Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (20th May 2011)

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Q: We heard about dispassion and Krishna. But when you are in love and longing, sometimes it overwhelms and you can't work. What do you do then?

Sri Sri: When your heart is broken, the knowledge is like the straw that you can hold on to. No doubt the current is strong, but hold on to the knowledge. It is just a matter of time.

Q: I get irritated with my family members but I can be good to others? What shoudl I do?
Sri Sri: Just go through it. As you grow with knowledge, it will get better.

Q: Why do I feel fearful when I watch a horror movie.
Sri Sri: Stop watching it. The music and the whole episode is created for fear. So thank the creator of the serial.

Q: I want to accept myself. How do I do that?
Sri Sri: What is it that you cannot accept, Negative qualities? List the negative qualities. When you have to play a role in a drama you have to play a role. The hero and villain are both important in a play. They appear opposite on screen but behind it they are friends. Your imperfect qualities are there for a reason. And then know that the pain of having an imperfect quality will bring you out of it.
Life is short. Why to waste time thinking and judging?Remember that no one is thinking about you. Don't think about what others are thinking about you.
You see what you can do for others.

Q: When there is conflict between two close people. How to handle that?
Sri Sri: You mean your wife and your mother? best is don't handle it. They will fight amongst themselves and then they will fight with you. So don't take sides. If possible bring them to course, or to different courses. Your mediation will make a difference.

Q: Conflict is best resolved by dialogue. But now I got to know that silence is also important. When to use what?
Sri Sri: Use both. Sometimes use silence and sometimes use dialogue. Don't use too much of either.

Q: I am in the Marketing field. If I lie about my product will it give me a bad karma?
Sri Sri: No. A business man is allowed to lie a bit. Like salt in food. A king or prime minister is allowed to lie a little if it benefits the entire population.
Business man is allowed to lie a bit more than minister but only as much as salt in food. If there is more salt in food will you be able to eat it?

Q: How to bring dispassion?
Sri Sri: The first and the last step is to remember that you are going to die. Passion is about the five senses. How much music can you hear? Suppose you are compelled to listen to music for 3 days, 24 hours, you cannot hear,
Similarly how much can you eat? The sense of touch, taste, hear, and light all are limited. But the desire is much more. There is an imbalance.
Feverishness is thinking about food all the time. Dispassion is knowing the limit of our senses and knowing that gives you certain peace. Whatever you enjoy is momentary, it comes and goes. This awareness also gives you inner strength - not worry about what others think about you. Then you are happy and you can spread happiness all around you.
Dispassion is also about not worrying about what others have or comparing yourself: this person has a car, He/she eats so much etc..

Q: Is love right or not?
Sri Sri: Suppose this flower was plucked when it was a bud, would it blossom? So you need to take a break. Wait.

Q: Different people from different cultures and countries are attracted to you. what is the secret?
Sri Sri: That is a secret.

Q: Is it bad karma to lie to my father when I come here to do a course?
Sri Sri: If it is going to happen again and again, then it is better to talk to them. No father will refuse if things are explained properly.

Q: How do I know that I am hollow and empty?
Sri Sri; You are. You know you are hollow and empty, when you go to kitchen and feel hungry. When you take a breath, you are hollow. You are asking a question, your brain in hollow, so it can take the answer.

Q: About relationship.
Sri Sri: There is nothing like a perfect match. Whatever is there, manage. We usually expect everyone to be enlightened and behave like a enlightened and love unconditionally. Settle with somebody, One area of life is settled and concentrate on contributing to others. Don't jump from one relationship to another. If you don't know how to row one boat, then in the second boat also you will be sinking.

Q: Does the souls get recycles or new ones also form?
Sri Sri: There is nothing new here. Everything gets recycled.

Q: Ego and humility - when to have which quality?
Sri Sri: Ego is stiffness, see that it is of no meaning in this universe. If at all if you want ego, use it to say that I will not become unhappy in future. Or use the ego to say come what may, I will not expect anything from anyone. Cause for depression is when you want love or recognition. How can someone give you love, when they themselves are empty. You are expecting enlightened behavior from people around you. Whenever there is a problem in relationships, the spouse expects the partner to love them more. We want love from people who doesn't have it for themselves. Two beggars cannot fight for 1 million dollar which is not there. So whenever you want love, instead of expecting it from the other person, go to the bank of love - which is meditation.
So to keep depression away one has to
1) Have Faith in the divinity and knowing that your needs will be taken care of.
2) Not wanting attention or anything from anybody.
3) Your sankalpa (determination): come what may I am going to be happy. Do kriya, satsang, seva.
4) know that life is impermanent

Q: On this path of sadhana, can I find another Guru?
Sri Sri: If you are on the path of sadhana, its because of Guru only. There are a lot of people who see good devotees in Art of Living and tell incorrect things them. Now that person is in jail and those people have returned. If someone says,we will give you siddhi and show something, don't get impressed by all that. Everything will materialize - but simply. Dont run to grab techniques from different path, with this you will end nowhere.
If you have been elsewhere and then you have come here, then know that you are here only because of them.

Q: Will world end in 2012?
There are posters all over that the world is going to end and they are saying that you come to our lord only.
Sri Sri: This is foolishness. there is no dearth of stupid people in the world. 10 years ago in Korea, a priest said that on 25th december, a chariot will come and take everyone to heaven. so people sold their property and donated it to the church. Guess what happened on 25th december? The police came and took the father away. People do this either because they strongly believe in it and therefore they are propogating it or they are just fooling people. If they are fooling people, then the action will be taken by police. If they believe, they we can only be compassionate towards them.

Q: Is becoming an Art of Living teacher the highest thing?
Sri Sri: Nothing like that. You can contribute as a teacher or a volunteer. Even a teacher is a volunteer.

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