Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (16th June 2011)

Posted on: Friday, June 17, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Q: I know that few evolved people like see what is happening in others mind, and they also come to know the past and future, Can I also do it.
Sri Sri: Yes, Sit everyday for 10-15 min for meditation. With meditation when your mind becomes clean, It reflects the things and you can always see a little bit of what is happening in others mind etc.. Only you have to clean the mirror.

Q: What to do if a doubt gets into depth of mind?
Sri Sri: I have no solution for doubt. You know doubts come, when your energy is less, so do pranayama and kriya. Do Seva, sadhana and satsang. Or increase the doubt, go to its depth and this way also you will overcome it.

Q: Can we meet god even if we done mistakes and big blunders?
Sri Sri: Yes. However your past has been it does not matter. If your commitment is there now, if your mind is clear and hollow & empty, you can feel the divinity. Sit for 10-15 minutes everyday. Drop the whole past, move on.

Q: If marriages are made in heaven, why at all they break?
Sri Sri: Those who have the power to tie also have authority to break it :)

Q: When I want to do course or meet you things falls in place and why doesn't the same happen for materialistic life?
Sri Sri: It will happen and whatever you earn, spend some for seva, for religion. We spend for party and other things. In earlier days, there used to be something called as Stree dhan (Money that is given to Women to take care of it). It used to be given to women because there was no bank in those days and women were known to safeguard the money. Now its the other way, if you want to spend the money, you can give to women :)

Q: I have seen many People in ashram sharing beautiful experiences and miracles about you when will I get such an experience?
Sri Sri: This is not a place for people who bow to magic. When you do seva, when you surrender you will experience grace. Bhav (Deep feeling) is very important. As Krishna has told in Gita, I will appear in the way in which one feels.

Q: If God is there in everyone, what is he doing when the terrorist kills innocent people.
Sri Sri: Sleeping inside, God comes in the form of terrorist to give some work for police. God comes in the form of patients and give work to doctors. Of course everything is divinity only.

Q: What to do when we get Stuck in Spiritual path.
Sri Sri: Stuck in Spiritual path!! Spiritual path is to remove you from all the other places where you are stuck. Spiritual path is to help you when you get stuck elsewhere.

Q: Lord Krishna has told in Bhagvad gita that one can't live without doing any action. How to know which action is to do that is going to be good.
Sri Sri: Your nature will tell you which action to do.

Q: How to fight corruption?
Sri Sri: In Delhi, people were peaceful and then at 1 AM, in the night people were vacated from the grounds. This is very disappointing. We are working towards creating a Divya Samaaj. Take a vow today that each one of you will make 100 members to fight against corruption. We will work together against people who are encouraging corruption.

Q: If God is doing and making us do everything then why are we here?
Sri Sri: We are doing with his encouragement. Hanuman says this to Sri Ram after the war is over. When I consider myself a body, then I am your servant. When I consider myself as a living being, I am a part of you. When I consider myself as aatma (soul), I am one with you. So we work at 3 levels. As body we do seva, as Jeeva or living being we feel as part of the divinity and as Soul we get into samadhi.

Q: Shraadh (final rites) why is it performed?
Sri Sri: Shraadh means that which is given with shraddha (faith). During Vaidic times, shraddh meant doing seva for parents. Not the final rites. When after death, the subtle body yearns for a body, the daughter or son does the pinda daan.Communicating with love that you will be back again in another body. When the body is burnt, the soul if it is attached to the body then it might feel a little disturbed. So there is knowledge and rituals are performed to free the soul from vasana or impressions. So all the food items that the person liked are made without salt (because there is a saying that when you eat salt from a home, you become indebted and we dont want the spirit to come back to this world to give back the debt). Satisfying the unsatisfied soul is tarpan. So we give varieties of food and offere what all the person liked when in body just to give sense of contentment to soul. So end of the day the idea is to somehow make the soul content.
So Shraddha is both. One is Communicating with love to spirit to go ahead knowing this world is destructible and impermanent. Second is to ask for blessings. See you haven't ever met God, but you know your parents or someone who was with you just before dropping the body, So you ask them bless from that subtle state, from that end of the world. Its easy to establish connection with someone who was your beloved one. Its easy to establish connection with master. So we ask them to forgive us for whatever mistakes we did when they were alive and to bless us to move ahead in life. In old education system, just before graduating, student used to be told to respect parents and devathas.
During Shraddh, In one way you give knowledge and tell them to move on. In another way you remember their good qualities and ask for their blessings. You call some wise people and give them food. Now a days, lot of people are spreading superstitions in the name of shraadh. Some people say go and spill 1lt of oil in the river. Leave such things. Dont get into all these illusions. If some astrologer tells that the zodiac sign is attached to a given food stuff and you have to take care of it. Then instead of wasting it, share with others, use it to prepare some food stuff and share it.