Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (23rd May 2011)

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Q: About Amusement and yoga?

Sri Sri: Amusement is the preface of yoga. Spirituality begins with amusement. Yoga happens when we get amused.

Q: If we accept situations as it is then how will creation happen?
Sri Sri: Did you understand everything in the basic course? Acceptance does not mean inaction. Acceptance means acknowledging the present situation.

Sri Sri: Do you know that there was a big attack on Pakistan Naval base today. The terrorists have attacked the army to take revenge for killing Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan is now saying that Taliban should not kill their people. Pakistan has nurtured Taliban. When Zia-ul-Haq was heading, they changed all the text books and nurtured anti India sentiments.
When I was in Pakistan, I asked them why do you discredit your ancient tradition. Ayurveda was born in Pakistan. I went to Takshashila university, a huge university, where people learnt about spirituality and science. Great emperors took their education from this university. They have discredited entire past including Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi travelled all the country till Afghanistan to spread the message of peace and today he is just mentioned in 1 line in school text books. This fanaticism was groomed in the name of religion. Many of the ancestors of Pakistan were buddhists, parsis. But all this was disowned. They should teach a bit about yoga, meditation, upanishads.
There were huge jain temples. When babri masjid was demolished, a journalist said that as a vengeance they destroyed 3000 temples. Buddha's statues are all destroyed. Though Yoga was taught in Pakistan for several years, they dont pay any value for it now. The religious fanaticism has to be stopped.
One wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong.

Now the whole world is shaking because they have nuclear power. What will happen if Taliban takes nuclear power in their hands? we cannot encourage fanaticism at any cost. It is very important to educate people in spirituality.
We have to be more active now and see that this sort of fanaticism is transformed into compassion. Fanaticism is changed to do commitment to do good work in the society. So we all have to work together.

Q: Can Sudarshan Kriya change the DNA?
Sri Sri: Yes.

Q: How do I make myself strong to accept criticism?
Sri Sri: Before someone criticizes you do not know. When they criticize, you can not do anything. You have no other option. Whether you accept or not, people have already criticised. If you are intelligent you will accept it. If you are not intelligent then you may not accept it.

Q: Whatever I have asked you I have got. I keep asking and I feel bad that I ask so much. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Ask for big things. Don't ask just for yourself. Ask for everyone. Whatever you ask, you will get. Now that you have realized this, things will change.

Q: School environment is not good, so should we educate kids at home.
Sri Sri: We need to improve the school system that is why we have more than 100 schools now.

Q: My Mother in law does not distribute prasad to people from other religions.
Sri Sri: Everyone has their own opinion. You do what you want to do. You take and distribute prasad.

Q: Importance of Vedanta (knowledge) and love.
Sri Sri: Sometimes one is important and sometimes the other.

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