Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (27th May 2011)

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Q: Can you read books of other spiritual masters, if we are following a path?
Sri Sri: It is ok, if it does not confuse you

Q: why do people in spiritual path have long beard?
Sri Sri: This is uniform..it can do without uniform also, do not get stuck up with outer things,there should be an inner transformation,there are 1000s who just change their out look, that actually does not make any difference.

Q: Can devi and devatas and guru get angry anytime..?
Sri Sri: I cannot say about devi and devataas, but I will not get angry on you for sure, but if you feel that I will get angry if you do something wrong, then it is fine, feel that, so that you do not do anything wrong.

Q:I have been doing Sudarshan Kriya from several months but not getting expected changes.
Sri Sri: What you are expecting? Just do sadhana, things will happen. Sit with your teacher, discuss. Listen to Astavakra gita and knowledge.

Q: I want to become your Manasa Kanya, how do I do that?
Sri Sri: Dont give name to relationships, let love be love. Relationships have a limitation. Bu love is far beyond any limitation. I am yours. I born saying "May tera (I'm Yours)".

Sri Sri: Be happy and make others happy. It can happen that if the time is not good, then a friend may behave like and enemy and at times when time is good even enemies can behave like friends! When you know this, your mind will be calm. One can make bad time good for that, Chant or listen to mantras. When you chant mantras then the divine power within you rises. Divine power is there within us. These qualities are like folded peacock feathers. When we chant mantras, they rise and spread out. Chant or listen to Mantras which itself is sufficient to turn the whole situation back to normal.

Q: Does miracles happen?
Sri Sri: Where there is faith, Shraddha and love, miracles keep happening in life!

Q: How can experience happiness?
Sri Sri: Until you share happiness with others, you will not experience happiness. Happiness that comes by sharing is really inexpressible.

Q: Among Meditations, Pooja and other practices that we do, which one is best
Sri Sri: Meditation is the best. But everything has its own importance and place.
Sri Sri: Supreme power doesn't decide fortune, Its you who decides your fortune.

Q: Why girls are not allowed to temples during monthly periods?
Sri Sri: Mother is the one who does lot of work in home. She is the one who gets up early in the morning and she is the last person to go to bed. So in olden days, our ancestors and saints wanted to give her some rest. Hence they told her not to do even kitchen work during these days in the month.

Q: Continuous studies because of exams leading to stress
Sri Sri: Take a break. Relax a while between studies, Sing and dance and continue your studies.

Q: I am very short tempered, how to overcome it?
Sri Sri: Dont label, First remove the label that you are short tempered.

Q: Sometimes I loose confidence though I am very confident in most of the times
Sri Sri: Life would have been monotonous without variety. So everything is there here. When ever you feel so utterly helpless, pray. You will be back with confidence.

Q: I am addicted to PC, how can I come out of it.
Sri Sri: If you want to do it, you can do it. Take a vow that from tomorrow onwards I will work only for 1 hr infront of computer. It should be one hour exactly not even a minute more than that you should stay.

Q: How can we help and support a girl who was raped?
Sri Sri: Help her to gain confidence. Make her to move on in life forgetting all the bitter experiences. Of course the old memories torture but one has to drop them and move towards higher levels. So make her learn Sudarshan kriya and tell her to learn and practice yoga and pranayamas etc..

Q: My Parents underestimate me, what do I do?
Sri Sri: You have someone to support and not underestimate you right? Focus on it. Focus on their encouragement.

Q: My parents are stubborn and this gives me lot of problem, how do I manage?
Sri Sri: Dont discard what parents suggests or say at the same time you dont have to do everything because their attention could be limited. Talk to them, work towards establishing harmony.

Q: When ever I meet people in Art of Living, I dont feel them as strangers, how does this happen?
Sri Sri: Wonder. Just keep wondering. Some things in life needs to be wondered.

Q: I see you complete, what do you see in us?
Sri Sri: I also see completeness in you. Its good that you are seeing completeness. Keep doing sadhana, be regular in seva and satsang. Day by day you will still grow.

Q: How to know that I am non doer?
Sri Sri: When you do any work too much or when you are in deep meditation, you will experience that non doership.

Q: Filmy songs keep coming in my mind on background, this has become so much that I have started to feel nervous weakness, how to overcome this.
Sri Sri: Do an advance course.

Q: How to develop intuition and give up identification with the past
Sri Sri: Dont do post mortem of the past. Have deep acceptance of the past. So when you accept the past and are dynamic in the present moment, new dimension gets added

Q: Who made God? How does he has so much energy?
Sri Sri: If you know that you were created by God, that is sufficient. God is created by devotees. if there are no devotees, then how can God exist.