Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (19th June 2011)

Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Q: Guruji, when you went to stop Baba Ramadev from continuing fast, you didn't press on the Government over Baba's demands. We were thinking that you would do so.
Sri Sri: I Guess you don't know the full story. We started this revolution. We were, wer are with Baba Ramadev and we will be. Govt needs time. Black money cannot be brought back to country in just few days. So we need to work strategically to solve this issue.

Q: Guruji, When pitaji died we felt very bad but I saw that u didn' cry but kept the same serenity. How is if possible?
Sri Sri: Some questions doesn't have answer or shouldn't be answered. They are meant to wonder. Keep wondering.

Q: Should we increase security at ashram?
Sri Sri: No need of it. We have invisible security which is far more powerful than the regular security. So don't worry about it.

Q: What is death and liberation? Should the final rites be performed?
Sri Sri: Death is when mind is free from the body. Liberation is when the mind is free from impressions. We have to do final rites.

Q: Guruji please explain this Bhagvad gita verse:
karmano hy api boddhavyam
boddhavyam ca vikarmanah
akarmanas ca boddhavyam
gahana karmano gatih
Sri Sri: Akarma is something that happens without we doing it. Vikarma is kind of karma that is specially performed. gahana karmano gatih means the gati of Karma is very difficult to know.

Why corruption war is taking time?
Sri Sri: Every revolution including the independence went through up and down. So ups and downs are part of every such revolution. So this is the pattern which is very common.

Q: How do I find the purpose of my birth?
Sri Sri: Just keep doing what all I tell you.

Q: I have heard that remotely you do help your devotees, why don't you correct the feelings that arise in corrupt politicians and correct them before they do something wrong?
Sri Sri: If I do everything, what will u do :) You also need some work, isn't it?

Q: When I see you I want touch your feet, Guruji. How can I control my emotions?
Sri Sri: There is no solution for this. :) 

Q: If God is doing everything then why do we have good and bad deeds?
Sri Sri: If God is doing then God will only go through the good or bad result. But if we are doing an action, then we will go through the result of our deed.

Q: Why do we do Vaikunth Samaradhana for everyone? How do we know that the soul has reached the other side?
Sri Sri: It takes 10 days for the soul to reach the other side. Mostly everybody reaches. Some may be reborn within a week. 1 year of human is 1 day and 1 night in sprit world. At least in Vaikunth Samaradhana, all those who are young get over the grief and then pray.

Q: I want to stay in the Ashram, I don't want to go.
Sri Sri: This whole world is my Ashram. So feel ashram where ever you are. Nevertheless, Keep coming back here and keep doing some seva. 

Q: Have I come here out of my wish or have you brought me here?
Sri Sri: You are here and you are happy, right? How does it matter how you came here? 

Q: We need to realize that the common person is the cause of corruption.
Sri Sri: Right. That is why we are working and making the common man take sankalpa (stand) against corruption.

Q: Can a soul come and reside in the house?
Sri Sri: Chant Om Namah Shivaya or say Jai Gurudev, you won't be affected by any bad soul. Don't get into all this. All these things should be a worry for the one who does not have a guru. You don't have to worry.

Q: My name is Trupti and I feel very good every time you say Trupti.
Sri Sri: Trupti means you become satisfied.

Q: What is meditation all about?
Sri Sri: Yes, we will talk about it.

Q: Is it possible to see the future?
Sri Sri: It is not only possible to see the future but also to make it.