Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (25th May 2011)

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Q. I am an astrologer, do giving suggestions to people who come to me is going to be harmful to me?
Sri Sri: As an astrologer, you can help people indeed. When ever they are going to suffer from the harmful effects of the planets, you can warn them. And all harmful effects can be indeed overcome (Upaya is there for every problem). Also you can suggest to chant Om namah shivaya which can annihilate all the unwanted effects due to celestial bodies. Sometimes spiritual practices that we do, prevents the harmful effects to an extent that even if something happens, it wont really cause any damage. Like an arrow hitting the crown instead of head.

Q. It is said that even our death time is fixed, then how can we explain the deaths due to accidents and unexpected situations?
Sri Sri: There is something called as "Ganda or Gandanthara". So if you escape from it, you will get some more time to live and enjoy. People get atleast two such Gandanthara usually. So if someone dies before this itself, its called "akalamrithueu (death before the actual time)"

Q. Are there some more planets out there, are there Gurus like you there too?
Sri Sri: I myself is more than what you can handle :)

Q. Before this I have taken Mantra from a Guru, Now that I have got attracted to your teachings, Does following you is going to bad?
Sri Sri: Dont worry. What all you did there has brought you here. No one is going to be bad or nothing bad is going to happen. You do Kriya which is nothing but "So hum" Mantra. You learn sahaj samadhi where you get your own mantra. So everything is there here as well. Just relax and enjoy. Dont worry.

Q: When criticism and jealousy turns to harmful proportions what should I do?
Sri Sri: If it is jealousy in you, wake up and see that everything is going to go away one day. If it is jealousy in others, then don't recognise it.

Q: I Want peace in the house instead of parents fighting, what should I do?
Sri Sri:  It is important that everyone should do the course. If you know blessing, give them blessing or get someone else to give them blessings. If you take a sankalalpa here then it willl definitely happen.

Q:  I see people dying in my dreams.
Sri Sri:  This is yog maya. Don't worry about this. Everyone has come and will go at their own time.

Q:  Can an art of Living teacher reform her alcoholic husband?
Sri Sri:  A family person should never teach another person in the same family. Take your family member to another teacher, they will listen. Just enroll them for the course with another teacher and you also go along with them.

Q: In Dharma and karma which is bigger?
Sri Sri: Dharma has 10 qualities. You can check in google. Dharma and karma are closely linked. Dharma is doing those things for others which you want others to do for you as well. Karma can be of two types: 1. As per dharma - sakarma 2. Against dharma – dushkarma.

Q:  I am born in a religion and now I am here. Is this a conflict?
Sri Sri:  No. Spirituality is that point at which all religions meet.

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