Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (19th May 2011)

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Q: Dear Guruji, can someone control the time of death?
Sri Sri: We will take a different topic today.

Q: Guruji, whatever is worth remembering I forget. My memory remembers whatever is not worth remembering. Why so?
Sri Sri: Pat yourself on the back. You have realized this. Many people don't even realize this. It will change soon.

Q: If someone close to us dies, how to console others?
Sri Sri: By words you cannot console anyone. Everyone has come with some time here. No logic can console the emotions. It is a wrong thing to pacify emotions through logic. No doubt questions will come; why did someone died and so on? Simply be there in silence, in love, in compassion. Then the atmosphere changes.

Q: When a certain species of plant or animal gets extinct, does it affect us? Are these species present on other planets as well?
Sri Sri: For some species to extinct it takes a long time. There are so many species on other planets and there are other planets as well. What is here is enough for us to enjoy. Lets just focuss on life that is here.

Q: Is homosexual tendency OK? Can it ever change?
Sri Sri: You are made of both father and mother, both female and male chromosomes are there in body. So these tendencies may come in one's life but know that they can change as well. Know that you are more than the body, you are scintillating consciousness, a bright light.

Q: Which mirror should I use to measure my spiritual growth?
Sri Sri: See whether you are more calm, is there a sense of expansion. Turn back and see how you were and how you are now. A simple reflection will give you an idea.

Q: I desperately want to have an identity and it disturbs me. Please help.
Sri Sri: Do more meditation. Become hollow and empty. Its the self image that is cause of pain. Keep yourself busy.

Q: How to deal with narrow minded people around?
Sri Sri: With a broad mind. Don't do tit for tat. Dont loose your happiness just because someone behaved in some way. Educate and ignore.

Q: Guruji money, mind, and meditation are not under my control. Money is not coming, mind is not under control and meditation doesn't happen. What should I do?
Sri Sri: First, see why you cannot meditate. Because it is lost in mind and money. Remove it from there bring it here instead. Then meditation will happen, mind will become pleasant and and money also would come.

Q: Before meeting you, I had several problems and after meeting, all them got solved but a new problem has come up. I am in love with you. And Security does not allow us to meet you. Please solve this problem too
Sri Sri: Don't become insecure because of security. When you meditate, I meet you anyways.

Q: I have met you a number of times. But for the first time I feel that you are tired and are stressed from pressure of the whole responsibility of the universe.
Sri Sri: Of course, responsibility is there on the shoulders. You all can share it

Q: If I don't commit a sin is that equal to doing good. If I don't do anything good, is that equal to doing sin?
Sri Sri: It is not possible to sit without doing something. Do good and don't think about the good deed you have done. Do things which will benefit everyone. There is a saying, do good and leave it in a well. If you make a good business and pass it on to your children, then you are passing on your karma. Karma is not an isolated isalnd. It spreads through the relations, nations and communities. Karma has different levels of its own.

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