Excerpts from International Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore (India) Satsang (6th May 2011)

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Q: How can man be free from Karma?
Sri Sri: The strongest impression in mind is karma. Like everyday you brush, eat, that does not become karma. For example you dont remember what you ate 15 days back for your breakfast. These actions do not make impression in the mind. Without your knowledge you are doing many things, these does not become your Karma. If a doctor is doing a operation and the patient dies, then the doctor does not get the karma. But if a thief stabs a person then he gets the karma. So the intention in the mind decides the karma.

Q: Can souls experience pleasure without body?
Sri Sri: Once a soul is out of body it can only experience sound and light
it cannot experience touch and other senses. Thats why when someone dies you keep light and you chant.

Q: why is that bad news travel faster than good news?
Sri Sri: The bad news only comes with the question why? the why is always associated with misery. You do not ask "why" when it is a good news. You dont think why I'm so happy. It is a tendency of mind to express bad and supress good. Like you listen to knowledge here, you do not share so much but the argument you had with some one here, you share. This tendency of mind has to change, that is sattvikata.

Q: Are Devis and Devattas were created in mind of Rishis or do they existed well before?
Sri Sri: Nobody created colors that form Rainbow. They are there but when light pass through the prism, they appear. By seeing you passing the light through the crystal, If someone asks, have you created the colors. What would be your answer. Its both yes and no.
So the colors are always there, in the same way the Devi and Devatas are always there. Only that giving them a name was the brilliance of the rishis.

Q: In today's world a good manager is the one who gets best result by his team, can we get a wise manager?
Sri Sri: By wanting to be a wise manager you are already there. Do not judge yourself too much. In any action there cannot be 100% perfection. A good manager will give 2, 3 or 4 chances to improve for a employee. See if he improves, if no, remove. Do not be too emotional as per job is concerned.

Q: When it comes to giving and sharing, I'm happy when it comes to accepting, I feel very hesitant. What to do.
Sri Sri: At times, you should allow people to help you out, if they want to. I have seen some elderly parents who say NO when their children offer a helping hand. Dont do that. Accept help, give a chance to others to learn sharing. At the same time, dont go on accepting or exploiting the one who came forward to help. You should follow the middle path.

Q: when will the never ending desire end in my life...?
Sri Sri: Do not be too choosy. We always look for perfect partner and I still remember an incident where a lady came to ask me that she is looking for a perfect husband. I told if someone like that exists, he will also be looking for a perfect wife. We expect good quality in other people and we forget ourselves. We must look inside and move on in Life.
You know, you should observe all these. Mind is the best entertainment channel. Mind your mind or mind other mind just for fun and you will see how the mind is amazingly interesting!

Q: Guruji do you hear my prayers even when i do not say aloud to you..?
Sri Sri: Feelings reach faster than words!

Q: How to handle my mother in law?
Sri Sri: This is an ancient struggle :) you must learn how to get over it. There is nothing new in it. As a young girl didn't you fight with your mother? Everyday you fought with your mother, but you forgot it next day. What you mother-in-law does is not even 10% of what your mother used to do. Yet the mind complains reason for which is lack of sense of belonginess with your mother-in-law.

Q: I am studying I want to come to Ashram.
Sri Sri: In sanskrit there is proverb. First sign of intelligence is not to start anything, having lost it, the other option is to finish what you has been started. So first you complete your study and then you come to Ashram. It will be there for you.

Today is Akshay Tritiya, today Mahabharata was written. On this day King Bhagirath brought Ganga to earth. On this day if you do something it will keep increasing in your life.
We say a Rice as 'Akshat' it is called Akshat meaning it cannot be destroyed ever. The food grains are called 'Akshat' because it always exists
it transforms from one form to another but it never gets destroyed. Like from the food grains your body cells are made and when body dies it goes back to soil and from the soil again grains grow. So its a cycle.
In marriage also, we give 'Akshat' to put on the heads of bride and bridegroom. The meaning behind this is wish the newly married couple with good blessings that lasts ever. Also akshat is put over sandle paste that is put on ajna chakra which is a symbol of knowledge. Meaning behind this is may the fragrant full knowledge that emanates from your chakra be ever lasting. You see, all these practices has a such a deep wonderful meaning.

Like soul the food is also indestructible. Akshay Tritiya means three things namely Prakriti (nature), Paramatma and Jivatma are indestructible. Remember these 3 things and be happy :)

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