Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (22nd June 2011)

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Q: Vivekanada blessed Ramakrishna with a experience of Maa, is that possible now?
Sri Sri: It was the other way around. Experiences happen. It is the spiritual energy which changes the relationship.

Sri Sri: Crush is continuing with the same divinity.

Q: What to do when there is confusion?
Sri Sri: Confusion. That is good. It means there are new ideas that are not yet formed. Confusion takes you forward.


Q: Is it good to have self defence?
Sri Sri: In your mind and heart nurture non-violence. In the strong presence of non-violent people, violence drops. It happened with me came on two occasions in Los Angeles and Washington DC. A tall hefty guy came to attack me. I was silent till he came near me and I said wait and he went down on his knees and started crying. Later on he did the course and became a devotee. It is stress and victimization that could cause violence. Long time, when I was in delhi, Noida many people came to burn my car. I said wait, 10 minutes I want to talk to you and in 10 days situation changed. In 1980 in April, Noida was not developed. Very famous dacoits used to be in that area. We must believe in non-violence. You can keep your guards and defence till you are strongly established in non-violence.

Q: Is it ok to get married to a girl who is elder to me?

Sri Sri: Traditionally and scientifically it is not the right thing. Women's menopause happens at 40 and men's menopause happens at 60. Traditionally, it is advisable that the man is a few years older. 6 months, 1 year is ok. But 5 or 10 years I don't think is the right thing to do.

Q: My father says that Black magic is affecting my family.

Sri Sri: Listen to vaidic chanting: Rudram, Om Namah shivaya. Sadhana, seva, satsang then no black magic can touch you.

Q: Can we also get into Bhaav samadhi.

Sri Sri: When you sit and completely dissolve in the feeling and music, then it is Bhaav Samadhi. The mind is still and full. You feel like dancing, you dance. Thoughts cease, worries cease. You get Intoxicated that is Bhaav Samadhi.


Q: Why do I have to choose between my parents and my love?

Sri Sri: Well tough question. You ask yourself, why did you choose someone whom your parents dislike?

Q: Patanjali talks about 5 types of vruttis. How is memory and sleep a vrutti?

Sri Sri: Sleep is not defined any where better than by Patanjali and Sri Sri quotes the sutra related to it that is there in patanjali Yogasutras.

Q: Does meditation alter attitude as well?

Sri Sri: Yes.

Q: There are so many different paths. How do I know that I am at the right path?

Sri Sri: Doubt is always about the positive. When you are on a path and you like it, suddenly you have a doubt.

Q: What should I give importance to, Body, mind or intellect?

Sri Sri: Keep your body healthy and keep your emotions positive. It is like asking where do I put my pant and where do I put my shirt? Everything has its place. Ego has its place, Body has to be strong. Respect the laws of nature.

Q: If you take too much responsibility, then others take you for granted.

Sri Sri: Yes, all is possible. That is why skills are very important in life. DO yoga and meditation, with this you will get skills. To communicate the idea of responsibility to your son and husband, you need to do it skillfully and differently for both.

Q: Practice makes a man perfect. Why practice? Anyways nobody is perfect.

Sri Sri: Great logic! You eat and then the stomach becomes empty. If the stomach is going to become empty then let it remain empty.
Pitaji said: The world is full of people and mistakes. Forgive the latter and love the former. This is wonderful.

Q: I get disturbed sleep.

Sri Sri: Meditate Meditate. Before going to bed listen to bhajans.

Q: Dealing with negative people at workplace?

Sri Sri: Negative people push all your buttons and make you free from buttons!

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