made up of love. Everyone is full of love and love is God. So we are made up of God! Every little atom of our body is made up of love and that is what is God. God is here and now! He is space.

God becomes a common platform in the non-communist countries that people can jump onto. It is a lucrative business for the priests, definite vote bank for the politicians, the best silencer against the critics and irrefutable by the theologians. From time to time politicians have used their allegiance to faith to claim their bigger-than-human connection, their good character, their faithfulness and their merits. Although the public takes their statements with cynicism, there are many who buy into it.

Genuine devotion to God in people at higher posts should not be doubted. In fact, the higher in the political arena one climbs, the more desperate and helpless one feels. In such situation prayer and meditation is what keeps one sane. When one is meditating, when one feels at peace, at home with everyone, one is in touch with the Divine force. Although apparitions in a prayerful mind are common, the cynics and critics who have no spiritual experience or religious background altogether dismiss such statements. But one thing is certain, people with depth will never go in for cheap publicity. The world would definitely be a better place if politicians are devoted to God, committed to peace and welfare of the people and genuinely care for the environment.

Source: The Washington Post