Excerpts10th May 2011 satsang from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India)

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Swami Sadhyojata is just coming back from Japan after successfully helping and involving in relief programs working in Tsunami struck areas. Give him a big round of applause.

Q: My Dearest Guruji, Please explain mantra, tantra, and yantra in detail. How do they impact us?
Sri Sri: Mantras are Charged, Primordial Sounds. In a magnet particles are charged, similarly Mantras are charged by people in deep meditation. So its better when you receive mantra from the one who has gone deep in meditation or a Guru. When you take it from Guru it becomes Guru mantra. Its very essential to meditate and chant mantra and receive mantra from a someone who has gone deep in meditation. Mantras are available in books and over net, but certainly the one that you receive from a Guru would be different from these. Without meditations and pranayama, mantra alone will not be effective. First is Meditation and pranayama and next comes Mantra.  The technique is Tantra.
Every mantra has a diagram. That is yantra. Energy moves in certain patters. Energy moves in certain paterns creating diagram. Sound produces diagrams, in certain patterns as must have seen over computer also. Underneath the statue or idol, Yantra is established in temples.
Six cornered diagram with a dot in it becomes Ganesh Yantra.The way to use it is tantra which simply means the technique.
So in sanctum sanctorium, First Yantra is put then prana is put in it (Pran Prathistha) and finally idol is installed. And its Yantra that differentiates and makes the idol in sanctum sanctorium special compared to one on outside the temple. In fact the Idol is not important at all. Since people can not connect to yantra or that energy directly, Idol is installed. Practice of putting idol started very recently. Mantra, Yantra and tantra all these three things is Aagama shastra. It all should lead to meditation. If you dont do pranayama / meditation, none of it is effective. Nigama is Veda shastra.

Q: What is the single essence of Shrimad Bhagwad geeta ?
Sri Sri: Its such elaborate knowledge?  why just u want one thing? If you are are asked what ONE thing you like in your feast/meal. what would you say? You would say: I would like to have the whole meal, rice, chapathi, pickle also. Right? Without Chattney, Samosa / Idli is not tasty. Why you want single thing? If some one ask you what is one thing you like in your face? What do u answer? Bhagavad gita has everything, it has solution for beginner, intermeditate and advanced seeker. It has solution for the questions that arise at different stages of life. It guides your life. You cant generalize it. If you go to pharmacy and ask one medicine for all illness, What the shopkeeper shoud do? Thatswhy when you go to pharmacy you will be asked, what is your illness?
If you are begginer, you make effort. If you have begun, Krishna says relax! I also tell you the same thing :) You have to make an effort to get in the train like run to station, get the ticket, and get on right platform and in right coach. But once you are in the train, then you dont need to run inside train with luggage on head. When you are already on the path, then you need to relax. Doing pranayama is so boring in beginning, but little effort and it becomes so interesting.Then you feel like doing.

Q: During Guru pooja, we just put the photo but not Yantra, is it really essential to put yantra?
Sri Sri: You can just chant the mantra. Dont worry for yantra for Guru pooja.

Q: I used to cling to things in professional life, now I do the same on spiritual path.
Sri Sri: its fine. Even if you cling in spiritual path its not going to harm you.

Q: What is Swadhyaya?
Sri Sri: Swadhyaya is self study. Studying one's own intellect, one's own mind. Whats happening inside me now, who am I, where am I going, wondering on these things is Swadhyaya. Study of scriptures is also Swadhyaya like Every day we read few shlokas of Geeta here.

Q: Child learns lot from Mother, can mother also learn things from her child?
Sri Sri: Mother learns a lot from the child. Who decides mothers day, everyday is mothers day. When I was in Nepal, they celebrated 2nd or 3d day as mother's days. Why just one day, everyday is mother's day! Here in India you live with your mother all the time. Its not like in America, they all leave their parents and stay away by16 or 17 years of age only. Here we live with every one. But never the less you can also celebrate mother's day!
We already have rakhsha bandhan here. This is all social customs, you dont have to blindly follow coz some one is following somewhere a given tradition. Follow what you have been doing, thats good enough.

Q: Guruji how to have a sense of humor like you?
Sri Sri: Just relax. When you want to be humorous then you cant be, but when you relax humour sponteneously comes.

Q: I am youth, how can I contribute to art of living?
Sri Sri: Youth can do alot. You can reach out to 100 - 1000 people and share what you have received. Knowledge grows by sharing. Share it with as many as you can.

Q: Osama bin laden appears calm and serene outwardly eventhough he has done heinous crimes, how is it possible?
Sri Sri: Because he strongly believed that what is doing is only right. He believed only in what little religious things he knows. All these people like Saddam Husain believes that what little they know is the only way to reach God. Its like sacrificing the poor and dumb animals thinking that God will be pleased with the sacrifice. Poor people, they don't even have idea on what is God. If they had learnt a little bit of other religions along with what they know, they wouldn't have got trapped in this negative zone and haven't had done such heinous crimes. If osama has learnt bhagvad gita or some scripture, he would have understood the value of life and wouldn't have done any crime. We need to learn a little bit from all the religions. Its very essential for everyone.

Q: What are the questions that the disciple shouldn't ask his/her Guru?
Sri Sri: Those questions for which disciple doesn't sincerely required to know the answer. Disciple also shouldn't ask those questions for which he/she already knows the answer.

Q: I'm in secondary school and I have to study 4-5 hrs per day continuously, its so boring, what should I do?
Sri Sri: Dance and sing in between the study!!

Q: In the present day its really difficult to live without lying? But after doing your courses, I don't feel like lying, what to do?
Sri Sri: Its OK if you lie once in a while but if you do so be ready to accept when you are caught :)

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