Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (9th June 2011)

Posted on: Friday, June 10, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Sri Sri: Lots of people did seva with Pitaji. It is a time of astonishment that a person who is walking and talking suddenly disappears.  Pitaji, The one who was so enthusiastic, walking like an elephant is today is just in a pot as ash. All us are going to be reduced to ashes one day. Its just the matter of time. A body of 80 to 90 kg reduces to ashes and fits in a small pot. In life we go on complaining, saying something as good, something as bad. All this good and bad is going to end one day. Everything is going to end and turn into ashes. Mind, intellect, memory everything is going to end.

The death of anyone should remind us What is life? If you are constantly engaged in activities, you forget the truth of life. The truth is this: Amar aatma sachidanand main hoon (I am immortal soul that is every pleasant). We are all like bubbles on the surface of water. Before the end it is good if we get into sattvic dhruti. Sattvic dhruti is to be enthusiastic inspite of whether things work out or not. A person with Rajasic dhruti becomes very happy or becomes very sad. A person with tamasic dhruti complains and repents the past or keeps postponing things. Leave tamasic and rajasic dhruti and get into sattvic dhruti. Pitaji's life was completely in sattvic dhruti. Whatever good work you want to do, don't postpone it. Do it now.

When I was in Canada, a 60 year old woman came to meet me around midnight after satsang and gave a donation. I told the old lady, you could have come the next morning as well, why did you trouble yourself at this night. The lady said that you cannot depend on the mind, it is so fickle. You should not postpone a good work.

Sattvic dhruti is whether things happen or not we do not lose our enthusiasm, do not blame anyone for not completing the work. In Rudrabhisheka, during the end we chant a mantra which means, the death of death is Shiv tatva. Yes, Shiva tattva is something which is immortal or kills the death itself. Even while walking you can rememeber that you are not the body, but aatma, the soul/spirit. I am the aatma, undying aatma. Just like when you are wearing a cloth, but you are not the cloth.

Every death could remind you the truth of life. The truth of life is death and the truth of death is life. Memory of death always keeps us on track. This very life is a wonderful opportunity to be in knowledge. Pitaji used to tell us stories while living. Today even his death is teaching us something and we have to learn from it. His blessings are always there with us. We will chant Om 3 times and we will express shradhanjali to Pitaji.