Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (8th May 2011)

Posted on: Monday, May 9, 2011 | Posted by: Art of Living Universe

Everyday atleast for sometime, we should make our mind peaceful. You will think, How to do it Guruji, we have so many things. Solution for this is you should understand that everything is going to end one day. Bubble on the water is not real. Bubble called as Life is becoming bigger day by day like how the water bubble becomes bigger and bigger as it approaches the surface but finally as water bubble bursts, all this is going to end one day. Life is impermanent. For the short time we are here, we also should be happy and keep others also happy. We should think on how to do it. Questions of life starts becoming less when the memory of death comes. You should think on what we should achieve in this short life. We should achieve 2 things.
  1. How much love we have distributed
  2. How much knowledge we have gained.
Even after we die, these two things will stay with us. How much we have loved and served and how much knowledge we have gained. Thats why everyday for short while, we should close our eyes, meditate and shake off all those unwanted thoughts and worries that come on mind. Leave what he/she said, what they said and sit peacefully for a while which is nothing but meditation. God is everywhere and he is in everyone. If he can't be omnipresent, then he can't be considered as God. One who is present always, everywhere and in everyone is God. Closing eyes and seeing whether he is there with in us as well, is meditation. Thats why our ancient people told dont see difference between your soul, Guru and God. So feel that all these three are nothing but one and sit everyday and meditate for a while. You have come to ashram, so you have to leave all your worries here itself. You can't carry them back home, got it?

We are there to take care of your worries and problems. You just do seva. You do our work and we will do your work :) What is our work? It is to spread knowledge and peace. Tell to everyone, call everybody to satsang and work towards gathering them. Can you do this work? If yes, then we will do your work. What you want, you will get. Being selfish, whatever you earn, if you spend all that for you, then it is of no use. Whatever we earn, we should keep aside 2-3% of it for social service. Can you not give 30 Rupees out of 1000 for Dharma. We should work towards increasing awareness about Dharma. Without this awareness, we can not remove corruption. Can you all work towards bringing this awareness throughout the country?

Next sunday when you come, if you have any question you can ask me. Think atleast 4 times and even then if you dont get any answer, you should ask Guru. Do this and pray, everything is going to be OK. There are so many children today who doesn't like if we all sit for meditation. So lets sing bhajans. Remember that life should have Gaana (Bhajans/Music) Gyana (knowledge) Dhyana (meditation).

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