Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (18th June 2011)

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Q: How do I become like you?

Sri Sri: Just Relax and know that you are a part of me. You will find that whatever you like in me in yourself too. 

Q: How to overcome loneliness. 

Sri Sri: The whole nature is filled with recognition for you. Wake up and see. Feel connection with the entire world. 

Q: My loved one is not talking to me anymore.

Sri Sri: Do Sudarshan Kriya. It is a quick fix for all broken hearts. Chant Om Namah Shivaya. 

Q: Are you with me or is this only my feeling? 

Sri Sri: We always doubt the positive. So if you are doubting something that means it has some truth. 

Q; Is it possible to go on the path of devotion and still attain enlightenment? 

Sri Sri: Yes. 

Q: What is the difference between responsibility and seva.

Sri Sri; Seva is that which you do for the goodness of others without any greed for yourself. That doing without you cannot live is Seva. 

Q; Should you match horoscopes for choosing a spouse? 

Sri Sri: Yes, a little. There is nothing called a perfect match. In every marriage, things are different. There can be small fights and indifference, but life is full of such things, so move on. Once you have chosen a partner, now think as to what to do further, Dont keep repenting for choosing someone also the whole day each partner need not do policing of the other. Choose a goal and work towards that. Give space to each other. 

Q: If the parents don't have a Guru but children have, will that help the parents. 

Sri Sri: Yes. The sadhana you do helps many generations. 

Q: Is it possible to overcome too much attachment with children? 

Sri Sri: The wish to overcome attachment is as bad as attachment itself. Without focussing on the wish to overcome, just move on the path.

Q: When ever something as expected doesn't go, I think of committing suicide. What to do?

Sri Sri: Know that there are people who are worse off than you and serve them. Suicide is never a solution, in fact it makes things still worse. 

Q: We do hollow and empty meditation in Advance course. What is that? 

Sri Sri: If a vessel is filled, you can say what is there. If a vessel is empty, what can you say about that? 

Q: Should the body be donated? If the entire body is donated then the funeral rites will not be performed? 

Sri Sri: Yes, you can always donate organs. Even if you want to donate your entire body and not just organs then also it is fine. After that the funeral rituals can be performed in the mind and through feelings. 

Q: In the olden days, sadhus used to travel from one village to another. But now we can't see such people and even if we find some, how do we believe them? 

Sri Sri: That is true. There have been a few people, not many, who have spoiled the name of spirituality. Britishers tried to do this when they were in India. Media through movies has created the misconception in people mind about spirituality which is far worser than what Britishers could do. A character which does wrong in movies is shown with a big tilak and in the garb of a sadhu. So people have the thought that sadhus are not good. This is a wrong thought and it needs to be corrected. 

Q: What is the difference between two words: daya and karuna?

Sri Sri: You give meaning to words. For example: Jhakaas means something in Marathi but it has no meaning in other languages.

Q: In the rituals performed after death, they say don't do any poojas for 10 days. Why?

Sri Sri: Yes. An alive person is suddenly gone, so a vacuum is created so you have freedom from all rituals for 10 days. So for those 10 days, to keep us just in that space, our ancestors have made a ritual not to involve in any activities including pooja.

Q: What can you do when a person is not happy even after doing all the courses?

Sri Sri: Look at all those who are still miserable than you. When you see people who are far miserable than you, then also you will get a relief also if by any chance you find that you are the most miserable, then also be happy that you are the most miserable.

If you are unhappy, then you are responsible for your own unhappiness. Your ego and desires are keeping you separated from others.

Q: What is astrology? How much of astrology should we know?

Sri Sri: A little bit is enough.

Q: How can I get patience in life?

Sri Sri: I am there with you.

Q: What is beauty?

Sri Sri: When you say WOW after seeing somthing that is beauty.

Q: Why some people have deeper meditation experiences?

Sri Sri: Just wait for sometime.

Q: Now-a-days politics is called a dirty game.

Sri Sri: Good people should enter politics.

Q: I want to join politics.

Sri Sri: Very good. Join and we will vote for you. Chitranjan, our teacher in Bihar, is elected. Contact him. When he was doing his campaign, villagers would come and tell him, "We will vote for you. Don't waste for your time here. Go to the next village." He won with a huge margin.

Q: Should spiritual leaders be involved in social movements? Now-a-days Ramdev baba is in a controversy.

Sri Sri: Yes. It is good for the society. In the process if there is some mud slinging and something bad is written it is fine. Our Ayurvedic college is one of the best colleges. Out of 10 ranks we have 5 ranks. The government refused to give the permission for the next year as they expected us to give a bribe. We did not do that.

All colleges have a pass rate of 40 to 60%. Our college has a pass rate of 93%. We have gone to court. These corrupt people... The government people want a CBI enquiry into this. It is necessary to have good people at all levels.

Q: How to help a person who has doubts?

Sri Sri: Time will heal.

Chitranjan, elected representative from Bihar, India is speaking now.

In 2004, I spoke to Guruji and requested him to bless me as I want to join politics. Guruji said, good join politics. But before that do something good over there, that will help you win.In 2010 elections, I won by a huge margin and that was the first time a BJP representative won.

Q: A Spiritual leader when goes into a social movement, then government says the person is from RSS.

Sri Sri: Why should I comment on their comments? all spiritual leaders are from RSS is wrong.

Q: The government and opposition are both corrupt. What do we do?

Sri Sri: That is why, you need to get into politics. Now, there is no one who is non-corrupt. So let say we have 3-4 Major parties, all of them would get a chance and each other would see to it that the other doesn't become corrupt and loot.