Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (21st May 2011)

Posted on: Saturday, May 21, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Q: How can you make everyone feel so special?
Sri Sri: Because you are so special. When you want nothing from anyone, you can make everyone feel special.

Q: Why did the same soul have to get enlightened again and again? First as Krishna and then as Buddha?
Sri Sri: Whenever anyone goes through enlightenment they see it as a part of Vishnu. That is why it is called leela - play of spirit. Even Ram had to go through a lot.

Q: Is fear related to previous birth?
Sri Sri: Yes and no. Don't analyze too much. Sit on an advance course and see how it disappears. Do some pranayam, meditation.

Q: Can we have goal in life?
Sri Sri: Yes. You have to review it again after sometime. You don't have to be stuck with it. When your vision changes, you can change your goals too.

Q: Soul is eternal. When we do past life, we consider only 7 lifetimes. why?
Sri Sri; That is not imp. Be in the present moment.

Q: Every lifetime has certain karma why don't we know it before hand?
Sri Sri: See the past as destiny, future as free will, and be happy in the present moment. Usually people think that the past is free will and the future is destiny and they become so lethargic, and they are sad in the present. Foolish people think like this. But we are all intelligent right?

Q: After death, does the departed soul have anything to do with the living being?
Sri Sri: Yes. Even after the soul departs, you might get some dreams. But when the soul returns to the planet (reborn) then the dreams suddenly stops. When you do meditation, you go deeper and deeeper. Soul is eternal. I have not met anyone for the first time. So many people all over the world say that they never feel that they are meeting me for the first time. Because deep inside we are all connected. How to recognize that? Inner silence - when you are very silent, you will get connected to the universal energy.

Q: What is your magic formula?
Sri Sri: So Hum and So What.

Q: Is it wise to uproot plants to plant other trees. is it wise?
Sri Sri: No problem.

Q: A blind person may not be able to see a spiritual power. Is that because of karma?
Sri Sri: If one sense does not function, it is alright. The rest of the senses will function to the optimum.

Q: I am very attached to my family. They have gone on a holiday and I am in silence. I am missing them a lot, is this emotional weakness?
Sri Sri: Don't worry. Never think that you shouldn't attach to family, You may but exapnd your sense of attachment to your neughbours, nation, the whole world. Your compassion should not be limited to a small group.

Q: Is there any significance of giving of blessing with right hand?
Sri Sri: There is a lot of science behind mudras, we will talk about it later.

Q: Is it alright to sacrifice animals to gods?
Sri Sri: That is totally incorrect. Sacrifice the animalness in you, not an animal. Sacrifice the tamasic animalistic tendencies.

Q: What is moksha?
Sri Sri: On the day your exams get over, on that day you have a deep sense of relief. Similarly, in life when you get the contentment and relief that is Moksha. You can get moksha only when you are alive. Paramatma is here already. Paramatma is the cheapest commodity in the world. You may not get good air in Mumbai, but you will get Paramatma there too.

Q: What can we do for military people?
Sri Sri: Think about it. Keep the question with you and think about it from time to time and see what you cannot do. Of course you can pray. Think on what else we can do for them.

Q: Are people who don't do the AoL course connected to you?
Sri Sri: Yes. I am connected to everybody.

Q: Why don't we have prevailing peace in Jammu ans Kashmir?
Sri Sri: Do you find a difference in it from 2001 to now? Yes, there is a lot of difference and there will be a lot more.

Q: How do I know my road to salvation?
Sri Sri: Just hold on. Continue. Service, sadhana, seva, satsang.

Q: If we are born to remove negative karma, then why do we celebrate birthdays?
Sri Sri: Life is not just about bad karma, It is also about celebrating good karma. Life is celebration.

Q: Is there any possibility to get sudden moksha?
Sri Sri: Yes. Moksha is available first you have to prepare for it.

Q: When I am in trouble, I speak to you. Do you really listen to me?
Sri Sri: Do your troubles go away? Yes? Then you have answered your own question.
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