Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (14th June 2011)

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Q: Who is the complete person?
Sri Sri: Know that you are complete. A baby comes out of the mother. Even after delivering the baby which is perfect and complete to this world, mother remains still complete. So as a baby you were complete and know that you are complete.

Q: In Art of Living we find a number of educated people. Can a person who is not highly educated like me also get enlightened?
Sri Sri: Yes. There are all kinds of people in Art of Living.

Q; Where is the world heading?
Sri Sri: First find out where we are going and where we want to go. Dont worry about the world.

Q: If the world is not real then what is real?
Sri Sri: That which is not limited by time is real. That which remains the same in all three dimensions is real. The World keeps changing so it is called maya. Maya means that which you can measure. What is that you cannot measure? Love, Truth. Other things on Earth you can measure so it is called Maya or not real.

Q: When you were on debate with Zakir Naik, though he kept on telling foolish things and went to proove them, you kep quiet, why Guruji?
Sri Sri: I answered there itself. You must haven't see the full video. In fact they edited the video and released only that which shows what he is saying. There is no point in arguing with such people. In Narada Bhakti sutras it is clearly said, never get into arguements. Also there were people from different religions, If I say something and go to tell that he is wrong, it would have led to fights between people. Wise never gets into arguements over a fool because one who wins over fool is a big fool. Never get into arguements. Slipper might bite us or cause some itching but we dont go for biting back the slippers. There is no point in talking with someone who has just memorised the scriptures and remembers what is there in which page. its better to say that you won and get away from such places.

There is tarka, kutarka, and vitarka. Kutarka means wrong application of knowledge. For example: If the door is half closed, then it means that the door is half open. If the door is completely closed then it means that the door is completely open. He was trying to look into just mistakes in the book without understanding the intention behind writing it. What is the point in debating with such people. Infact they kept on calling me for such debates later as well. I didn't go.

Q: Guruji, does sattvic dhruti comes by birth or can be inculcated?
Sri Sri: Yes, it can be inculcated.

Q: Who is a yogi?
Sri Sri: A person who is skillful, peaceful, sees everyone equally, and connected to the Self.

Q: Guruji, are you mine?
Sri Sri: This you have to decide, from myside, everyone is mine only.

Sri Sri: After coming here, you are feeling better right? Your sorrow has reduced? Do meditations and listen to knowledge like how you are listening right now.