Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (30th May 2011)

Posted on: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe


Sri Sri: We meditated for 20 minutes. Did you feel the time? When you meditate, there is certain secretions in the brain. These secretions nullify the effect of the stress harmones.
How many of you feel lightness in the hands and feel fresh? Hmmm...You must meditate daily.
Today's Gita was very imp (samo 'ham sarva-bhutesuna me dvesyo 'sti na priyahye bhajanti tu mam bhaktyamayi te tesu capy aham). Krishna says that I have moh (attraction) for everyone. Sam moha (same attraction) for everyone. Neither I dislike anyone a lot nor love anyone a lot. Krishna tells Arjun that you are very dear to me. Then Arjun also says yes, you are also very dear to me. Its very important, everyone is dear to God but God also should be dear to you, that is Bhakti. Whatever happens, it feels that it is our own person. For example, if your mother says something, then you do not leave the house. But when you hear something from the mother-in-law then you get angry. Mother-in-law scolds less than the mother. yet, there is difference in the way we deal with things. Why? Because there is more sense of belongingness in one case as compared to the other. So krishna says who ever moves in life with this, I am in them and in they are in me. The person who shares such knowledge and expresses belongingness such people are devotee.

api cet su-duracarobhajate mam ananya-bhaksadhur eva sa mantavyahsamyag vyavasito hi sah) Some people think that Guruji encourages people who are not so good. Some think that I encourage hopless and bad people. I tell you, dont worry about my work. I know my work: when to catch hold of which person. Instead of minding your own mind, you are looking at other people. In spite of the bad history/past, when a person joins the master that person is considered a sadhu (good person).Why? Because having come in contact with knowledge and devotion, such a person (a devotee) will improve very soon. Durachari (person who does bad deeds) does not have inner peace. The devotee gets inner peace and then they do not behave badly. Person who is at peace can not do any wrong deeds.
(ksipram bhavati dharmatmasasvac-chantim nigacchatikaunteya pratijanihina me bhaktah pranasyati)
Ksipram means fast, ver fast the person is going to change and become righteous. That person was not behaving properly in the past because there was no peace inside.
Krishna tells Arjun; Announce in the world that my devotee will never progress downwards, they will never perish - they will always progress ahead. This is so beautiful, right?