Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (7th May 2011)

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Q: In bhagvad gita, the first chapter is Vishad Yoga. How is depression a yoga?

Sri Sri: Its correct. Depression is Ignorance and self getting together. Thats what happened to Arjuna. Being in depression Arjuna kept on arguing. Arjuna didn't know that he is the eternal self and was entangled in maya. Yoga means uniting. Yoga is used in several scriptures. Even in Astrology, Vedanta and Ayurveda 'Yoga' terminology is used.
Realisation is knowing I am not just body, but much more. I have been here before this birth and I will continue to be here after death also.

Q: Are we humans wanting to be spiritual beings or spiritual beings in human disguise?
Sri Sri: Both. Radha means : Longing back to source. Dhara means flow from source. Flowing river / water flowing is called Dhara. Reverse is radha, one which goes back to source.

Q: Dear guruji my son is now 2 yrs old, he feels insecure with other people?
Sri Sri: Usually children just at 2 yrs, dont feel so much insecure. There could be some sibling jealousy but insecurity is ver rarely seen. It may be your own projection. Especially grandparents have lot of projection on children. They keep telling, ohh, my grand child looked at me today while leaving for walking, he/she expressed interest to come with me by nodding head and winking. Many times, its just your own projection.

Q: Guruji I did Yes+ course, I shared with my parents that I am hollow and empty, they say I am good for nothing now, what should I tell them?
Sri Sri: Win their hearts by your actions. Let your action speak.

Q: Jai gurudev, How is longing a divine Quality? I feel a lot of pain.
Sri Sri: Longing is divine. Longing in itself is Divine.

Q: I feel I am surrounded by selfish and cunning people. What should I do?
Sri Sri: Dont label everyone around you as selfish or cunning. If you label them, they will behave that way to you. There is no worst person as such. There could be a bad person but you thinking him as cunning or selfish will make him still behave worse. Your thoughts have impact. So just recognise the divine qualities in people around and at the same time, do not be naive. Be careful and bring out the divine quality in people around you.
Today one of the teacher from Srinagar (From a Northen state of India) called me and he was saying that the Art of Living course have brought a huge transformation in youth of Srinagar. District head has congratulated the teacher and his efforts. Its upto us to bring out best in others. Bring out the divine qualities in people around you. Take this as your mission.

Q: It is said life is a play of consciousness, why does the consciousness plays? 
Sri Sri: Play is your nature. When you are happy, you play. When you play, you have no need. Games can come when you have free time.
Play becomes part of your life when your needs are fulfilled. Consciousness is full and has no needs, So play is its nature. Divine nature is playfulness.. :)

Q: Is Art of Living working towards making the environment clean?
Sri Sri: Yes, yes. You all also have to work. Dont use plastic. Use cloth bags. Educate people. If you have free time, gather few people by inspiring them and start cleaning areas near your location.

Q: Why do we have lines in the palm.
Sri Sri: Plain would look very boring :)

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