Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (13th June 2011)

Posted on: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Q: How and when does one get Guru Kripa?
Sri Sri: Guru Kripa is already there. That is why you can ask this question. How to be a good receiver of Guru Kripa is you ask. I will say do seva, sadhana, satsang and be happy.

Q: If I don't meet you I am a little unhappy.
Sri Sri: Only little right? This is good. If you were upset when I would meet you then it would be a problem.

Q: What are the requirements for a householder to do meditation?
Sri Sri: There are no rules. It is all about understanding. When you sit for meditation, follow the golden rules that you are no body, you are doing nothing and you want nothing for the next couple of minutes.

Q: What is the secret of soul, death and life?
Sri Sri: You will find the secret of soul in meditation. You won't understand it from discussing, reading, or hearing. Go within. Move from the scene to seer.

Q: What does satyam, shivam, sundaram mean?
Sri Sri: Shiva is the turiya state - it is the 4th state of conciousness. It is different from the waking, sleeping, and dreaming states. When you become strongly established in that state. That is Shiv state. Its the state where you feel you are everywhere yet nowhere. That is the spirit and it is the only thing worth knowing. Satyam and sundaram are nothing but the synonyms or all the three are nothing but one.

Q: Can you talk about your experiences with Maharshi Mahesh Yogi?
Sri Sri: I spent my childhood with elders and now I am spending my old age with youngsters :) Maharshi was a great man, I had a special connection with him. He used to talk about science and veda. His talks used to be having deep knowledge and even people who could not understand his talk on science and spirituality would sit near him because of his positive vibrations.

Q: When someone is punished for a mistake that he/she hasn't done, what to do?
Sri Sri: Oppose it. For sure, you should ask back as to why there is punishment when no mistake has been done. But you should never ask back when a Guru or Acharya (teacher) gives you the punishment because what ever that they give is for your own upliftment and to make you more strong.

Q: During meditation I get wrong thoughts, what to do?
Sri Sri: Dont bother for the thoughts. Where do they stay? They just come and go. Dont worry about them.

Q: When the things are not going smoothly, should one become terrorist or committ suicide?
Sri Sri: Just become Yogi. With yoga, your yogyatha (qualification to get something) increases. Also when you become Yogi, dont loose awareness and get entangled in the materialistic/worldly pleasures. With this you will loose the yoga.