Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (15th June 2011)

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Sri Sri: Are you all comfortable (to International participants)? Sit comfortably and when I come no one needs to get up. People have come from a long distance. I will meet everyone.
Sri Sri: Everyone welcomes you (the International participants) to the Ashram. 2 Japanese persons were welcomed on stage to sit along with Sri Sri and share few words.
Japanese person: After a 17 hours of travel, we are 80 Japanese who have arrived at the Ashram. Why have we come?
To see the second Sun, that is Guruji. This Sun is giving warmth to the entire planet and lots of people around it. The speciality of the second sun is that it never sets.
We also want to be a part of guruji's warmth. I have worked and will continue to work in japan to spread Guruji's message. As all of you know about the disaster (Tsunami) in Japan. We want the blessings of Guruji to overcome this. I am hoping that Guruji's wisdom will benefit the whole planet. This time with warm heart, 80 people, the largest number from Japan have come.
Now the Japanese president of a Japanese company is speaking.
We also came to meet Sri Sri who is world famous and known worldwide.These 80 people have come from a company whose name means 'filled with love'. We will all join hands for peace. The help that is coming from all over the World makes us obligated to work harder to bring peace to the planet. After meeting Sri Sri and shaking hands with him, I have decided that I will also join him to work for peace.
Sri Sri: Now we have love from Tokyo! Ai Japan means Love Japan!
Sri Sri: If you read Gita without guidance, then you will be disillusioned. That is why we have made a tape called Contradictions in Bhagavad Gita. Listen to that. Truth is not linear but spherical in nature. For example to reach this place you can say turn right to one person, to the other in a different instance, you may tell to go straight, take a right turn, then left and reach. So though both these statements are different both of them are truth. People in the West cannot understand this because they think that Truth is linear. But in the East we know that truth is spherical in nature and not linear. So though Krishna has told several things in Gita which might look contradictary, its all truth. it all depends on where you are standing and where from you want to start and progress.

Q: What is Brahma vidya?
Sri Sri: Brhma vidya means the supreme knowledge and that is what is the secret of life.
What is the secret of creation and what is life, understanding these two is Brahma vidya.

Once American president, Nixon went to Japan and a shinto priest and zen priest sat on either side of him. He asked the shinto priest and zen priest what percentage of Japanese are Buddhists? They both said 80%. President Nixon was so confused: How is this possible?
The priests looked at each other and said It is possible.
There is so much to learn from Japan, their discipline is incredible.When there was Tsunami, everyone stood in lines, there was not stampede, everyone came and collected their food items and other stuff without any quarrel or fight. Teamwork is excellent in Japan.
To become a complete human being you need to learn many things from different parts of the world. Precision you need to learn from Germany, you can never find fault with their work.
Marketing techniques you need to learn from America. From UK, you can learn etiquettes.
From Indians you can learn human values and their ability to make anyone their own, that sense of belongingness you can learn from Indians.

Q: What is the purest?
Sri Sri: Humaneness, Love, Compassion.

Q: Question on Hypnotism.
Sri Sri: In hypnotism you lose energy. In kriya you get energy. After hypnotism, you feel like very tired but when you meditate, your energy would go high and you will feel very refreshed after it.

Q: How important is effort and grace in completing a work?
Sri Sri: Both are important. Self effort and grace, both are important. Its like watching TV. while watching TV, you will listen as well watch at the same time, isn't it?

Q: Today is the biggest lunar eclipse. Please advise what to do before and after that?
Sri Sri: Today is considered to be a very good day to give gifts. A day to feel grateful. During the eclipse meditate, chant. After the eclipse, take a bath and meditate. Usually, we do not eat anything during the eclipse. When you do any japa, tapa, chanting or meditation or any prayer on the eclipse day, it will have 2-4 fold more effect.

Q: Is time just a mind made concept? You said that moment is what is available now, then what is past or future?
Sri Sri: Did anyone understand the question? Your question was in the past, and you can anticipate my answer in the future. then you will know whether time is real or unreal.
Q: What is the difference between mind and soul?
Sri Sri: The same difference as wave and ocean.

Sri Sri: There are some people from Bali also. Good. In Bali they say Om Swasti rastu, in Sanskrit, to greet.

Q: What is the purpose of life?
Sri Sri: It is very good that you got this question.When you get this question that is when human life has begun. When you find the purpose, you want to share it with everyone. That is what is happening here.

Sri Sri: God is not something to see. God is love. Air is all around you, you can not seeyet you can breath ane experience its presence. You will experience it when you go deep into meditation. Have you ever seen an atom? But we know that atoms have so much power and that is what is exploited to make an atom bomb. Everything is in God.

Q; What is good act and bad act?
Sri Sri: That which makes you and others happy is good and that which makes you and others unhappy is bad.

Q: How to control anger?
Sri Sri: You can control anger with meditation.