Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (29th May 2011)

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Q: How do we settle our mind that whatever we have is best?
Sri Sri: Just giving an intellectual talk does not make a difference. Sit for meditation then intuition develops.

Q: You have stolen every ones heart and you have removed so much pain. How is that possible?
Sri Sri: I wonder about that too.

Q: I have a doubt. I did the Part 1 course and then I did the Part 2 Course but I didn't feel anything much. Why does Art of Living have so many courses?
Sri Sri: After a certain level people say that they want something new. So if you want to repeat the same program you can repeat it, we don't even charge people for repeating the program.

Q: What is it that you can give for my family and friends?
Sri Sri: What is it that you want? Everything you are getting right. No one goes empty handed from here.

Q: I like Kriya, sadhana, satsang but not pooja.
Sri Sri: Ok. It is not necessary to do a lot of pooja.

Q: How to identify accidental and natural death?
Sri Sri: How did you create two categories?

Q: Can Sudarshan Kriya help me with my depression?
Sri Sri: Definitely. Yes.

Q: Are there any courses for under privileged who cannot come here? 
Sri Sri: Yes.

Q: Which detergent to you use to wash your clothes?
Sri Sri: I use gyaan to wash the mind. My work is like that of a dry cleaner. So many minds are cleaned every day.

Q: What do I need to make you come to Solapur?
Sri Sri: I have already come to Solapur 5 times.

Q: How do I control anger?
Sri Sri: Why do you want to control anger? You need to control it only if you hold on to it.

Q: Astrology and spiritual knowledge - comments.
Sri Sri: There are two types of knowledge: apara and para. Spiritual klnowledge is above all others - apara and it can change a lot of things for you. Para knowledge has its own place. It is good to do some rituals. Do some chanting, meditation.

Q: Can we keep different photos of Gods in our house?
Sri Sri: Yes. See one in all and see all in one.

Q: do you believe in deja vu?
Sri Sri: Yes

Q: what is kundalini?
Sri Sri: That which helps to gets into meditation is kundalini.

Q: I started with kriya but some impressions keep coming.
Sri Sri: Continue with your kriya.

Q: Is it necessary for us to go to the temple daily? Sri Sri: Having trust and faith in the heart is good. There is no need to go to the temple every day. Meditation and faith is more important. When you go to the temple there is social interaction as well. Sri Sri: Just now you heard that all the taxi drivers and auto drivers in Bangalore have done the part 1 course and they feel so tension free. They have tension because of traffic jams and passengers. To overcome the tension they used to drink. Now, they are tension free and they do not drink any more.

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