Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (21st June 2011)

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Sri Sri: How are you all?
Everyone well settled?
Questions from YES group in Argentina.
Q: Today's youth are more interested in drugs and pornography. How can parents have a healthy relationship with teenagers?
Sri Sri: we need to keep teenagers to be very busy. This is the age between 8 to 18 where they can learn sports, swimming, and gymnasium. They should be exposed to music in the morning. when they are kept busy and entertained then they won't go online to check pornography sites.

Q: Why are you partial to YES+?
Sri Sri: Sometimes you take things for granted. They are more wise. It is the YES+ group which is in troubled times, so they need more pumping.

Q: Why should I not watch horror movies?
Sri Sri: What do you think, do u get nightmares? Impact of horror movies stays for a long time, so it is better to avoid.

Q: At times, My parents hit me without any reason. How can I accept them and respect them at that time?
Sri Sri: They can not do without reason. Coax them to come to the basic course. We will train them not to hit you.

Q: When I took the course, all other participants experienced nice things, I am curios and also want to experience it, What do I do?
Sri Sri: The fact that you are participating and still on it, you are already getting benefitted by it. Otherwise you wouldn't have asked this question. Don't compare your experience. Otherwise you will doubt your experience and question yourself.

Q: Guruji, we keep asking you many things. What can we do for you?
Sri Sri: Spread this knowledge to more and more all around.

Q: My parents love me so much that their love becomes suffocating at times.
Sri Sri: Sometimes you feel they don't love you and sometimes you feel that they are suffocating you with love. You know when you feel suffocated? When you want to do something wrong and your consciousness tells you that you are doing wrong. It is good to feel that suffocation. It is a safety valve.

Q: Guruji, music is my life, but most around me have drugs and do bad habits, How can I keep playing without getting affected by all these?
Sri Sri: Stand ur ground. Its good.

Q: How can you be a Guru of so many people?
Sri Sri: I am doing my job properly right?

Q: Can you get all their attention?
Sri Sri: Yes, I am able to do. Our consciousness is so vast and it has many abilities. Nature has given us only that work which we can take other wise nature will not give us more.

Q: In the peace time, they won't do anything for their country.
Sri Sri: Yes, especially youth. Youth need proper leadership which takes them in trouble times in non violent way. There is power in love. There is power in non-violence. What is happening in North Africa? Its very unfortunate. The dictators are holding court. You can not live in 15th century. That was in 15th century. Today people are looking for democracy. These people should facilitate democracy gracefully. Its important.

Q: How to overcome Mangalik dosh?
Sri Sri: Chant Om Namah Shivaya.

Q: Whole of Africa and Middle East is in turmoil, so is it in India. People in India are against the corrupt. is it a design of nature?
Sri Sri: Yes, looks like that.

Q: Patanjali shastra.
Sri Sri: Patanajali lived 1000s of years ago he worked on Ayurveda to eliminate the impurities from the body, he wrote on phonetics, how sound and form are connected, the nature of the object (the connection), then yoga sutras.

Q: Pitra dosh - what to do for that?
Sri Sri: All doshas (defects) get rectified by seva, chanting Om Namah Shivaya, meditation.

Q: Negativity...
Sri Sri: Negativity comes and goes. With understanding and patience we can overcome negativity. Do satsang, sadhana, pranayam.

Q: Not being able to forgive a person.
Sri Sri: I think meditation will help. If someone did something bad to you, then see: 1. the person as a post man. 2. the person as a victim.
This way you can broaden your vision.

Q: I do not believe in god, is it bad?

Sri Sri:Never mind, atleast you should believe in yourself and you should know who you are. If you believe in love, honesty, truth and compassion. These are the qualities of God.

Q: I have a mentally handicapped son. Why he has come to our life?
Sri Sri: He has come to take seva (service) from you.
Sri Sri: A scientist has come. He will share information with us about millet after meditation.
Now we will do a short meditation.